Wily's Warriors - Season 2 - Russian Surveillance
by Shadowstrike

Starnik as Quick Man Darksage as Crash Man
Ben as Heat Man Cyros as Flash Man
Cinder as Bubble Man Naoshi as Metal Man
Shadowstrike as Air Man Iga as Wood Man

Metal: *running in* HEYLO WILY!

Wily: AH, what, what do you want Naoshi, can’t you see I’m busy?

Metal: Can you build me a mech?

Wily: Why?

Metal: Well, Shadow keeps attacking me. So, can you make me a super cool super strong mech that can stop Airman……and make pie?

Wily: Why pie?

Metal: Well, duh! Who doesn’t like pie?

Wily: Well, you do have a poi- GET OUT OF HERE!

Metal: Why?

Wily: I’m busy!

Metal: Doing what?

Wily: Surveillance on Cossack. But, it seems my satellite is not working.

Metal: OH! Can I help?

Wily: No

Metal: Please

Wily: No.

Metal: Oh, come on! Let me help.

Wily: Fine. If you will leave me alone. Go get Darksage, Shadow, and Cyros.

Metal: WHEE! *runs off*

*Five minutes later*

Crash: Ok, so, two questions. A) What are we doing? B) Why do you need us?

Wily: If you put me down, and move the Crash Bomb out of my face, I will tell you.

Air: I don’t know if you should, this way of telling people things is WAY funnier.

Metal: Shadow, shut up!

Flash: Ok, Shadow and Naoshi, stop fighting. Darksage, put down Wily. Wily, tells us already!

Wily: Hmp, now, my warriors, lately, I have been trying to get a GPS picture of The Citadel. But, it seems to have some sort barrier around it.

Flash: The same one that keeps the bomber from teleporting in?

Wily: That is most likely. Since I am unable to get my read out, I need you to go to Russia, somehow get in the place, take pictures of every inch, and get out.

Metal: Shouldn’t we smash the stuff inside as well?

Wily: No, we don’t need Cossack to know we were there.

Metal: But-

Wily: No buts, now, take these *hands them cameras* and head to the hanger

Metal: But-

Air: Oh shut up *drags Naoshi to the hanger*

*In the hanger*

Wily: You will be taking this *hits button, and one of his saucers rises*

Crash: Uh, wily, I don’t think 4 of us will fit in that…

Wily: Only 3 of you will be taking that.

Metal: ?

Air: What are you saying? Does one of us (hopefully Naoshi) have to ride on the outside?

Wily: Yes, and no.

Flash: Who has to ride on the outside then?

Wily: Shadowstrike.

Metal Man: HA-ha! You have to riiiide on the oooouuutsiiiiide~! Ha ha ha- *is kicked* OW!

Air: Excuse me, *cracks knuckles* but, Wily, why do you hate the use of your limbs? Is it that bad being able to move?

Crash: How is supposed to ride on the outside. He can’t fly.

Wily: While you were sleeping, I installed one of Ben’s flight rings in your system. You didn’t know?

Air: You did WHAT!? *runs forward fist raised towards wily*

Bass: Stand down! *fires his buster at Shadowstrike, but misses and hits Naoshi in the back.*

Metal: YEOWCH *goes flying into a wall*

Crash, Flash: hehehehehehe.

*Naoshi gets back up, pulls out 2 metal blades, and runs towards Bass*

Bass: STOP STOP STOP *is thrown*

Metal: *sees Bass flying right at him* Mother…


Wily: *hitting a switch in his pocket, and the Warriors and Bass freeze* Ok, stop now. You know, I wonder what the range on this thing is? Oh well, I’ll worry about that later.

*Meanwhile, at the Ark*

Gauntlet: *sees the paper lying across the road* Damn paper boy, always giving our paper to the people across the street. *walks over to get it, but, upon turning around* The hell? STARNIK! *The ark is covered in pink paint, with a picture of Starnik mooning is prominent*

Starnik: HAHAHAHAHAH! Now for my get away! *tries to move, but can’t* what the hell? THE HELL! DAMNIT!

*At the base*

Wood: Ok, so we light the fuse, and we run. The bomb explodes, and the room gets painted, ok?

Bubble: You sure it will work?

Wood: Of course!

Bubble: Is that too much explosives?

Wood: There is such thing?

Bubble: Good point. *lights fuse*

Wood: Now we run *they both try, but can’t move*

Bubble: Well, son of a-


*In Heatman’s room*

Heat: *asleep*

*Back in the Hanger*

Wily: Ok, I’ll let you free, if you stop fighting, and just get in the saucer. And Shadow, just get ready to follow

Air: *grumble grumble*

Wily: *presses the switch* Hmm, I think it only worked on you 4, oh well.

Crash: Can I drive?

Flash: No, I’m flying.

Metal: But I want to!

Crash, Flash:


Crash: Ok, Cyros, you can fly. *they get in the saucer, and take off, with Shadow flying on its side*

*Over Russia*

Air: Why does he want these pictures anyway?

Metal: He said it was for surveillance…

Crash: The hell? Is Wily a stalker?

Flash: I don’t even want to consider that.

Air: I now know I’m going home and searching my room for cameras.

Metal, Crash, Flash: Same.

Air: Is that the citadel there? *points*

Crash: Yep.

Metal: How do we get them out of the base?

Flash: Hmm… we tell them that a giant monster is going to attack their base?

Metal: Give them money?

Crash: I got it. *draws up a map* this will keep them busy

*The saucer, and Shadowstrike land near the citadel*

Crash: Now, Naoshi, run this map up there, and hit the doorbell.

Metal: Ok. *runs off*

Air: Did he just-

Crash: Wait for it.

*Naoshi runs back, takes the map, and runs off again*


Air: Funny…. HAHAH

Crash: Heh.

*Naoshi runs to the door, places the map on the ground, and rings the doorbell.*

Ring: *opens door* Hello? *looks down* A map? Wait…. FREE PIZZA, COCA COLA AND CHOCOLATE?! GUYS WE’RE LEAVING

*minutes later, the Cossacks Comrade’s are leaving on their mode of transportation*

Flash: Wow…. it worked?

Crash: You thought it wouldn’t?

Air: Exactly.

Metal: *is back* Now what?

Air: Cyros, why don’t you freeze time in there?

Flash: Hmm… good idea *Uses Time Stopper on the base* Now, lets go take some pictures!

*20 minutes later*

Air: Is that everything Wily wanted?

Flash: Yep! Now let’s get out of here.

Crash: Agreed.

*Naoshi then walks into the room*

Metal: hehehehehehehe

Air: What is so funny?

Metal: I made Cossack bald!


Metal: Ok, let’s get out of here.

*Outside the Citadel*

*As the 4 warriors exit they are attacked by Bombs, Rings, Plasma, Missiles, Skulls, Acid rain, Trash, and are frozen*

Crash: The hell?!

Flash: I can’t move! You know, it is weird being on side of it.

Air: The CC must be back!

Metal: At least they don’t have metal blades! *Ring Boomerang hits him, and his arm falls off* DAMNIT!

Drill: What are you doing here?

Air: Um, we’re big fans? *is hit by a Pharaoh Shot* OW

Pharaoh: Try again.

Crash: Damnit! Wily sent us. We wouldn’t be doing this on our own.

Ring: Why are we supposed to believe that?

Flash: I have his plans in my pocket *Ring takes it out*

Drill: Hmm… I don’t know. Should we let him go?

Bright: Like I know.


*The CC huddle up*

Drill: Ok, you can go… but the map said free pizza…

Crash: I got this *hands them a credit card* Use that.

Drill: Ok… You can go.

*At the saucer*

Flash: Wow, you just gave them your credit card?

Crash: No. I gave them Wily’s.

Air: Serves him right.

Metal: Ok, so can I drive home?

Crash: Naoshi, we have a special seat for you.

Metal: YAY!

*10 minutes later*

Metal: THIS IS FUN! *on the outside of the saucer*

Air: It is going to be a long flight

*A couple of hours later*

Wily: I wonder if they are done yet?

*Saucer crashes through wall*

Wily: Is that them?

Metal: YAY WALL!

Wily: Yep. That is them

Air: *landing* Wily, Screw you, I’m going to sleep *flies off to his room*

Crash: I’m gone *leaves*

Flash: OH NO, POKEMON IS ON *runs off*

Metal: Anybody going to help me down? ...anybody?

*doorbell rings*

Wood: I GOT IT *runs to door*

Starnik: *other side of door, smashed up, wearing a dress, and make up* Darn that Gauntlet… I’ll get him yet!

Wood: Had a bad day?

Starnik: Today sucked…

Bubble: Same here.

Flash: SHUT UP *turns up TV*



The End