Wily's Warriors - Season 2 - Night Fights and Neon Lights

by Flash Man

Starnik as Quick Man

Darksage as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Cyros as Flash Man

Brick as Bubble Man

Naoshi as Metal Man

Shadowstrike as Air Man

Iga as Wood Man

Narrator: Our story begins shortly after our anti-heroes gave the beat down on the faux Sinister 6. We now join the latter as they attempt to pull themselves together.

Torchman: *welds his leg back on* Those blasted Warriors! How could they have defeated us so easily?

Sharkman: You mean besides the fact that we suck?

Torchman: Silence! My plan was flawless! Flawless!

Oilman: ‘Your’ plan?! I was the one doing all the work!

Torchman: Yes, and I took credit for it.

Oilman: Why you-

Sharkman: Oh can it you two!

Blademan: *holding his own right arm* Yeah! It’s like you’re an old married couple or something!

Torchman: …oh god, that’s a disturbing image. *shudders*

Bitman: *only a head* Will somebody please fix my body already?

Waveman: I’ll help you out!

Sharkman: What, like how you helped us by running away to your ‘Cry Room?’

Waveman: But Ben… he made fun of my poetry!

Blademan: Big deal! Your poems DO suck!

Waveman: *tearing up* Why… why are you guys so mean…

Oilman: Oh boo-freaking-hoo! You gonna cry, Waveman, you gonna cry?

Waveman: *breaks into sobs and runs off*

Bitman: Oh, great job! Now which one of you dumbasses is going to fix me?!

Blademan: Alright, alright! I’ll help already!

(Blademan opens the storage room to get some spare parts, only to find a mysterious robot repairing himself)

Blademan: What the?

????: *hidden in the darkness* Hey, don’t you people know about knocking?

Oilman: Hey! Who the heck are you?!

????: That… doesn’t concern you.

Torchman: Well then how to hell did you get into our base?

????: …the front door.

Torchman: What? Bitman, I told you to lock that!

Bitman: HOW?!

????: Enough of this, I have things to do.

Torchman: *turns to ????* Oh no you don’t! Feel the wrath of the Sinister Six!

Sharkman: ‘Four!’

Torchman: I can count, tuna breath!

(Torchman launches his Torch Arm at ????. ???? displays surprising agility and dives away from the blaze while remaining on his feet)

Blademan: What the-

????: Neon Flash! *emits a piercing neon green light that blinds everyone*

Sharkman: Oh god my eyes!

Bitman: No fair, I can’t even cover mine!

(???? continues his attack on the faux Sinister Six. Moments later, they fall to the ground in pieces)

????: Well, that was a nice work out. *waves to the others* Ta.

(???? walks out of the “Sinister 6’s” hideout, a bouncing Torchman head right on his heels)

Torchman: Oh, had enough eh? Come back and get what’s coming to you, you yellow bastard! I’ll bite your legs off!

Everyone else: SHUT UP!!!

Narrator: Several days afterwards, in Skull Castle…

Wily: STARNIK! You gots some ‘splaining to do!!!

Starnik: *imitating Lucy* Wah!!!

(Darksage passes by the room the other two are in and stares)

Darksage: …need I ask?

Wily: This moron! *gestures to Starnik* Recorded over all my soaps!

Starnik: Big deal. On the plus side, we now have every episode of Red Dwarf on quality DVD for free!

Wily: *pulls at his hair* EARGH!!!

Darksage: Heh, good luck Star-man.

(Darksage walks away and eventually reaches the lounge where everyone else is)

Naoshi: You’re full of it!

Cyros: And I say that Solid Snake could take down Samuel L. Jackson, snakes or no snakes!

Shadowstrike: You got problems, crazy lady.

Cyros: *twitches* How many times did I say not to call me that?!

Shadowstrike: Okay then… *smirks* ‘Bubbleman!’

Cyros: …WHAT?

Cinder: *pops up* Did someone say my name?

Iga: Did you guys hear something?

Naoshi: I didn’t hear anything.

Cinder: Hello? I’m right here!

Shadowstrike: Stop making weird noises under your breath, ‘Bubbleman!’

Cyros: I’m Flashman you jackass!

Cinder: Yeah, I’M Bubbleman!

Iga: There, I heard it again!

Cinder: Stop ignoring me!

Darksage: …please tell me Ben is around. And not in a killing mood.

Ben: I was killing things all week. I’m bored now.

Starnik: *zips in* Buckle up guys, we’re on the move.

Iga: What’s Wily up to this time?

Shadowstrike: Oh, let me guess! *thinks for a second* We’re going to Mongolia, to an ancient temple, to recover the lost treasure of Genghis Khan that allows the owner to be surround by hot young maidens, and in the process, Naoshi is eaten by a yak!

Darksage: …uh…

Shadowstrike: Oh by the way, that was sarcasm.

Starnik: Actually, we’re going to get takeout of us, Wily, Bass and Mr. Whiz.

Naoshi: Awesome!

Cinder: Wait a second, don’t we have a cafeteria that serves all that stuff already?

Starnik: Didn’t you get the memo? That place is off limits until the aftermath of the “super burrito” incident is cleaned up.


(Mr. Whiz puts a super large steaming burrito in front of Ben)

Mr. Whiz: See? I told you I could cook up a Super Deluxe Spicy Burritomus Maximus!

Bass: There’s no way that Ben can eat that whole thing! Even with his internal body temperature!

Ben: Watch me. *digs into the burrito*

Cyros: Look at him go!

Iga: It’s like a train wreck, we can’t look away…

(A few minutes later, Ben has finished devouring the burrito)

Starnik: *clicks stopwatch* 5 minutes, 27 seconds.

Ben: See? I told you- *stomach rumbles* Ugh.

Shadowstrike: That can’t be good…

Ben: Whoa. That felt nasty- *farts*



Cinder: Where the heck was I then?

Starnik: You had bathroom duty, remember?

Cinder: Ugh, don’t remind me.

Iga: Hey Starnik, who are you talking to?

Cinder: I GIVE UP!

Starnik: Okay boys, let’s get to town and get us some grub!

Ben: Let’s take the downtown route. I feel like torching a hobo or two on the way.

Cinder: Ah, the joys of abusing the homeless…

Iga: Seriously, who keeps talking?

(A while later, the Warriors reach downtown Megalopolis and proceed to find the restaurant section)

Starnik: Alright, who wants what?

Darksage: Pizza!

Iga: Chinese!

Cinder: Fish and Chips!

Shadowstrike: Burgers!

Naoshi: KFC!

Ben: Roast platypus.

Warriors: o_o;

Ben: What?

Starnik: Cyros? What about you?

Cyros: Eh, it’s all good. ‘Cept the platypus part.

Cinder: Do any of us know what Wily, Bass or Whiz want?

Iga: I haven’t a clue, Naoshi.

Naoshi: I didn’t say anything.

Cinder: *twiches* Why you-

Darksage: We should probably split up and get what each of us wants. *eyes Cinder* And it’ll keep some of us from killing each other.

Cinder: *trying to saw off Iga’s head* What?

Iga: Do you guys feel a breeze?

Starnik: Let’s do this: me and Sage will go to the nearest pizza place. Cinder and Ben can look for a burger joint; any place but McClownmans.

Shadowstrike: That’s a given.

Starnik: Shadowstrike and Iga can look for a good quality Chinese food takeout, and Naoshi, you can take Cyros to that KFC over there.

Naoshi: Okay! *grabs Cyros’ hand* Come on, let’s get some chicken!

Cyros: *looks at his held hand* What are you, four?

(Naoshi pulls Cyros into the nearest KFC, then proceeds to the front of the line at the protest of several customers)

Customer 1: Hey!

Customer 2: Watch it!

Customer 3: Bloody robot!

Naoshi: *ignoring other people* Chicken chicken chicken chicken…

Cyros: *sighs*

(While Naoshi attempts to reach the very front of the line, a cloaked robotic figure enters the restaurant.)

????: *spots Cyros and Naoshi* Ah, so there you are…

(???? pushes his way to the front of the line even more aggressively than Naoshi)

Naoshi: Chicken chicken chicken chicken-

????: Ahem.

Naoshi: *turns to ????* Hey, wait your turn!

????: Says the person that cut ahead of a dozen people.

Cyros: Wait a minute. *looks at ????* You seem a bit familiar.

????: Indeed a do… Jonathan.

Cyros: *stares and gasp in surprise* Neonman… is that you?

????: Here’s a hint!

(At the moment, Starnik and Darksage where inside a pizza parlor across the street)

Starnik: *looking at menu* …Ground coffee bean? Molasses? Guatemalan Insanity Peppers? What the hell happened to all the normal toppings?

Darksage: I told you we should have gone to that Pizza Hut.

Starnik: With their prices? Forget it!

Darksage: We’re using Wily’s credit card anyway!

Starnik: …good point. Pizza Hut it is.

(In a flash [OMG A PUN], Cyros breaks through the parlor window and crashes into the service counter)

Starnik: Holy-

Darksage: -shit!

Cyros: Ouch…

Darksage: What the hell happened to you?

Starnik: And where’s Naoshi?

Naoshi: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- *smashes into an empty booth* Oof!

Darksage: There he is.

Starnik: Alright, who did you piss of this time?

Cyros: *points ahead* That guy.

(The robot known as Neonman, sans cloak, starts walking across the street toward the group, a pair of neon green eyes glowing with malice)

Starnik: …are you pointing to a guy behind to psycho looking robot master?

Darksage: I think the guy IS the psycho looking robot master.

Starnik: Well crap.

(Neonman steps through what remains of the front door as people run from the parlor)

Neonman: Well? Aren’t you going to introduce me to your companions, Cyros?

Darksage: *eyebrow ridges* Well this an interesting development.

Cyros: *glaring* Well then… Neonman, this is Starnik, Darksage and Naoshi. Guys, this is a douchebag.

Neonman: Amusing. VERY amusing.

Cyros: Well you shouldn’t even be here right now! You should be dead! Or deleted. Or whatever.

Neonman: As you can see, I’m very much alive.

Cyros: You could be faking it!

Neonman: How the hell do you fake being alive?

Naoshi: Don’t opossums do that?

Darksage: That’s faking death, not life.

Naoshi: Oh…

Neonman: Are all you humans this stupid?

Starnik: Humans? Clearly we’re robots, see? *beats his chest*

Neonman: Humans, robots. Both sentient beings. And you four act more human than machine…

Naoshi: I don’t like where this is going.

Darksage: If I may give a word about the whole situation…

Starnik: What is it?

Darksage: This is the typical revenge plot. Neonman and Cyros somehow knew each other in the past. Now Neonman is back for Cyros, most likely to kill him over something that happened long ago.

Neonman: Not quite.

Darksage: Say what?

Neonman: Yes, I am here for revenge… vengeance… call it whatever. But my method is much more sinister.

Starnik: How?

Neonman: Cyros lives. But I kill everyone he knows, and he can’t do a thing about it.

Starnik: …I see.

Cyros: What the hell makes you think this plan of yours will work?

Neonman: Just a hunch. *forms neon green orbs of light in his palms*

Starnik: Guys, it’s time to do what I do best!

Darksage: Run away like a cowardly fool to save your skin?

Starnik: Exactly! *zips away*

Darksage, Cyros, Naoshi: Oh shit!

(The other Warriors dive out of the way as Neonman blows the parlor sky high. They flee from the scene using the smoke as cover)

Neonman: They always seem the run. Why?

(A ways away, Darksage and the others find Starnik hiding behind a dumpster)

Darksage: You’re still here? I thought you’d be halfway to Skull Castle by now.

Starnik: I was, until I remembered what Wily said about coming back with no food.

Darksage: And that was?

Starnik: He’d activate my ‘Easter egg’ and make me do the Numa Numa dance on top of city hall.

Naoshi: That’s harsh.

Cyros: *peeks* Okay, Neonman isn’t in sight yet. We’re good.

Starnik: *grabs Cyros* Cyros. Explanation. Now.

Cyros: Oh right… *laughs nervously*

Darksage: We’d probably be better off if you told us about your past like you said you would!*

*Season Two, Halloween Special

Naoshi: I thought he did tell us!

Cyros: No, I just rambled on about how the government is behind the plots to ruin good anime shows coming to the US by use of bad dubbing translators and harsh editing protocols, thereby hindering our view of foreign culture in an attempt to-

Starnik: Get on with it!

Darksage: Yes, get on with it.

Every Megaman Team: Get on with it!!!

Cyros: But I'm enjoying this scene…

Inafune: GET ON WITH IT!

Cyros: Sorry. *turns to the others* But then again, I didn’t specify WHEN I would tell you about my past either.

Darksage: Maybe now would be a good time.

Cyros: *thinks for a moment* Nope, still doesn’t feel right.

Darksage: Then at least tell use about Neonman!

Cyros: That I can do! Where should I start?

Darksage: Skip to the end; how do we kill him?

Starnik: We want to kill him?

Darksage: Yes! That way it’s one less recurring villain for us to work with!

Starnik: Genius! Glad I thought of it!

Darksage: But-

Naoshi: Guys?

Cyros: Not now Naoshi. Now, Neonman is based on Freezeman’s design so-

Naoshi: Guys!

Cyros: Don’t interrupt! Anyway, his light attacks need to be used in a clean environment, so by-

Neonman: Ahem.

Cyros: In a moment! Thus, by using Cinder’s… *pauses* That wasn’t Naoshi, wasn’t it.

Starnik: Nope.

Darksage: Nada.

Naoshi: Running time again?

Starnik: Yep.

(The Warriors run for it again, Neonman on their heels. Elsewhere, the others finish getting their food)

Shadowstrike: They’re late.

Iga: We still have to wait for Ben to come back with the truck though.

Shadowstrike: But I’m seriously wasting valuable Metal-smashing time!

Cinder: One track mind, Shadow?

Iga: Who said that?

Cinder: Are you doing this on purpose?

(A nearby car explodes as its hit by a burst of neon green energy)

Iga: Holy weasels!

Shadowstrike, Cinder: ‘Holy weasels?’

Iga: Hey, I like to be original, okay?

Starnik: *runs up to the trio* Cinder, up and center right now!

Iga: *looks at Cinder* Cinder! When did you get here?

Cinder: --;

Shadowstrike: What the hell are you running from?

Starnik: That guy. *points to Neonman*

Neonman: That’s it, run! Delay the inevitable!

Iga: Where are the others?

(Another explosion occurs and the remaining Warriors fall in a pile next to Starnik)

Darksage: Present.

Naoshi: The bad robot man makes me hurt in places I didn’t even know about!

Shadowstrike: He does? *shouts to Neonman* You’re the man now, dog!

Cyros: Don’t encourage the bad guy!

Shadowstrike: What’s he want with us anyway?

Starnik: Apparently, he wants to kill us because we know Cyros.

Shadowstrike: *eyeing Cyros* Is that so?

Cyros: *gulps*

(Shadowstrike grabs Cyros and throws him at Neonman. A second later, he is blasted back into the larger robot)

Shadowstrike: Son of a bitch!

Darksage: Where’s Ben, we could use him right now!

Iga: Somewhere not here.

Darksage: Freakkin A!

Neonman: Just die already! *launches two neon blasts*

Cyros: Duck!

Naoshi: Goose!

(Iga grabs Naoshi and pulls him down just as a neon burst flies overhead)

Starnik: Enough is enough! Cinder, gunk him up!

Cinder: Er, okay.

(Cinder conjures up a wave of Lead Bubbles and sends it over toward Neonman)

Neonman: Bubbles? You expect to defeat me with- *is hit by the wave* Argh!

Cinder: Did that do it?

(Everyone looks toward Neonman. Indeed, he is covered with liquid lead and his glowing neon green highlights are dark and dull)

Neonman: Ugh, this is disgusting!

Starnik: *raises finger in triumph* And now to find out more about this crazy psycho bot!

Darksage: I thought the plan was to kill him?

Starnik: That’s what competent villains would do. And we are?

Naoshi: *raises hand* Incompetent villains?

Starnik: Bingo!

Neonman: You’re all lunatics, you know that right?

Starnik: Quiet! We’ll be asking the questions now!

Cyros: Seriously, Sage is right. Better to kill him, now.

Starnik: Be quiet, I’m interrogating here!

Neonman: You’re not doing a very good job then.

Starnik: Silence! *smacks Neonman with a glove*

Cyros: …Darksage, care to help me with my will?

Darksage: Okay.

Starnik: Now then! *get’s up in Neonman’s face* What is your name?

Neonman: …this is a joke, right?

Starnik: Answer the question!

Neonman: Fine, I’ll humor you. *scoffs* I am CRN-001, designation Neonman.

Starnik: Next question! Who is your creator?

Neonman: *stares at Cyros* Your little Flashman over there, that’s who.

Shadowstrike: Who, crazy lady? He’s not THAT smart!

Cyros: Where’d you come up with that nickname anyway?

Starnik: Shut up, I’m working here! *sneers at Neonman* So then, how did you find us then?

Neonman: I’ve been watching your group since Halloween, when I finally got out of that wretched negative dimension.

Darksage: Negative dimension?

Neonman: Yes, the ones those idiots from the future tore a hole to long enough for me to-

Cyros: Time out! We and the Sinister Six were right there! I think we would have noticed you exiting that rift.

Neonman: Well, you were distracted by Xtreme Protoman and that other figure. Remember?

Starnik: ‘Other figure?’ I thought there was only-

Neonman: Oh no. The first figure you spotted was one of my companions. When the rift closed, Xtreme Protoman managed to escape at the last second and give the illusion that ‘he’ exited the rift.

Iga: That sounds needlessly complicated.

Cyros: Wait a minute. *thinks* If Xtreme Protoman wasn’t the figure who spoke to me, then… *freezes*

Darksage: Let me guess, another guy from your past who’s suppose to be dead, but instead is alive and wanting revenge?

Cyros: *weakly nods*

Neonman: You see? You thought the crash destroyed us. But the Fates came back and bit you right in the ass!

Starnik: Alright, this has gone on far enough. *takes out a giant boomerang* Who wants dark meat?

Naoshi: Robots have meat?!

Cyros: It’s an expression! *arms buster* You’re history, Neonman, and I’m going to keep it that way.

Neonman: Are you sure about that? *eyes twinkle*

Iga: Hey, do you smell something burning?

Darksage: Yeah smells like burning… lead?

(In a flash of extreme energy, the liquid lead covering Neonman is vaporized and everyone in the area is thrown away into various signs, buildings and vehicles)

Naoshi: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- *smashes into a soda machine* Ouchies!

Darksage: *shouts toward Starnik* Great job, let the psycho regain power while we waste time getting answers!

Starnik: Daisy… Daisy… give me your answer too…

(Neonman walks pass the other Warriors and towards where Cyros landed. He spots the blue and yellow robot on the other side of a broken window of a youth center)

Cyros: *singing off key* Ichirin no Hana…

Kid 1: Cool, a robot!

Kid 2: Poke it!

Kid 1: No, you poke it!

Kid 3: I want cereal!

Cyros: Ugh… this is a really- *grabbed by the neck* Erk!

Neonman: Gotcha!

Cyros: Grr, let me go!

Neonman: No dice! *punches Cyros in gut*

Cyros: Oof! *his gripped even hard* Gak!

Kid 2: Hey, leave him alone!

(Various kids gather around Neonman, jeering him)

Neonman: Heh, how cute… *gathers energy in his left hand* I wonder what would happen to your psyche if I burned these little bastards one by one?

Cyros: *struggling* Damn it, leave them out of this!

Neonman: That doesn’t seem very villain like of you, does it? *grips harder*

Cyros: Gak! Times two!

Neonman: Being a villain, you shouldn’t be bothered with having the deaths of innocents on your shoulders… *turns towards the kids* Alright, which one dies first?

(Suddenly, the A-Team song begins to play, just like in Season 2, Epilogue 4)

Neonman: What the hell?

(The A-Team van drives up and out steps the one and only Mr. T)

Mr. T: How ‘bout picking on somebody your own size, foo’!

Neonman: …is everyone in this city insane?

Cyros: *whispering* I think you’re the only- *is gripped harder* Gak! Numero tres!

Mr. T: Murdock, what’d I tell you about playing that music?!

Murdock: *dressed up like a cowboy* The Ranged Rider sends his apologies, good friend.

Mr. T: Alright foo’, smashing the youth center and threatening little children? You’re asking for a helluva beating!

Neonman: *drops Cyros* I’m not afraid of no 80’s pop culture icon! Die!

(Neonman launches a Hadoken style neon green blast right at Mr. T)

Various Kids: Look out Mr. T!

(The blasts hits Mr. T directly in the chest… only to be reflected by his gold chains and back into Neonman’s eyes)

Neonman: ARGH, MY EYES! *clutches his face* HOW THE F***ING HELL DID YOU DO THAT?!

Mr. T: What your mouth, foo’! There’s kids present!

Neonman: DIE!!!

(Neonman attempts to cut Mr. T up with neon energy blades, only to be smacked to the ground)

Neonman: This can’t be possible- *picked up* What the?!

(Mr. T bends Neonman’s mechanical limbs in various ways so he can’t cause anymore trouble)

Mr. T: Time to go for the ride! *steps outside* Later sucka!

(Mr. T launches Neonman straight into the air and over various skyscrapers)

Neonman: Cyros! Warriors! I’ll be back- *smashes through a billboard* Noooooooooooooooo-

(Neonman disappears from sight. Cyros slowly gets up from the floor)

Cyros: Well, that went well-

Mr. T: Shut up, fool! *towers over Cyros*

Cyros: Ack! *cowers* Don’t hurt me!

Mr. T: You suckas attract all sorts of trouble! I catch you guys again, and there be trouble for you, foo’!

Cyros: *laughs nervously* Yes sir, we’ll stay out of trouble!

(Mr. T walks away, reenters the van and drives off. A few seconds later, the other Warriors drive up in a ramen truck)

Ben: *get’s out of the van* Alright, where’s this godmoding SOB you guys were talking about?

Cyros: Oh, he’s gone already.

Warriors: WHAT?

Cyros: Yeah. I smashed into the youth center and Neonman threatened little kids, meaning Mr. T showed up and sent him helluva far!

Ben: That human impossibility? Again? Next time I see him I’ll-

Starnik: Do nothing!

Ben: No, I’ll-

Darksage: Nothing!

Ben: No, I’ll-


Ben: I give up! You’re all idiots!

Shadowstrike: Yeah, we love you too psycho.

Cyros: *looks at the truck* Where’d you guys get a ramen truck?

Ben: Easy, I hotwired it.

Cyros: Ah, of course. What about the food then?

Shadowstrike: You’re stupid friend Neonman vaporized the stuff our group bought with his damn energy attack!

Cyros: He’s not my friend!

Shadowstrike: Quiet, crazy lady!

Cyros: Aw forget it; I just want to eat now!

Ben: Hop in the truck. There are over three hundred boxes of instant noodle cups in here.

Cyros: Eh, better than nothing.

Starnik: Well that should last us until the cafeteria is rebuilt.

Darksage: And we didn’t have to spend anything!

Iga: What about the food that got vaporized?

Darksage: It’s Wily’s credit card, so eh.

Narrator: And so our group makes there way home and eats their fill of instant noodles. Sometime later, and after another scolding by Wily himself…

Iga: *looks around* I don’t see Wily anywhere.

Ben: I knocked out all his bugs. We’re clean.

Naoshi: But I didn’t even-

Shadowstrike: Stop talking, right now.

Iga: Anyone know where Cinder is?

Cinder: *standing right next to Iga* --;

Starnik: Anyway, I’m about to do something completely out of my character today, and that’s to discuss about the recent situation with Neonman.

Cinder: I kinda noticed that even though you mentioned him to Wily, you left out a few key details.

Starnik: I feel like that information is on a need to know basis.

Cyros: And I personally think Wily doesn’t need to know that stuff.

Darksage: And the less Wily knows, the better! *snickers*

Shadowstrike: *stares at Cyros* So… what’s the big deal with all this then?

(Everyone stares hard at Cyros until he lets out a sigh)

Cyros: No, I’m still not telling… not yet.

Naoshi: Wait, wouldn’t Wily be able to extract to information from Cyros if he-

Cyros: Trust me, he wouldn’t get the information.

Ben: *annoyed* Hey, I got a better idea. Let’s forget this crap and do something else!

Cinder: I second that motion!

Iga: Am I hearing voices again?

Cinder: God damn you!

Bass: *walking in with a box* What’re you douche bags up to?

Shadowstrike: None of your freaking-

Naoshi: What’s with the box?

Bass: What? This box? Erm-

Cyros: *peeks inside* Holy shit, it’s a Nintendo Wii!

Warriors: NINTENDO WII?!

Bass: Oh balls.

(The Warriors dogpile Bass and kick the crap out of him, taking the Wii for themselves)

Starnik: *hugs it* Sweet next-gen gaming!

Naoshi: I got the nun chuck controllers!

Darksage: Twilight Princess, oh happy day!

Cyros: Metal Slug Anthology! Kickass!

(The Warriors run off to hook up the system, leaving a broken and battered Bass)

Bass: Damn… you… all… *coughs*

Narrator: And so the day ends with everything… back to normal, I guess. But what of our mysterious new villain, Neonman?

(On the waterfront…)

Neonman: Ahhhhhhhhhhh- *crashes* That… freaking… HURT!!!

Wily Dragon: Eh? *pokes his head out of a warehouse* What was that noise?

Neonman: Down here…

Wily Dragon: Good grief, what the hell happened to you?

Neonman: Mr. T and the Wily’s Warriors, that’s who.

Wily Dragon: The Warriors? *goes back inside* Hey boss, there’s this guy out here who just fought the Warriors!

Alien Wily: *floats outside* Well now, what do we have here?

Neonman: A hologram? What the hell is a hologram doing out here?

Alien Wily: I’m plotting my revenge against the Warriors, that’s what! Them and their flesh bag of a master, Wily!

Neonman: … *eye twinkle* Well, I think we have quite a bit to discuss then.

Alien Wily: Indeed we do… indeed we do… *laughs evilly*