'Ello! Quick Man here once again, to give you the scoop on what exactly is a Mega Man team, epilouges, and maybe a little bit of history too! Gaze in awe of my Mad Know-ledge!

First, let's go into what exactly is a Mega Man team? Well, basically a Mega Man team is a web page devoted to (But not limited to) Mega Man, worked on by six-to-eight members. Each staff member is represented by a certain character, usually a robot master. These members update content, or sit on their arses, depending on how active the "team" is and how it is structured. However, there is another aspect to a "team", the Epilouges. Epilouges are basically stories where the staff members act as the Robot Masters they are asigned. Cool, neh? Sometimes these stories cross over with other teams, but that doesn't happen very often anymore... "Why not?!", you cry? Well, to answer that question, let's devel into the history of teams!

The first Mega Man team was started by a fellow named Gary, and his team was called the Sinister Six. They did the first Mega Man game too, as Gary's character was Iceman... oddly enough, even though he runs the site, the team's epilouge "leader" is Tim, also known as Gutsman! Anyway, after the Sinister Six, Mega Man teams became the "in" thing to do, and soon there were more teams than you could count! Two of the most notable being the Mechanical Maniacs (a Mega Man 3 team) and the X-Force (A Mega Man X4 team). There were so many that many teams overlapped, and were based off the same game. One of the Mega Man 2 teams was called the Wilys Warriors, which Crash, Flash, and Bubble were apart of! Sadly,like all trends, the Mega Man Team community came crashing down, as people grew tired of maintaining their sites. Wilys Warriors was one of those teams that fell into oblivion, and for awhile it remained that way. Then Crash Man went around trying to restart the team. I was one of the first to sign on, and the rest,as they say, is history.

Well, that about wraps it up! I hope you have an idea of what were about, now! So adios!



Stuff I have to say or we get sued...

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