Wilys Warriors - Episode 1 - Introduction!

Written by Tails28

Starnik as Quick Man

Tails28 as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Johnny as Flash Man

ShadowBlade as Bubble Man

Life Virus as Metal Man

Pharon as Air Man

Koala as Wood Man

Early one morning at the now forgotten Wily's Warriors HQ, 3 figures walk amongst the dust...

Crash: I miss this place.... and I was only here for a few weeks...

Bubble: Yeah... it seems like everyone is swamped fighting bad guys, I wish we could help, but then again, the other 5 were deactivated....

Crash: Wait!! What if we found the deactivated robots and we could beco--

Flash: Look!! There's something over there!!

Crash: Who are you and why are you in our base?!

???: I could ask you the same question, why are you in my house??

Bubble: Man, I can't see a thing... Flash, would you be so kind?

Flash: Of course *A large flash brightens the room*

Crash: ....no way.... Tristan?!?!

Quick: Erm, no.... I'm not this Tristan fellow.... I am Quick Man!

Bubble: Is it possible our fellow warriors somehow.... reactivated themselves somehow??

Flash: Unlikely....

Crash: But very possible...

Quick: I know you guys somehow...

Crash: We are, or were rather, the

Quick: Wily's Warriors!! I remember!! I remember it now.... I was built by Dr. Wily *rambles on*

Bubble: It seems his memory modulator is intact....

*A rat scurries out of a corner of the room*

Quick: Gr... *tosses quick boomerang at it*

Flash: Battle skills are intact as well it would seem

Crash: Wow.... this is very odd... it's like Tristan never existed and this is the "new" Quick Man

Bubble: Are you thinking what I'm thinking??

Flash: That we try to find the other members??

Bubble: Exactly!!

Crash: But I thought you were thinking that-- aw never mind, come one guys!! We have to find our fellow warriors!!

*The 4 walk to the kitchen*

Quick Man: Heads up!!

*They all duck as a shredded can flies over their heads*

Flash: What was that?!

????: Who goes there?

Bubble: We are Wily's Warriors, we were trying to find our fellow robot's!

Metal: Then I could probably help... I am Metal Man!

Crash: But I take it you aren't John?

Metal: Who is John?

*Quick Man shrugs*

Flash: Never mind that, do you remember our purpose Metal Man?

Metal: Destroy Mega man?

Bubble: Um... the other one...

Metal: Save humanity?

Crash: Bingo!

Quick: Well, that's 5 down...

Flash: ... and 3 to go

Metal: I know there are two robots living in the basement...

Bubble: Then let's check it out!

*the 5 trudge to the basement*

Crash: Man... that water heater always scared me... it always flares up when you don't expect it!

Quick: Don't be a wuss!

Bubble: I could see if you were Wood Man why you would be afraid...

Flash: Guys.... why is the water heater moving?!

Metal: That's no water heater!

Bubble: Heat Man!! Good to see ya!!

Heat: Ah, the other warriors have come... I knew you would...

Crash: Seeing he is male, I would say it isn't Kelly...

Quick: Good observation...

Heat: Kelly...?

Flash: Don't worry about that right now.

Crash: Well, Wood and Air are the only two missing...

Wood: Not anymore!

Air: We're here!

Bubble: That made the search easy...

Wood: I found ol' Air Man here about a week ago down at the other end of the basement.

Quick: Well... there are 8 of us...

Heat: The Wily's Warriors are complete!!

Crash: Great, now let's go out and fight crime!

Quick: Let's go now!  We've been stuck in this ruined fort for too long! We will go forth and DESTROY MEGA MA-.... uh, I mean, SAVE HUMANITY!

Bubble: *smacks his forehead with his hand* This is going to take a lotta work...

Wood: Hey!  Who died and made you boss, Quick?!

Quick: Uh... *points* Hey, look over there!

Everyone: *turn heads* Huh?  *Turn back, and notice that Quick Man is gone*

Wood: Dangit!  Every time he does that!  EVERY TIME!

Crash: *Insert Epilouge Closing Quote*

The End!

Flash: What kind of ending was that?!

Crash: ^_^; I'm working on it! Give me a break!

Bubble: Well, untill we get an ending of our own, we are the Mechanical Man... er... Wily's Warriors!

*In the background*

Quick: Okay, how about this, "G'nite everybody, and don't forget to tip your waitress!"

Heat: -.- I don't think so...

The End! (We mean it this time! Honest!)