Wily's Warriors - Season 2 - The School of Warriors!
by Shadowstrike, Naoshi, Cyros and Akutare

Starnik as Quick Man

Darksage as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Cyros as Flash Man

Akutare as Bubble Man

Naoshi as Metal Man

Shadowstrike as Air Man

Iga as Wood Man

Wily: *speaking into Intercom* All Warriors to my lab, now!

Starnik: Yeah?

Wily: You got here fast.

Starnik: Um...I'm Quickman?

Wily: I know who you are! Now, where are the others?

Starnik: They are on their way. Except for Ben, he said to tell you “Screw you”, and then he went to sleep.

Wily: He did all that in a span of 2 seconds?

Starnik: No, that was hours ago, he said it in case you did something like this.

Wily: Lazy ass robot....I should change his programing to that of a nun!

Starnik: Why a nun?

Wily: I don't know. Why not a nun?

Starnik: Touche.

???: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *goes flying into the room, head first, crashing into the wall, going a few feet in*

Starnik: Well, Naoshi is here, the rest should be on their way.

Iga: *walking in* Hi Doc. *runs over to the imbedded naoshi* Oh man, new record, THREE FEET!

Shadowstrike: 3 feet? Dang, we outdid ourselves.

Darksage: I'll say. What we get last time,one and a half?

Iga: Something like that.

Wily: Are we finished?

Shadowstrike: Maybe next time we should use more explosives.

Wily: Ahem.

Iga: Nah, that may break Naoshi.

Darksage: And that matters why?

Wily: Ahem!

Cyros: Because then our master has to fix him.

Wily: AHEM!

Shadowstrike: So? Stop sucking up.

Wily: AHEM!!

Cyros: Sucking up you call it? I'm just being loyal! You all should take notes!

Wily: *on a megaphone* SHUT UP!

Naoshi: Hello!

Wily: .... *throws the megaphone at Naoshi*

Naoshi: Ow! *DEW DEW DEW*

Wily: Damnit. Who made that megaphone out of Metal Blades?

Starnik: ....Naoshi....

Wily: That does not surprise me... Why did he make it?

Aku: Art Project.

Wily: Who told him to do that?

Shadowstrike: Cyros did it.

Cyros: What? No I didn't!

Wily: Cyros, collect his pieces.

Cyros: But I didn-

Wily: I don't care.

Cyros: But that's Whiz's job!

Wily: Now it's yours.

Cyros: What will he do now?

Wily: You report to him now.

Cyros: WHAT?!

Wily: Yes, you work for him now.

Cyros: What!?!

Wily: Moving on.

Cyros: But I-

Wily: MOVING ON...Good news everyone!

Starnik: You're letting us go?

Wily: Hahahahhahaha! No.

Starnik: ... You're giving us paychecks?

Wily: No. But for that, I'm taking money from you for now on.

Naoshi: *enters the room after being repaired; ovehearing what Wily said* Awww...

Darksage: Excuse me, but... *holds up a contract*

Wily: Fine...except you, you bloody scammer. I swear every time...

Iga: Are you finally giving us that bonsai garden I kept hinting for?

Wily: ...

Shadowstrike: ...

Starnik: ...

Cyros: ...

Naoshi: What is a bonsai garden and where do I download it?

Iga: Uh, nevermind.

Cyros: Okay, for the sake of getting some plot, Wily, tell me the plan and I'll let the others know during the scene shift to when we actually do what you want us to do.

Wily: I was given control of a high school!

Starnik: Say WHAT?!

Aku: WHAT?!


Naoshi: AWESOME!

Wily: I see that got your attention. It was a radio contest. I was the 42nd caller.

Starnik: Odd number for the main prize.

Wily: It wasn't. Those were Van Halen Tickets. Sadly I lost.

Aku: And...?

Wily: Now, for one day... I will have control of the youth of america. And you will be my teachers.

Aku: So I have to deal wit' a rowdy bunch of--


Shadowstrike: Stop interrupting, Blade Brain.

Wily: Maybe not you, Metal... But the rest of you will!

Naoshi: *cries*

Shadowstrike: *groans* He's crying again, Crazy Lady.

Cyros: What do I look like, his mother?

Shadowstrike: The skirt doesn't help, you know.



Shadowstrike: Really? look down.

Cyros: What the *looks down* DAMN IT WHIZ!

Whiz: Whoop whoop whoop! *runs off*

Cyros: Get back here! *runs but trips* Damn skirt!

Shadowstrike: Hahaha!

Wily: Okay, back to the plot! You eight--

Iga: Seven

Wily: -you seven go to the school and teach those teenage punks who their new Master is!

Aku: What are we teachin' anyway?

Wily: Prepare them for my world!

(The Next Day...)

Starnik: *standing in a gym of kids* All of you! Do laps!

A student: You suck!

Starnik: Who said that?!

Students: It was Timmy!

Starnik: Come here!

Timmy: Yes Sir Mr. Robot Sir?

Starnik: You are now my personal slave. Go get me a coffee.

Timmy: *sighs* Yes sir...

Naoshi: Why are you so aggressive, Starnik? I always thought you were all about peace and love! PEACE AND LOVE MAN!

Starnik: *ignoring Naoshi* HOLD IT!

Timmy: Yes sir?

Starnik: You didn't ask how I like it.

Timmy: How do you like it sir?

Starnik: Black.

(In health ed class)

Cyros: *stares at class*

Class: *stares back*

Cyros: Well, um... *holds up a blank DVD* the "Principle" has requested that I play this to the class. Where's the DVD player?

Student: Up there, Holmes. *points next to Cyros*

Class: *laughs*

Cyros: *narrows eyes* Why you... *puts DVD in* Enjoy.

Wily: *onscreen* Children, there comes a time in every young boy or girl's life when they start asking questions about their... bodies.

Cyros: ???

Wily: Therefore, as your future lord and master, I feel it is my duty to "demonstrate" the basic workings of human physiology. *takes off tie*

Cyros: *eyes widen* Holy-*runs out of the room, slams the door shut*

Class: *from inside* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Cyros: I am so going to Hell for this.

Naoshi: Hey, what's with the screaming?

Cyros: I'll tell you when you're older.

Naoshi: Well uh, ok! Guess what!?

Cyros: Wily finally gave you the IQ of a middle schooler?

Naoshi: Nooope! Remember when I asked Wily if I could teach and he said no? Well, I'm going to a rebel and teach Advanced ph...PSYCHOS! Yeah! That was it! Advanced Psychos! I WILL BE THE BEST TEACHER THERE IS!!!! *runs in to a class room* Hey is this the advanced psychos class?

Student: No.

Shadowstrike: This is my class. Get the hell out of here.

Naoshi: Aye aye captain! *leaves*

Naoshi: *goes in to another room* Is this the Advanced Psychos?

Aku: Go away before I ram this someplace.

Naoshi: Fine! Maybe I will! *leaves*

Naoshi: *goes into another room* IS THIS ADVANCED PSYCHOS?!

Student: Don't you mean Physics?

Wily: This is my office Metalman.

Naoshi: Why is there a kid there then? IS HE IN TROUBLE?! WHAT DID HE DO?! WHAT DID HE DO?!

Wily: He stepped on my foot. I am going to expel him.

Naoshi: *whispers* Tough luck, Kid.

Naoshi: *enters another room* IS THIS ADVANCED PSYCHOS? Oh hey, 'sage!

Darksage: Naoshi... try the 3rd floor pool.

Naoshi: Okay! *goes there* IS THIS ADVANCED PSYCHOS?

(He is actually on a roof)

Naoshi: Hello? Anyone? *walks until he falls off the roof* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Cyros: *walking outside* Huh? That sounds like- *Naoshi falls on him* D'OH!

Shadowstrike: *leaning out a window* Haha!

Aku: *leaning out of a window too* I wonder who'd I feel sorry for there.

Naoshi: Hey! I think I landed on a crazy lady! I hate crazy ladies, they're always so rude! Oh...it's Cyke! Hi Cyke!

Cyros: *grabs Naoshi* I value you as a friend, almost like a brother. Yet you're an annoying little brother.

Naoshi: But I'm the first robot master Wily built. Wouldn't that make ME older?

Cyros: *shocked* I'm surprised you remember that...

Shadowstrike: *still leaning out window* And you're the annoying nerd that still lives at home at 40!

Cyros: ... *throws Naoshi at Shadow*

*Naoshi crashes into the wall*

Cyros: Damn. Too shallow. *walks off*

Naoshi: Ow, my robotic spine!


Naoshi: Oh well...GOTTA GOTO CLASS! AWAY! *zooms*

Shadowstrike: Does he know he's going off to town?

Aku: Just let him be.

Naoshi: *comes back* WRONG WAY! INTO THE SCHOOL I GO! *runs into the school*

(Minutes later or maybe even an hour)

Naoshi: Yes! I found Advanced...Physics? I thought it was Psychos! Anyways I'm here to teac-

(The bell rings)

Naoshi: Wow! I didn't know classes were this short!

Students: ...

(At Akutare's class in 2nd period)

Aku: Alright now... This is History... of Rock N' Roll!

One Student: That's old school! Most of us--

Aku: Can it! Yer gonna sit there, shut up and listen t'what I have to say! *plugs in his Guitar and Jams a chord, that echoes throughout the school* *smug* Anyone else wanna make a comment?

Student: I can't hear!

Aku: Well Good! If ya didn't make that comment I wouldn't have done that...! Remember kids. Keep on Rockin'!

(Economics class)

Darksage: First things first; class, I want you to sign in on this sheet of paper.

Boy Student: Uh, fine. *signs name*

Other Students: *do the same*

Darksage: Okay, now on this form write your pin number and social security number.

Girl Student: What? Do you think we're stupid or something!?

Darksage: *holds up attendance sheet* You are if you've bother reading the "attendance sheet." Or should I say, unbreakable and totally legal contract giving me full access to all your personal info.

Class: D'oh!

Darksage: D'oh indeed. Now, please give me your email account passwords...

Boy Student: Um...I don't have an email address.

Darksage: Are you serious?

Boy Student: Yes. My parents don't believe in the internet.


Boy Student: But I- *dragged out by a pair of Joes*

(Time for Lunch!)

Cyros: *coughs* Ugh, this milk is sour!

Shadowstrike: Hehehehe

Naoshi: So that's where my long lost milk carton went.

Aku: This stuff is nasty... They feed these human kids this? An' tryin' to kill us?

Iga: *stares at plate* I think this broccoli just winked at me.

Broccoli: Why hello there sexy.


Darksage: *eating expensive lobster meal* Looks like you found yourself a fine girl there, Iga.

Cyros: Hey Starnik... mind if I help you out with your next gym class?

Starnik: Fine. You teach the guys, I'll handle the girls.

Cyros: If by guys you mean girls and girls you mean guys, I'm cool with that.

Starnik: I mean you are teaching the guys or you can go to the preschool down the street.

Cyros: Or, I can do this. *touches Starnik*

Starnik: What the heck are you- *TIME STOPPED!*

Naoshi: Ooo, do that again!

(Suddenly a fire ball comes in and hits the Broccoli, turning it to ash)


Aku: Here... *hands Iga another one*

Iga: Get that away from me! It's... It's not the same!

Ben: You're welcome.

Cyros: ... *blinks* WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING!?

Naoshi: O.o

Ben: Your face. That is, if you don't SHUT YOUR FREAKING MOUTH THIS INSTANT!!

Aku: *remains silent for now*

Shadowstrike: Hahahhaha! Ben, is that a hair net?

Ben: 'Cuse me for a sec. *walks back into the kitchen*

Bass: What'd you want- hey, give that back!

Shadowstrike: I'm gonna run now..gotta prepare for class? *runs away*

Ben: *walks back in with a tub of icky gravy* Where'd he go?

Iga: You're too late.

Aku: He left.

Ben: What? I got this tub of icky gravy for nothing!?

Cyros: Starnik is conveniently frozen over there ya know.

Naoshi: *is poking Starnik*

Starnik: *unfreezes* -doing? Huh? Damn it Cyros, I told you I-


Starnik: *covered with icky gravy*

Ben: My work here is done. *walks away*

Starnik: ...Cyros, run my class for me while I go bathe. *runs off*

Cyros: Yes! Score one for the crazy lady!

Shadowstrike: ...*waits*

Cyros: Wait, did I just...

Shadowstrike: Yes, you did.

Cyros: Damn it!

Naoshi: HEY! When did you get back?

Shadowstrike: I was hiding around the corner, waiting for JUST this moment. People think I luck into them, but really it's alot of planning

(In the next class)

Shadowstrike: Hello and welcome to philosophy. I am your teacher, Dr. Awesome, but you can also call me master.

Student: Why?

Shadowstrike: Why not?

Student: Why?

Shadowstrike: Why not?

Student: Why?

Shadowstrike: Why not?

Student: Why?

Shadowstrike: Why not?

Student: I'm not going to listen to you, it's only social convention.

Shadowstrike: Why?

Student: Why not?

Shadowstrike: Why?

Naoshi: *walks in* IS THIS ADVANCED PSYCHOS?!

Student: Why not?

Shadowstrike: Why?

Student: Why not?


Shadowstrike: Why?

Student: Why not?


Shadowstrike: I thank you for that. The rest of the class is yours, you may do whatever the hell you want.

(In the Gym)

Various Students: *throwing dodgeballs at each other*

Cyros: Ah, there's nothing quite like having teenagers throw rubber balls at each other.

(Bell rings)

Cyros: Okay, this period's over! Everyone, get moving!

Various Students: *mumble and head toward their respective locker rooms*

Cyros: I don't know why Starnik was having a hard time with this. *grins evilly* Now to be a little naughty, stop time and-

Female Student: EKK!!!

Cyros: ! Hark! I hear the sound of peril, from... the girl's locker room!?

Female Students: *scream* HELP!

Cyros: *runs* Here I come, to save the day!!! *enters girl's locker room, stares* HOLY-

Naoshi: Hi Cyros!

Cyros: Naoshi? What are you- *takes a quick peek at the girl students* doing here?

Naoshi: Looking for Advance Psychos! Physics! Whatever. By the way, these girls look different without their shirts on.

Cyros: *throws Naoshi out of the locker room*

Naoshi: Oof! Fine! See if I bake you a cake again!

Cyros: *dusts hands off* And that's the end of that chapter.

Female Students: ...

Cyros: What?

Female Students: *scream* ACK, PERVERT!

Cyros: Aw shit.

[Meanwhile, in woodshop...]

Iga: *winces* Er, nice cut there Jenny.


Iga: Right... *sitting in the corner woozy* I... don't care.

Punk Students: *squeeze wood glue on an E-Can*

Iga: *picks up the E-Can and drinks it* Ah, much- huh? *shakes hand* What the?

Punk: Haha!

Iga: Damn punks! *fires a leaf, cutting off a guy's mohawk*

Punk Students: *gasp*

Punk 1: Dude! He wrecked Tommy's doo!

Punk 2: He can't mess with us! Come on boys!

Punk Students: *brandish various electric saws*

Iga: ... Oh my god.

Naoshi: *walks in* HEY, IS THIS ADVANCED PSY-

Iga: *runs by and throws Naoshi at the sawblades* Yoink!


Punk 1: Mulch that log!

Iga: Save me, Jebus!

Jebus: You're own your on for this one.

Iga: Ah crap, is Kenji Inafune available?

Inafune: Stay inside your own wall, please.

Iga: Sorry sir.

Inafune: I am bored of you. *flies off into the sky*


Iga: ! Didn't you explode?

Naoshi: Yeah, I think so.

(Naoshi explodes from awesomeness overload)

Iga: !

Naoshi: *respawns* Back!!

Wily: *intercom* Who the hell is exploding down there!?

Naoshi: Uh... it was those guys! *points to the punks*

Punk Students: What the-

Ben: And I killed the lunchroom.

Wily: *intercom* You students; EXPLUSION! Heatman! ...move along.


Starnik: Okay, I'm back, and looking more snazzy than ever!

Aku: How so?

Timmy: Your coffee sir.

Starnik: Thanks! *takes it* Wait, who are you again?

Naoshi: It's Jim! HIIIII JIMMM!!!

Wily *in intercom * There is a fight in the main hallway, Starnik, go break it up.

Starnik: Ugh, fine. *runs off*

[Meanwhile, in another hallway]

Janitor: Haw! *KICK!*


Starnik: *runs up* Alright, what's going on here?

Students: MORTAL KOMBAT!!!

Starnik: ...huh?

Student: *rips out another's spine*

Starnik: O_O;

Aku: This ain't lookin' pretty.


Starnik: I'm beginning to see how Wily managed to get hold of this school.

Naoshi: YAY! *runs into the crowd*

Student: GET OVER HERE! *uses Scorpion special on Naoshi*

Naoshi: *dies*

Aku: What the hell? That was...-

Cyros: Madness.

Iga: Madness?

Starnik: THIS

Starnik: IS

Starnik: S-

Ben: *punches Starnik outcold*

Starnik: *KO*

Aku: Oh for the love of...

Cyros: *sighs* Thank you. Now, to actually do what I wanted to do. *stops time and head off to the girls bathroom*

(The door is bolted closed)

Cyros: Argh, locks! My mortal weakness!

Darksage: That boy ain't right.

Aku: I'll... *drags Starnik away for now*

Iga: Hey, don't you guys have classes?

Aku: Don't you?

Shadowstrike: I let my class watch a movie. Cyke lent it to me.

Cyros: Well Wily gave me like a dozen copies. Had to get rid of them somehow.

Aku: Couldn't you just throw them away?

Cyros: Did I mention they double as ten-megaton bombs if they're thrown out?

Aku: ...sounds so like Wily.

Naoshi: Ohhh what movie?! *is somehow alive*

Darksage: *SMACK!*

Naoshi: *DEW DEW DEW!*

Darksage: How the? *looks at bombless hand* Oh.

Cyros: This is getting ridiculous.

Shadowstrike: You're ridiculous

Cyros: No, seriously. If I known life would be this ridiculous, I would have never left my home!

Iga: Home?

Cyros: Yeah, back in- oh wait, I'm not supposed to say that yet.

Bass: Hey, idiots. Wily has ordered you all to go back to teaching. Get to it or I'll force you the hard way.

Shadowstrike: Bring it fish boy.

Student: Bow chicka bow wow!

Other Student: Tucker! Shut, UP!

Bass: You've asked for it!


Treble: WOOF WOO-

Bass: *blinks* What the- *is now standing in a freeway* DAMN YOU FLASHMAN!

Treble: *puppy whines*

[Back at where the Warriors are]

Iga: Do you think Wily would be pissed at us for that?

Aku: Perhaps..

Wily: Meh, not in the mood. People to expel and all.

Cyros: Thank god for deus ex machinas!

Wily: 'Cept you. You gotta clean my bathroom when we go home.

Cyros: *sobs*


Aku: Haw! Glad it ain't me.

Wily: And just for that, you get to help him, hah! Now, get back to teaching!

Warriors: Yes sir.

Aku: Me? Dammit!

[Times passes, and finally, we arrive at the last event of the day...]

Wily: So, I trust you've mushed up the minds of today's youth well enough by now?

Shadowstrike: We really didn't need to do THAT much.

Cyros: And your "videos" did the rest.


Shadowstrike: *SMACK!*

Naoshi: *DEW DEW DEW!*

Shadowstrike: Okay, now I have to admit this joke is getting old.

Iga: *is shocked* What?! Really?

Shadowstrike: ... Nope! Hahahaha!

Naoshi: How am I even being revived without the MERAB?!

Wily: I dunno... plothole?

Naoshi: Also, where is Advanced Psychos? I found it before...but then I lost it.

Aku: There...

Naoshi: *looks at the room* Oh! *goes the wrong way* Advanced Psychos!!!! ...Where..WHERE DID IT GO?

Aku: Oh... for the. *face palms*

Iga: *sigh* ...

Ben: *blows up Advanced Physics* And THAT'S how we create a super nova!

Naoshi: Hey Ben!

Wily: Ah, damn it, Heatman!

(Police siren)

Iga: Ben, look at what you did!

Aku: Are we in deep shit?

*the warriors goes outside of the building to see the police arriving*


Naoshi: I can't! I'm made of them!

Police: FIRE! *they shoot Naoshi to death*

Naoshi: *DEW DEW DEW*

Aku: *takes a tally* He set a record.

Police: Drop your weapons or y-

Naoshi: Hi! I live again!

Police: *shoots*

Naoshi: *DEW DEW DEW*

Cyros: Wait a minute- look! *Cyros points to the blown up students- they were actually robots!*

Iga: The students were...ROBOTS?

Starnik: What a TWEEST!

Ben: Okay you asshole *walks up to Wily* You better tell us what is going on!

Wily: Your guess is as good as mine. I mean, they can't all be robots, can they?

(All the students rip off their faces, revealing robots! Same to the Police)

Wily: Oh god damnit.

????: Oh ho ho!

(A nearby janitor rips off his clothing, revealing Mr. X!)

Mr. X: I fooled you! I fooled you all!

Cyros: What the heck!? It's Mr. X!

Starnik: JUST! As I suspected!

Shadowstrike: Uh, no you didn't.

Starnik: I did too!

Wily: WHAT!? You mean this was all a scam!?

Mr. X: Indeed! I used my vast fortune to create this fake school body and made it so you seemingly "won" it as a consolation prize!

Ben: You son of a bitch! *loads a shotgun and aims it at Mr. X's head*

Iga: Uh oh, he's snapped.

Mr. X: *sweatdrops* Uh... you don't have to guts to pull the trigger!

Wily: Pull it damn you!

(Robot students pull on Ben just as the gun goes off)

Mr. X: Well, hope you all had fun! See in the business section! *flees*

Wily: Ah! Help me! Don't let them near me!!!

Iga: Oh great!

Naoshi: Was that Santa Claus?

Shadowstrike: Yes, yes it was. And his elves have presents for you.

Naoshi: PRESENTS!? I WANT PRESENTS! *runs toward the robot hoard* *DEW DEW DEW*

Aku: Here we go again.

Iga: Should we run?

Aku: Perhaps.

Ben: No, let's kill them all! *charges an atomic fire*

Iga: Oh... RUN!

(The Warriors and Wily flee; Mr. Whiz and Bass show up)

Bass: Alright, what the hell is going on in-


(Ben erupts in nuclear fire)

Bass: ...SHIT.



[The evening, at Skull Castle]

Wily: Well, I've learned an important lesson; the children of the future can SUCK IT.

Darksage: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Starnik: Oh, SNAP!

Wily: Ack! SHUT UP! Freaking perverts.

Shadowstrike: Don't you mean Crazy Lady over there?

Cyros: Don't judge me.

Naoshi: I never got to see that movie...

Iga: Naoshi, it's best to not know what that movie was about... Don't even try watching it for the sake of your Sanity... please.

Darksage: Sanity? What Sanity?!

Naoshi: What IS sanity?

Shadowstrike: It comes from the sand, shut up.

Cyros: ...that didn't make a lick of sense.

Starnik: Riddle me this- do any of our adventures make any sense?

Aku: I hate kids anyway.

Wily: Just for that, guess who's going to watch over the new batch of Metools tonight?

Aku: Uh..

Wily: That's you, by the way.

Aku: They ain't touch' my.. *gets jumped by one*

Naoshi: Metools can be such cruel things!