Wilys Warriors - Episode 7 -For richer and….erm….richer!

by Bubble Man

Starnik as Quick Man

Tails28 as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Johnny as Flash Man

ShadowBlade as Bubble Man

Life Virus as Metal Man

Pharon as Air Man

Koala as Wood Man

Bubble Man: *walks gleefully to his room whistling happily*


Murray:*grunts at a computer screen*


Bubble Man: Hmm..whats up Murray?


Murray: *points to screen*


Bubble Man: Oh, answering emails…


Murray: *grunts in frustration*


Bubble Man: Having trouble answering one? Lemme take a look-see….well, yer answering in grunts, that's the problem. Now what do you….wait a minute. Order form for "Alligator wear- Turn yourself into a crocodile" magazine?! But Murray, you don't…


Muray: *growls*


Bubble Man: Alright alright, I won't question it.


Murray: *browses through the magazine*


Bubble Man: Hmm…lets see what we got in fan mail…bah, nothing for me.


Murray: *snickers*


Bubble Man: Oh, and I bet you get lots of fan mail, eh?!


Murray: *nods*


Bubble Man: *sigh* Oh well…lets see whats in the team email folder……..make your abs look big….bleck, friggin porno pictures……do I want to enlarge my WHAT?! No! I don't want to enlarge my toaster oven….now if it were my hot tub…..aha! Here we go!


Email: Dear Wily's Warriors, I was wondering about what happened to the Guts Dozer after he was recycled, because he appears in tip-top shape in the next epilogue. Also, what did Bubble Man do with the bag of cash he made? -MegaFan0287


Bubble Man: Oh boy….better get my shovel to fill in the plot holes……*begins typing* Well, MegaFan0287, the Guts Dozer was retrieved by Alien Wily from the center, and remade….


*flash back*


Alien Wily: The things I do for you bumlings…


Dragon: We're sorry boss!


Alien Wily: I had to pay a pretty penny to get you back, dozer! I can't afford my Game Boy SP now…


Guts Dozer: Guts Krush!


Alien Wily: You'd better krush them! You'll pay for making me lose my money….sniff….and I wanted that Hamtaro game….


Dragon: Guh?




Dragon: *flies away snickering, carrying the Guts Dozer*


Alien Wily: The things I….hey! Its Hamtaro time! *flies to the TV*


*end flash back*


Bubble Man: So, as you can see, Guts Dozer is back on his….erm…..tread thingies…and is back to being a villain. As for the money….


Murray: *happy alligator growl*


Bubble Man: Well, Murray, my alligator familiar, and I went shopping. We decided to send the rest of the team on a vacation to surprise them….



*flash back*




Heat Man: Wow Bubbles, I'm surprised that you won a ketchup eating contest for these tickets.


Wood Man: Too bad there are 7 tickets and not 8.


Bubble Man: Don't worry bout it guys. I'll watch the HQ while you all have fun. And Murray'll keep me company.


Murray: *growls*


Wood Man: We'll get some souvenirs for ya.


Bubble Man: Just be sure to bring Murray a Mickey Mouse hat and a Donald Duck plushie…mm…I'll take a Donald plushie too…*get stares*….What?! Look, quit staring at me or I'll take those tickets back.


Crash Man: Welllovetostayandchatbutwegottogoc-yalatorbubbles.




*door slams*


Bubble Man:….welp, we got the HQ to ourselves….


Murray: *starts dancing in underwear and drinks milk from the carton*


Bubble Man: MURRAY! Cut that out, we got work to do.


Murray: *growls*


*end flash back*


Bubble Man: So we're going to look up some stuff online…wow, I never knew there was a web site that sold base modifications…lets see here…..underground….above ground…..obvious hidden base locations….mountain bases…..hey! An underwater base! And its affordable!


Murray: *happily grunts*


Bubble Man: Mmm…looks really nice…just think Murray, a base where we can plot world domination!


Murray: *grunts evilly*


Bubble Man: Hrm….whats this? Floating Island base too eh? Is drivable…comes with 7 houses….well our base can be used as a home…and other assorted buildings….mwhahaha. *clicks order* The gang'll like this.


Murray: *grunts*


Bubble Man: And now…for the boring wait…


*a few days later, the bases are installed…I'd go into details, but I'm lazy. =P*


Bubble Man: *comes home in the team hover car* I don't care what you say, I still think that punk didn't deserve being eaten just because he said he could beat you in Smash Brothers Melee….at least you ate him after you beat him.


Murray: *burps and grunts happily*


Bubble Man: Hrm, looks like the bases are installed…*looks at the note* Ah, instructions…well, we sent the money, and we have plenty left. So, lets see how this baby works..hrm, according to this, the controls to the island is over….erm…*holds note upside down*….no…that doesn't help….maybe if I…*turns it sideways*….not either..


Murray: *embarrassed grunt*


*a few hours later*


Bubble Man: You'd think the note would show that the house that looks like an outhouse was the elevator to the control room….welp, lets take a look see….


*after a short elevator ride*


Murray: *surprised grunt*


Bubble Man: Wow, a control room! *hops into a chair* Now…how do you get this thing into the air? Hrm…*presses random buttons until the power turns on* Ok…now this joy stick thingy must be the control…*pulls the joy stick and the island descends*


Murray: *grunts*


Bubble Man: Don't worry, our old base is on the island still. And our aquatic base is at the bottom of the lake that's also on the island.


Murray: *happily grunts and watches the window*


Bubble Man: Finally, some air instead of dirt outside the window! Now to figure out how to fly it…*presses a button which unleashes laser guns that destroy a nearby building* Whoops….aha! Here we go…*switches to fly mode and begins to fly the base around* Weee! *runs into a building* Ack! Guess the city that was nearby isn't the best place to fly this thing. *looks closely* Hey…isn't that the Dragon and Guts Dozer?


Murray: *grunts*


Bubble Man: Lets pay em a visit! *fires missile cannon*


Dragon and Guts Dozer: AHHHHHH*Boom*


Bubble Man: Woohoo! No villain can withstand us!

Murray: *grunts*


Bubble Man: Ok, lets set the island to float over where our old base use to be on the ground. Then we'll check out our base!


Murray: *happily grunts*



*inside the Bubble Base*


Bubble Man: *pops up from a hatch* With the water and how deep the base is, noone should bother us!


Murray: *growls*


Bubble Man: Now, what do we got….*looks at map* Kitchen….bathrooms….living room…Lido deck….dining room….Jacuzzi!! Rar!


Murray: *growls*


Bubble Man: Of course it has the Bubble option, Murray. *looks at map closer*…video game room?! *runs off to the room*….MOTHER OF ALL WE HUMANS HOLD SACRED!


Murray: *surprised grunt*


Bubble Man: NES…SNES…PS2…X-Box….every game system and game made is in here! We won't be seeing the team for years!


Murray: *growls*


Bubble Man: And theres a Jacuzzi in here too! *hops into it* C'mon Murray, lets play something…


Murray: *picks up a random game for the N64*


Bubble Man: Well, what did ya get?…..Barbie's Shopping Spree?!


Murray: *embarrassed grunt*


Bubble Man: Oy…after that Haunted house, I'd rather not play it….


Murray: *growls*


Bubble Man: But…but…





Bubble Man: *pops up from the lake* That's the last time I let you pick a random game!


Murray: *happy grunt*


Bubble Man: I don't know if you should be happy for getting the most shopping points.*looks at watch* The team should be here right about….






Bubble Man: Up here guys!




Bubble Man: THAT'S MY LINE!


Flash Man: What did you…


Bubble Man: Just come on up, I'll tell ya up here!


*few minutes later*


Quick Man: So you won the lottery and won a trillion dollars? That seems hard to believe..


Flash Man: First a ketchup eating contest, and then the lottery…


Wood Man: I'm not complaining.


Air Man: Yea, we all have our own houses, personal fast food and pizza joints, movie theatre….even our own massage place?!


Metal Man: Where is our old base?


Bubble Man: Right over there, it's still intact *points*


Metal Man: *looks* What the? *looks off in the distance*


Olsen Twins: *flying with wings* We're here to destroy you!


Bubble Man: Don't worry guys. Murray is in the control room, just watch.


*a dozen rockets fly out and explode on the twins*

Olsen Twins: AHHH! CURSE YOU WILY'S WARRIORS, WE'LL BEST YOU YET! *falls down to the ground*


Quick Man:….not bad….not bad at all…


???: Not so fast!


Bubble Man: Eep!


Al Gore: *flies onto the island via rockets* Thought you could escape me, Bubble Crab? I figured you'd run after I destroyed your fellow X-Hunters.


Bubble Man: You didn't destroy us, you lying politician! We split up!


Al Gore: Politicians never lie! Now I will show you the power of the ultimate robot master! *begins his boring speech attack* My fellow Americans…




Heat Man: Hey, I'm a Canadian!


Quick Man: Erg…my speed….I can't move as…. fast because….I'm….sleepy…*yawns*


Bubble Man: *pushes a button on arm cannon* Murray…get the cannon up…


*meanwhile in the control room*


TV: Today, on Crocodile Hunter…..we show you how to cook your humans in a lovely BBQ sauce over a grill. Also, what to do if an idiot annoys you in the wild.


Steve Irwin: Crikey! Is a beau'ful lil croc! Lets poke it with this here stick and wrestle with it!


Alligator: *bites Irwin*


Irwin: CRIKEY! He's bitten me 'round the waist! But don't worry, I'll be fine. We have our professional hunter 'ere, with his tranquil..*sees an alligator dressed up in hunter clothes, picking his teeth with a dart* ….erm….well, maybe me faithful wife and helicopter will…*sees a helicopter ride off in the distance*…ah bloody 'ell!


Murray: *giggling grunt*


Bubble Man: *comes on in the intercom* Murray! For the love of grape soda, activate the cannon of unspeakable power!


Murray:*annoyed grunt*


Bubble Man: Alright alright! I'll get you that golden Alligator Statue to put near our base!


Murray:*happily gets up and presses a button*


*back on the island*


Al Gore: Mwhahaha! Now to finish you off with my promises that won't come true!*hears a noise behind him* What the?! *sees a huge cannon behind him*


Crash Man: Sorry Al, but it appears the cannon had the popular vote.


Al Gore: I want a recount….*gets shot and is forced backwards from the force * AHHH! I INVENTED THE INTERNET! *disappears in a flash in the distance*


Air Man: Well Bubbles, you've out done yourself this time…


Bubble Man: Well guys, while you go explore our new base, I'll be in the Jacuzzi in my underwater base…try to take the driving easy so the water doesn't go everywhere in the room…*goes underwater, and is followed shortly by Murray*


Quick Man: *evil grin*


Heat Man: Go get the anchor up. I have some sky racing to do!


*shortly after*


Guts Man: *yawns and stretches* Ah, its such a beautiful day. I think I'll..


Heat Man: Hey guys!


Guts Man: *looks up* Holy! GUYS, GET OUT HERE NOW!


*Sinister Six comes out*


Ice Man: I swear, I did not put the glue on the welcome mat.


Guts Man: Huh?


Cut Man: *runs with a mat on his foot* I'm gonna kill you Gary! *looks up and stops* What the?!


Quick Man: Who is the coolest team now, punks?! Mwhahaha! *flies the island off*


Guts Man: Alright, who spiked the milk?! *looks at Gary*


Ice Man: I didn't spike the milk! The orange juice on the other hand…


Bomb Man: I don't feel so good…*runs to the bathroom inside*


Fire Man: Whoa…from this day forward, I'm giving up drinking….non-alcoholic beer that is.


Elec Man: I have a feeling they will misuse their new found power…


Ice Man: Don't we all? *hits Cut Man with a mallet and runs off*




Guts Man: That's it, living with you guys has made me officially insane.


Ice Man: *yells while running* Welcome to the club