Wily's Warriors - Season 2 - The Bad Outdoors

by Cinder

Starnik as Quick Man Darksage as Crash Man
Ben as Heat Man Cyros as Flash Man
Cinder as Bubble Man Naoshi as Metal Man
Shadowstrike as Air Man Iga as Wood Man

Cinder: Hey everyone. I'm Cinder, the new Bubbleman of Wily's Warriors, and I wanted to welcome you to a new epilogue! If you've ever gone camping, you'd know that some parts are a real pain...well, we're all about to experience that pain. Enjoy or something.

{cut to Ben(Heatman) and Naoshi(Metalman) talking to Mr. Whiz at his snack bar in the cafeteria.}

Mr. Whiz: ...so that's one spicy burrito and one McClownman Chicken Sub coming up!

Ben: I missed breakfast today so he better not screw up my order...

Naoshi: At least he isn't a real McClownmans, right? He just calls his stuff that...

Ben: I got banned from every McClownmans in this state, remember?

Naoshi: Oh yeah...

{cut to Ben standing at a counter inside a fast food restaurant placing his order. Behind him stands Starnik and Iga. A pimply faced teenage employee is at the counter.}

Employee: Welcome to McClownmans, home of the McClownman Burgers, also home to McClownman's Boiling Hot Inferno Coffee. May I take your {cough} order?

Ben: Yeah. Can I get three McClownman Burgers, two diet Dr. Jabaneros, one banana milkshake, three medium fries, and a toy?

Iga: {whispering} Make sure they get the Darth Vader one this time, Ben! I've gotten about five Mace Windu toys and I'm not getting another!

Ben: {sigh} I'll pay extra for a Darth Vader Toy.

Starnik: Why do you even get those toys, Iga? They don't even do anything.

Iga: Yes they do! The Palpatine one is a top!

Starnik: If you want a top so bad go see Topman! Or buy a freaking Beyblade!

Iga: Do they make beyblades in the shape of Palpatine?

Starnik: {sigh}.

{The food that Ben ordered shows up at the counter. Ben inspects it.}

Iga: Hey, that isn't Darth Vader!

Ben: {sighs} Can I get a Darth Vader toy?

{The Employee replaces the toy with a Darth Vader toy.}

Ben: {looks at the hamburger} I said no pickles. Can I get no pickles?

{A sign comes up that says "A Minute Later.."}

Ben: Well, there are no pickles, but there aren't any fries...

{The sign changes to "2 Minutes Later"}

Ben: What is this thing? I ordered banana, not vanilla strawberry lemon...thing!

{The Sign changes to "3 Minutes Later".}

Ben: {looking at a blank tray.} {groans.}

Starnik: Iga, run for cover.

{The camera changes to a shot of the outside of McClownmans. In a few seconds, it bursts in flames.}

{cut back to Ben and Naoshi waiting for their orders. Mr. Whiz gives them their food and they walk away. They then sit down at a table.}

Ben: {eating the sub} This is one good chicken sub!

Naoshi: {taking a bite out of his burrito} Never knew that he was such a good cook.

{Cyros(Flashman} walks over to their table.}

Cyros: Ben, Naoshi, Wily is having another meeting in the auditorium.

Naoshi: We'll be there when we're done.

Cyros: He said that you need to get there now.

Ben: This is the only bite of food that I have had all day, and if you deprive me of it, so help me good I will-

Cyros: Okay, okay! You guys can take it with you! Just follow me.

{All three of them leave the cafeteria.}

{Cut to the auditorium. Wily is on the stage testing a microphone. Bass, Mr. Whiz, and Shadowatrike are in the first row of seats. Starnik, Darksage, and Cinder are in the next row, and Iga is sleeping on the floor. Cyros, Naoshi, and Ben walk in.}

Dr. Wily: Ah! There you two are! And what are you doing with food in the-

Cyros: Just let him be, please!

Dr. Wily: Just this once, Heatman. {speaking into the microphone.} Everyone, I have called you here today to talk about something very important!

Bass: Are you asking us to be your scapegoat again?

Dr. Wily: Hey! I bailed you out, so none of that! {clears throat.} But no, that is not what I have called you here for. You see, I have noticed that your morale is at an all time low.

Darksage: Maybe if you got someone to clean that restroom on the third floor it would be higher!

Cinder: The horror...the horror!

Dr. Wily: Ahem. Well, that is not of concern, but I'll send one of to clean it later. Anyways, since I already fear that a few of you are going to kill me whilst I sleep, I am sending you on a camping trip.

Iga: {wakes up} Who said camp?

Dr. Wily: You'll spend the entire weekend in the nearby woods - all ten of you!

Bass and Mr. Whiz: WHAT?

Dr. Wily: You two need to work harder, and this trip might get you back into the swing or something....

Starnik: Wily, just tell us when we're going.

Dr. Wily: First thing tomorrow morning. Sleep, because you'll need it. You can go now.

{Everyone exits the auditorium while groaning.}

{A sign comes up that says "The Next Day..".}

{cut to outside the Skull Fortress. A very tired group of eight Warriors are standing there.}

Bass: {voice} No! You can't make me go on that stupid trip!

Mr. Whiz: {runs outside} Bass is destroying the whole Skull Castle right now!

Shadowstrike: Get me a pillow and I'll pretend to care.

Mr. Whiz: But Wily will get us all!

{Iga falls over, apperantly asleep.}

Mr. Whiz: {sighs}Maybe he'll clean up the toilet on the third floor.

Starnik: Quick, everyone! Darksage, you and Cyros will come with me to block Bass off! Cinder, Shadowstrike, and Iga, when I give you the go, pounce on him! Naoshi, Ben, and Whiz, take him once we've got him and throw him in a box!

{Everyone runs inside. First the sounds of Bass screaming are heard. Starnik yelling is then heard, then Bass yelling again, a loud thud, and finally, some more of Bass screaming.}

{Everyone walks outside. Mr. Whiz is carrying a box.}

Darksage: He bit me!

Cinder: You'll live! At least you didn't have to jump on fishboy!

Starnik: Everyone, quit bickering! Now, we're going on that camping trip, whether we like it or not! The forest is right over there!

{the camera panels over to show a forest.}

Dr. Wily: {walks out} You'll have to climb that big hill, however.

{the camera moves up to show a large hill sticking out from the trees.}

Starnik: And the cabins are there?

Dr. Wily: Actually, there's an information station there. The person at the station will tell you which cabin to go to at the top of the mountain.

{the camera moves up further to show a huge mountain reaching into the clouds.}

Iga: We have to climb that mountain?

Ben: I'll be watching movies if any of you guys need me. {slowly walks away but comes face to face with Wily.}

Dr. Wily: Think of everything you can burn up there.

Ben: {turns around} Okay, we're going now and that is final!

{Everyone starts walking away.}

Dr. Wily: {waving} I expect to see at least half of you not dead when you come back! {mumbling} If he doesn't get to you first....

{cut to everyone walking(including Bass, who is now on a leash).}

Iga: Okay, the old man isn't looking, I say we all run off and head for a hotel, preferably a five-star with a pool.

Cinder: I agree with the log.

Shadowstrike: If Cinder agrees about anything then the rest of us dissagree.

Bass: Actually, I wouldn't mind a-

{Ben kicks Bass.}

Ben: We're going camping and that is final!

Bass: {whimper}

Darksage: Who else really doesn't want to walk?

Everyone: Me.

Darksage: Then why don't we go get Starnik to quickly get us a stretch limo and get Whiz to drive us up the woods road?

Starnik: Hey, how come I have to go steal a stretch limo?

Darksage: ...because you're the fastest here and it could happen in a matter of seconds.

Starnik: Oh yeah. {pauses} Well, why does Whiz have to drive?

Mr. Whiz: Before my current job I was Wily's chauffer.

Starnik: Oh, okay.

{Everyone keeps on walking when Naoshi suddenly starts whistling the Seven Dwaves whidtle from Snow White.}

Cyros: What the crap is that?

Naoshi: It's Snow White.

Cinder: You mean that Disney film that had seven characters influenced by drugs?

{Everyone gives Cinder an awkward look.}

Naoshi: ...okay.

{Everyone keeps on walking and Naoshi keeps on whistling.}

Shadowstrike: That's getting moderately annoying.

Darksage: It passed the moderate point a few seconds ago and is now at the "really freakin'" annoyance level.

Naoshi: Well you all packed earplugs, so use them.

Bass: I didn't pack earplugs.

Cinder: You didn't even pack.

Bass: I was destroying Wily's castle! I had no time to pack!

Starnik: He's got a point.

{Everyone keeps on walking and Naoshi keeps on whistling. Starnik, obviously peeved by it, throws a Quick Boomerang at him, stopping him.}

Naoshi: Hey! You know objects speeding at me can cause an internal meltdown!

Starnik: You know that repeated annoying whistling can cause me to get all angry and start throwing stuff.

Mr. Whiz: I think you just got burnt, Naoshi.

Naoshi: {throws a Metal Blade at Mr. Whiz.} Shaddup.

Mr. Whiz: {the Metal blade bounces off of him.} That isn't my weakness, unlike everyone else!

Iga: Hey, it only does moderate damage to me!

Shadowstrike: Yeah, me too!

Ben: Hey, everybody, i have a suggestion to make: be quiet or I'll set all of you on fire!

Darksage: But-

Starnik: Hey, you heard the Ben, Darksage!

{the screen changes to everyone walking still, but with a few changes. First of all, everyone is apperantly tired and crouching. Second of all, the setting has changed to that of a forest.}

Cyros: Are we...are we almost..there yet?

Cinder: Hope so.

{Iga, standing in the back, suddenly falls backwards, apperantly asleep again. Suddenly, a man wearing a purple cloak swings by on a rope and takes Iga.}

Shadowstrike: Hey...anyone seen Iga?

Cinder: Do I care?

Mr. Whiz: {in perfect posture.} Hey, there's our cabins!

Shadowstrike: WOO-HOO!{Shadowstrike is so excited that he creates a tornado. The tornado spins out of control and it...destroys all five of the cabins.}

Shadowstrike: Um...oops?

{Ben fires a huge fireball at Shadowstrike, knocking him out.}

Ben: Oops.

Naoshi: Fair enough.

Starnik: Well, everyone, since I'm the leader of...us, we're going to have to go get supplies to make a nice camp. Ben, you and I will go look for some food. Darksage and Naoshi, makes some tents out of our luggage carriers. Cinder, Shadowstrike, you two will make sleeping bags. And the rest of you go hunting for food while me and Ben be lazy.

Cinder: Wow. You're obviously not giving it a full go.

Naoshi: Which probably translates to "You suck at leading".

Starnik: Not too nice, are you, Cinder?

Cinder: I state my mind, because otherwise, no one else can enjoy what's inside.

Starnik: Yeah, well...just...go and do..stuff. I'll pretend to look for Iga if that makes you all happy.

Narrator: Speaking of Iga, where is he? And where the hell have I been during this? Anyways, iga was suddenly kidnapped by a purple cloaked figure in the woods...

{cut to Iga inside of a cramped, metlalic space. He wakes up, startled.}

Iga: Whoa? Where am I?

: {voice} Ah, I see you have finally woken up!

Iga: Hey! Who's there!

: {voice} Names aren't important, kid. All tha's important is that you're now part of my plan...{laughs maniacally.}

Iga: If we're playing the guessing game, that wasn't a very good hint. I have tons of enemies! Like the guy who mugged me on the bridge!

: {voice} If I tell you who I am your head will explode.

Iga: Really? Cool!

: {voice} Yeah, it really does. That was an awkward meeting.

Narrator: Who is this mysterious figure? Does it even matter? What was the guy who mugged Iga looking for from a stump? I mean, who mugs wood? Find out in the next...few scenes of this epilogue.

Iga: You hear something?

: {voice} Nah.

Iga: Huh. Must've been the wind.

: {voice} Yeah, I really have to get that fixed.

{cut back to the camp. Ben is sitting around against a tree. Darksage and Naoshi are inside the tents along with Cinder and Shadowstrike. Bass is tied to a post, and Mr. Whiz is preparing a fire while Cyros carries a few basketfulls of food when Starnik walks onto the scene.}

Cyros: Iga anywhere?

Starnik: I can't find him. You wouldn't know how hard it is to find some wood in the forest!

{Cinder, now out of the tent, starts chuckling.}

Cinder: I dare not touch that one.

Starnik: Well, how is everyone else doing?

Naoshi: I made the tents a while ago, and Darksage just got finished setting them up.

Cinder: And Shadowstrike and I made the sleeping bags.

Cyros: We have tons of rations, too.

Mr. Whiz: Well, I just can't seem to get a fire started! Knew I should've packed a zippo....

{everyone looks at Ben.}

Ben: What? What are you looking at?

{the scene shifts to Ben sititng by the campfire, keeping the fire up. Cinder and Naoshi are roasting marshmellows and hotdogs.}

Cinder: It has been ages since I have had a good hotdog.

Naoshi: And good marshmellows are hard to come by these days.

Ben: You're welcome.

Narrator: Soon, everyone else noticed that there was food and they started porking out. Eventually, all of the rations were gone. Bass later ran away, while everyone forced Cinder to go and hunt him down.

{cut to Cinder walking through the forest in the dark.}

Cinder: Stupid people, making me go get the damn dog...Starnik's the fast one, so it should be easy for him! And Cyros has a light, so it would be easier to look around, too! But they picked the man in FLIPPERS to do it!

{Cinder continues grumbling on until he falls into a hole.}

Cinder: {loudly} DAMN!

{Cinder gets out of the hole and notices that there are more of them up ahead.}

Cinder: What in OJ Simpson's name caused all of these holes?

{cut to a gigantic, wooden robot attacking the camp. Everyone is shooting at it.}

Darksage: What is up with this thing? It's a wooden robot!

Ben: My fire doesn't work against it...

Naoshi: {throwing Metal Blades} Then how are we gonna kill it?

Cinder: {jumps out of the bushes, carrying Bass} I know how!

Mr. Whiz: How?

Cinder: We'll sacrifice the dog!

Bass: Wait, what?

{Cinder throws Bass at the wooden robot.}

Shadowstrike: You think that that would actually work?

Cinder: Bass is probably so furious right now I wouldn't doubt if it did.

{Soon enough, the wooden robot shuts down. Iga falls out of it's chest and Bass flies out of the head with...Mr. X?!}

Starnik: Hey, Iga, you're not missing!

Iga: yeah, and I have no clue what just happened.

Shadowstrike: Well, it looks like Mr. X built a wooden robot that in turn needed to be powered by wood. You were a good pick for the heart of the robot.

Mr. X: {stomps over to Shadowstrike} And how do you know my evil plan?

Shadowstrike: Saw it on Sci-Fi one time.

Mr. X: Oh, eumphanism.

{Starnik marches over to Mr. X}

Starnik: Alright, Mr. X, you've got some 'splainin' to do!

{A laugh track cues. The camera cuts back to show that Mr. Whiz is holding a tape recorder. Whix gets hit by a Quick Boomerang and falls over.}

Mr. X: Well, you see, I was planning on destroying all of the trees in this forest with my gigantic robot. That would surely get my name in all of the headlines, as if they weren't already...

Starnik: So in other words it was just a greedy thing to make your name even more well known?

Mr. X: Yeah, pretty much. But that Wily was also being greedy when he sent you up here!

Cyros: Huh?

Mr. X: Wily sent you up here to keep me from doing my goal, not give you a break!

Naoshi: So using that logic, our break was actually work?

Mr. X: I would supose so.

{Naoshi takes out some Metal Blades.}

{cut to the Skull Castle, next morning. Wily is answering the door.}

Dr. Wily: What is it you hooliga-oh, it's you, back from your vacation.

Ben: Yeah, about that...i heard you sent us up there to do your dirty work.

Dr. Wily: Oh, you see....heh...uhh...


{Everyone chases Wily into the Skull Castle.}