Wilys Warriors - Episode 5 -New Villians, New Problems

by Starnik

Starnik as Quick Man

Tails28 as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Johnny as Flash Man

ShadowBlade as Bubble Man

Life Virus as Metal Man

Pharon as Air Man

Koala as Wood Man

(It's a peaceful day, at the Wily's Warriors home. They are all sitting back without a care in the world...)



Starnik: Yikes! Watch where ya throw those things, Pointy!

Pointy: *Holding a Metal Blade* Sorry my friend, but this infidel must DIE!

Tails: Dude! Chill out! I had no idea that was your collection of Dust Bunnies...!

Pointy: LIAR! *chucks a few more of the razor-sharp circles* You... you killed them all! Mary-Ann, Bob, and JIMMY! My God man, how can you live with yourself?!

Tails: They were inanimate objects, you psy- aurgh! *Nimbly dodges*

Ben: *Walking in, carrying a drink* They STILL at it?

Starnik: *rolls his eyes* Yeah. Yeesh, you think OUR blowouts are bad...

Toasta: *runs in, holding a report* Guys! Guys! I --ACK! *A Metal Blade almost slams into him, but he uses Flash Stopper to freeze it in mid-air* That was close! Look I have... oh. Er... *sees that all the Wily Warriors have been frozen too* Nevermind...

*30 minuets later...*

Starnik: *eyes twitching, finally breaks free of the Time Stopper's freezing powers* AUUGUHHH!! Gebus, Toasta! You know how much I HATE that!

Ben: *cough, hack* at least YOU weren't chugging a drink for those past 30 minuets! *cough* I thought I was going to suffocate!

Toasta: Look, guys, I'm sorry, but this IS urgent!

Pointy: *in a corner, brooding* *grumble* don't see HOW it could be more important than Jimmy and Mary-Ann...

Koloa: Insane rantings aside, please continue Toasta...

Toasta: Thank you. According to our supercomputer...

Tails: Wait wait wait, since WHEN did we have a supercomputer?!

Starnik: Since that Supercomputer salesman came by yesterday. You know how I am with salesmen....

Ben: *holds up hand, silencing the two* Toasta. Continue.

Toasta: ...several dimensional instablities have occured!

Pharon: ...And?

Toasta: THAT'S BAD! All sorts of nasty things could be crawling through! And the readouts suggest that these Dimensional tears are not a natural occurance, so you can bet that a villian is behind them!

Starnik: *rolls eyes* Gee, we have so many, I wonder who they could be...

*At Alien Wily's hideout...*

Gutdozer: Gwa... Wut are you doin' Alien Wily?

Alien Wily: *arching eyebrow* Well... seeing as both you AND Dragon are bumbling incompetants, I'm looking for new minions. Now... go play frisbee, or chase a car, or something.

Dragon: *holding head in shame* To be thrown out... like yesterday's garbage...

Alien Wily: Ah ha! Yes! I've found two VERY powerful energy signatures... surely THEY will be able to aid me in my quest to destroy the world!


Alien Wily: What?!

Toasta: Thanks to Starnik's erratic buying habits, we're on to your little scheme!

Alien Wily: But... how?!

Ben: Well, there were rips in reality... and you're the only REAL villian in our neck of the woods...

Olsen Twins: *annoyed* Curse your bones, WW! We'll best you yet!

Ben: *arching eyebrow* ...right... anyway, logic dictates that you're the culpirate. And you're easy to find thanks to these large skull fortress...

Koala: Ben? Using... LOGIC?! Ye gods, its the end of the world...

Ben: *narrows eyes, and creates a flame orb in his hand* I'd like to REMIND you, woody, who's the burnable one around here.

Koala: ...Meep. *edges away from Ben*

Alien Wily: ENOUGH! You are too late, all of you! I have in my hand *branishes a push-button controller* the instrument of your do- eh? *looks at his hand, and its gone*

Starnik: *behind him, tossing the controller up and down* What, this little thing?

Alien Wily: Why you... you!

Starnik: Ah ah ah! Don't get to mad, it's bad for your blood pressure! I'll just dispos-oops..! *is picked up from behind by Gutsdozer* Hey! Lemme down you big oaf!

Alien Wily: *leaps at Starnik, and presses the button on the controller* Aha! Now your fate is sealed!

Pharon: ...What just happened?

Alien Wily: Ha! You fools! You don't realize... these tears in reality will now bring forth two of the most powerful beings in all of existance! Tremble for there might!

*Scilence insues, except for the dull humming sound of the portals*

Alien Wily: Oh for the love of Mike.

Shadowblade: Niiice try, Wily, but it looks like your plans have failed...

*Suddenly, two figures appear from the depths of the portals!*

Alien Wily: Yes! I was successful! Now you face the terrible onslaught of LAVOS, devourer of worlds...!

Lavos: Screeee!

Alien Wily: ...And Majinn Buu, des... uh...

Fat Majinn Buu: Buu make you dead! *victory pose*

Starnik: ...what the bloody 'ell?

Shadowblade: Um... look Wily, I'll give props for the first one, Lavos looks pretty powerful...


Shadowblade: But... Um... yeah, this Majinn Buu guy, he... er..

Starnik: sucks?

Shadowblade: Not as eloquent as I would have wished, but yes.

Fat Majinn Buu: *blows steam from his head* Grr...

Alien Wily: ...Well, one out of two isn't so bad... Lavos, ATTACK!

Everyone: ...

Alien Wily: ...Well?! What are you waiting for?!

Lavos: Screee! *burrows deep into the earth*

Tails: What did he say?

Pointy: I think that loosely translates to... "[Expletive deleted] you".

Starnik: Charming.

Alien Wily: ...DANGIT! Okay, you, the fat one, kill them!

Fat Majinn Buu: *narrowing eyes* What did you call Majinn Buu?

Ben: *sees Majinn Buu starting to glow* Ohhhhh cra-!!

*KA-WHOOM! An energy blast levels Skull Fortress*

Pointy: *shoving a rock off of him* Well... that was fun...

Koala: *burnt* THAT *points to a still steaming Majinn Buu* puffball has this much power?!

Starnik: Huh... never would've guessed... maybe I can reason with it!

Shadowblade: *shrugs* If you think you can...

Starnik: *walking over to Majinn Buu* Hey chubsy! I noticed you had a bit 'o power on you, and I thoug-

Fat Majinn Buu: *turns suddnely* What you call Majinn Buu?!

Starnik: Eep!

*Majinn Buu punches Starnik, sending him strait through the crumbling structure and into a rock*

Starnik: ...medic...

Pointy: ...I guess that guy is sensitive about his weight...

Ben: *turns to face Buu* All right, this guy seems a bit more my speed, so stand back guys! *fires off a few Atomc Fireballs*

Fat Majinn Buu: *inhales, and swallows them* Buu... no like you. *Disapears, then re-appears right infront of Ben, landing a punch that sends him flying across the feild.*

Tails: This is insane! No one can be THAT powerful!

Koala and Pharon: This looks like a job for... the Marsupial Brothers!

Fat Majinn Buu: *Glares at them*

Koala and Pharon: On second thought... RUNAWAY!!! *both speed away, into the distance*

Pointy: *annoyed* Nuts. And I was hoping I could use them as a sheild, too.

Tails: Wait! I have an idea! Bubbles, stall him!

Shadowblade: STALL HIM?!

Tails: Just for a bit!

Shadowblade: Er... okay... So, this is some weather we're having, eh Majinn Buu?

Fat Majinn Buu: Scuba robot man DIE! *punches at Shadowblade, but Bubbleman dodges*

Shadowblade: Hurry up Tails!

Tails: *shaking Starnik* Come onnn Starnik! We need your speed NOW!

Starnik: *still shaken from Buu's earlier attack* Bu' mommie, I dun wanna see the clowns...

Tails: *whaps Starnik across the face* Come ON, you bum!

Starnik: *shakes his head* Hey! Who you callin' a bum?!

Tails: That's better. Now, I think I have an idea on how to defeat this "Majinn Buu" character... *whispers*

Starnik: Ah! Ah ha! Okay, I'll be back in two shakes! *zips off*

Shadowblade: *dodges another punch* Hurry...!

Tails: Ahh... need to buy a bit more time... HEY, TUBBY!

Fat Majinn Buu: *turns to Crash* WHAT?!

Tails: Yeek! Chow down on a few missles! *Fires off his Crash Bombs, while circling him*

Shadowblade: Ack! *rolls out of the way* Watch where you fire those!

Tails: Yeesh! Save me, watch where you aim those missles... nag nag na- oops! *Majinn Buu grabs Crash by his neck* Eh heh...

Fat Majinn Buu: *focusing his energy into his other fist* And now...

Starnik: *interrupts* Time for something completely different! CATCH! *throws Pyro at Majinn Buu, who attaches to the pink blob's face* Did someone order an energy-sucking kitsune?

Tails: *is dropped by Majinn Buu* Yes! It's working! Pyro's draining Buu's energy!

Pyro: Yeesh, I leave you guys alone for two seconds and you get in trouble with a supervilli... ooog...

Pointy: Ooog? Ooog?! That can't be good...

Pyro: *slumps off Majinn Buu* Er... I'm... full... *plops down, and passes out*

Starnik: Dangit! I TOLD you not to drink so many E-Cans on the way here!

Pharon: Well, who cares! It seems to have worked!

Fat Majinn Buu: *kneeling, looking tired* Oo... I no feel so good...

Starnik: Ha! Take that! That'll teach you to punch me through a few walls!

Fat Majinn Buu: Me no want to play anymore... *lurches forward, then woobly flys off*

Shadowblade: ...Well... that was anticlimatic.

Ben: great... now we have a parasite inside the earth, and a fat freak who can level cities at will. Who was the bright guy who suggested we have more villians?

All: *point to Pointy*

Pointy: ...Eep! *runs away*

Ben: Come back here, coward!! *dashes after him*

Tails: Great... just what we need...

Starnik: *sighs relief* Well, at least he isn't chasing ME for a change...

The End