Wilys Warriors - Episode 2 -Lord of the Rings

by Starnik

Starnik as Quick Man

Tails28 as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Johnny as Flash Man

ShadowBlade as Bubble Man

Life Virus as Metal Man

Pharon as Air Man

Koala as Wood Man

Narrarator: We see our heroes on another relaxing day...

Starnik: HA!  I schooled you at Smash Bros. AGAIN, Heat Man!

Ben: *Rolling eyes* Maybe if you didn't button mash so fast that your controller melts, the rest of us could stand a chance...

Starnik: *Standing on top of the couch, proclaiming his victory to the other members* I guess Heat Man isn't so... "hot" when it comes to video games?  I guess you could say I'm on... "fire"?

Ben: You know what?  That doesn't sound so bad. *Atomic Fires Starnik into a wall*

Starnik: *Slightly smoking* Ooww... grr, that's it!  Prepare for a Quick boomerang... up yer can!

Crash Man: Aw come on guys...  We just fixed up the place after your last battle leveled it...

Starnik:  Oh yeah... say, did anyone ever find Flash Man?

Shadowblade: *Popping down from the ceiling* Still looking!

Ben: You know, as an afterthought, we really shouldn't have fought next to that propane tank...

Air Man:  *Coming in with a bucket of ashes* Well gee, you think?  I'm STILL dusting up Wood man's left arm!

Wood Man: *stumbling in, burnt, and missing his left arm* Mummy, I dun wanna ride the roller coaster no more...

Air Man: Sigh...

Crash Man: Yeah, well lets just try to keep the mindless violence to a minimum, okay...?

Starnik: *under his breath* Said the man with missiles for hands...

Pointy: *Bursting into the room* Hey guys!  I found Flash Man!

Ben: Eh?  Where did he land?

Starnik: Do we need to bring a mop and a bucket?

Pointy:  You'll never believe where I found him...

Crash Man: Well?  Spill it already!  Where is he?

Pointy: Maybe I should show you...

*Later, at a Strip Bar*

Starnik: Uh... what exactly were you doing here, Pointy?

Pointy: Er... scientific research!

Ben: Riiiiiight...

Pointy: Just look, okay?! *points to Flash Man, who's staring hypnotically at one of the strippers*

Crash Man: Well this is just great... *rolls eyes* I guess I'll go get him... *walks over Flash Man* Yo Flash, it's time to go- eh? *Tries to tug on Flash Man, but he continues to just sit there, transfixed* Uh... Flash?  Wakey Wakey! *Waves his hand-er, missiles in front of Flash Man, trying to wake him up*  What is so great abou- *Looks upwards, and immediately sits down, also transfixed*

Starnik: What... just happened?

Ben: Well this is juuuuust great.  Now we have to drag both of those two out of here...

Wood Man: Don't worry, this sounds like a job for...

Wood and Air, together: THE MARSUPIAL BROTHERS!

Shadowblade: Oh brother...

*Wood Man and Air Man leap forward, try to move Crash and Flash, and then sit down and begin staring hypnotically at the Stripper*

Starnik: You know what?  I've got a bad feeling about this...

Heat Man: I don't get it... whenever they get close to that stripper, they go all hypnotic...

Shadowblade: Maybe we should get out of here, and come back with a tank... *Starts edging towards the door*

Gutsdozer: *Rolling in front of Shadowblade, wearing a bouncer suit* Not so fast!

Dragon: *Dressed as a Bartender* Hah!  It was only a matter of a time before you fell into our trap!

*Suddenly, the image of the stripper melts to reveal he was...*

Alien Wily:  I have you now, Wily's Warriors!

Starnik:  *sweatdrops* ...uh, why are you still wearing tassels?

Alien Wily:  They aren't tassels!  They are the Mind Control Devices and Holographic Generators!

Shadowblade:  Sure they are...

Alien Wily:  FOOLS!  Prepare for your doom!  *fires out a blast of energy*

Ben:  Let's see your blast get through my wall of Fla-hey! *Is picked up by Gutsdozer*

Gutsdozer:  KKkk-rush Wily's Warriors! *throws Ben into one of Alien Wily's mind control blasts*

Pointy:  Well let's see how you deal with my Metal Blades, Alien Wily!  *prepares to throw*

Alien Wily:  Fool!  Your attacks mean nothing to me!  *hits Pointy with another mind control blast*

Shadowblade:  *sweatdrops*  Well... now it's two against three...

Starnik:  Eh heh...  wow, this would be a good time for a mysterious ally to show up and save us!

*crickets chirp*

Starnik:  Dang.  I really thought that would work...  Oh well, suck on this!  QUICK BOOMERANG BARRAGE!  *fires off thousands of small quick boomerangs at the three villains*

*Quick boomerangs are deflected by Gutsdozer, who uses his huge hands to block them*

Shadowblade:  Well what now?

Starnik:  Err....

Alien Wily:  Enough!  Your foolish resistance ends now! *Blasts Starnik with mind control rays*

Shadowblade:  ...Oh, for the love of... *Dives under the Gutsdozer*  Ohhhhh-kay, let's see here, we have three huge, powerful villains who have managed to single-handedly take dow the other 7/8ths of our team... What do I have that can possibly get me out of this situation!

*Go go Gadget Flashback!*

Ben:  ...Anyway, I just found these newest items!  There called Mesmero rings....

Starnik: MORE rings?  Yeesh, first you had flight rings, now these?

Crash Man:  Yeah, it's not like I can wear those rings anyway...  *Waves his arms* Wily gave me missiles for hands?  Can you believe it?  I mean, how the heck am I supposed to open doors...

Wood Man:  Uh... I think you're just supposed to BLOW THEM UP.

Crash Man:  ...oh.

Shadowblade:  Can we PLEASE continue with what Ben was trying to tell us?

Ben:  Right!  Anyway, these Mesmero Rings allow you to send out hypnotic rays!  One shot and they are completely under your control!

Pointy:  ... Is that it?

Ben:  *Looking slightly deflated*  Well they also protect there users from hypnotic attacks...

Flash Man:  Hey guys!  Look over here, Pharon's fighting a hobo!

Starnik: Not AGAIN...

*End Flashback*

Shadowblade:  Wow, what a convenient flashback!  Those rings are what I need to get to save my fri- whoops! *Dodges one of Gutsdozer's massive fists*

Gutsdozer:  Kkkkrush puny Bubble Man!  *Punches the ground again, barely missing Shadowblade*

Shadowblade:  Yikes!  Let's see how you deal with a few Lead Bubbles, Dozer!  *fires several Lead Bubbles at Gutsdozers wheels, jamming them up*

Dragon:  You won't be able to escape that easily, cowardly bot!  *Flaps his massive wings, causing Shadowblade to go flying off*

Shadowblade:  Auuugh!!

Alien Wily:  Idiot!  Now we have to get him!

Dragon:  Heh heh... whoops?


Shadowblade: *Slamming through the wall of the WW's "base"*  Ow... what a lousy flight.  No movie, no cute flight attendants...  *shakes head*  Now, let's see, I luckily landed in Ben's room, now to find the rings...


Dragon:  I think he landed somewhere around here...

Gutsdozer:  Kkkkrush!

Alien Wily:  Yes yes, we get it, you like to crush things!  Now do you still have all the Wily's Warriors in your trunk?

Gutsdozer: *saluting* Yes sah!

Alien Wily:  Good... That foolish Bubble Man won't dare attack us while we hold his fr- OW! *Gets pelted with a Lead Bubble*

Shadowblade:  Do you ever do anything other than talking?!

Alien Wily:  Ah, there you are... and yes, I do, as I'm about to show you! *fires off a hypnotic beam at Shadowblade, but it bounces off harmlessly*

Shadowblade:  I'll say this for Ben... he certainly knows how to pick his power-ups!

Alien Wily:  But how...?

Shadowblade:  I'll show you how!  Go, Mezmero Beam!  *Fires off a hypno beam at Gutsdozer*

Gutsdozer:  Gurrr... Kkkkrush...

Alien Wily:  Hah!  You pathetic ring can't hypnotize Guts-

Gutsdozer: ..ALIEN WILY! *whaps Alien WIly with one of his gigantic mitts*

Alien Wily:  *Flying off*  AUUUGH!!

Dragon:  A.W.!  Don't worry, I'm coming!  *flies off*

Shadowblade:  ...Wow, that was disappointingly easy.  *shrugs* Oh well.  *Hops over to Gutsdozer, and opens up his trunk*  Well, I guess I should un-hypnotize them...  *looks at the base, which is wrecked*  Hmmm.... or maybe...


Shadowblade:  *sipping a drink, relaxing on a foldout lawn chair*  Ahhh!  This is the life!

Starnik:  *Fanning Bubble with a palm leaf*  Yes Master Shadowblade...

Shadowblade:  Too bad Gutsdozer was only good for "Krushing" things... oh well! *pats a large sack of money*  I made a fortune on him at the recycling center!

Pointy:  We finished fixing the wall, Ma-...huh?  *shakes head*  What the... what happened?!

Starnik:  *Looking at his fan*  And why am I holding a palm leaf?

Shadowblade:  Whoops!  It looks like Ben's ring-powers lose there effect after awhile...

Ben:  *Shouting from inside the house* WHY AM I DRESSED UP AS A MAID?!  SHADOWBLAAADE!!

Shadowblade:  Gee, now would be a good time to have an "Invisibility Ring" too!

The End