Welcome to the Epilogues section! Read through our exhilarant exploits, our adventerous anecdotes, and our captivating, compelling cliffhangers! You won't want to take your eyes off the page, or miss a single minute of the action!

Season One

Episode 1 - Introduction(By Crash Man)
Episode 2 - Lord of the Rings (By Quick Man)
Episode 3 - IThink I'm Turning Kitsune (By Heat Man)
Episode 4 - Go Get Your Funk On! (By Heat Man)
Episode 4.5 - April Fools! (By Wood Man)
Episode 5 - New Villians, New Problems! (By Quick Man)
Episode 6 - Lightning Hiccups (By Wood Man)
Episode 7 - For Richer And... erm... Richer! (By Bubble Man)
Episode 8 - Pants on Fire! (By Heat Man)
Episode 9 - Anything for the Fanatics (By Heat Man)
Episode 10 - Clonin' Around (By Heat Man)
Episode 11 - Great White North, Part 1 (By Heat Man)
Episode 12 - Great White North, Part 2 (By Heat Man)
Episode 13 - Eskimo Surprise (By Bubble Man)

Episode 14 - Metroid Madness (By Heat Man)
Episode 15 - You Got Served! (By Quick Man)
Episode 16 - Season Finale: Trial of the Century (By Quick Man)

Season Two

Episode 1 - Everything Old Is New Again(By Quick Man)
Episode 2 - Oh No, There Goes Tokyo! part 1 (By Flash Man)
Episode 3 - Oh No, There Goes Tokyo! part 2 (By Flash Man)

Episode 4 - Super Sized (By Heat Man)
Episode 5 - Russian Surveillance (By Air Man)
Episode 6 - The Bad Outdoors (By Bubble Man)
Episode 7 - Versus the Sinister Six (By Heat Man)
Episode 8 - Now For Something Completely Random (By Crash Man)
Episode 9 - Night Fights and Neon Lights (By Flash Man)
Episode 10 - More Than Super Bowl Champions (By Flash Man)
Episode 11 - Mr. Monopoly's Mascot Madness (By Crash Man)
Episode 12 - Enter The Metal Trio (By Flash Man)
Episode 13 - I Know What You Ate Last Tuesday; It Was Pizza (By Various)
Episode 14 - The Excorcism of Naoshi (By Heat Man)
Episode 15 - The School of Warriors! (By Various)
Episode 16 - Double Dare (By Air Man)
Episode 17 - All Beef and No Brains (By Crash Man and Metal Man)


Halloween Special 2006 (By Flash Man and Co-written by Elec Man)
The Origin of Flash Man (By Flash Man)
Tasty Gobs of DOOM 2009 (By Metal Man)
Update Special (By Flash Man)

Stuff I have to say or we get sued...

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