Wilys Warriors - Season 2 - Super Sized
by Ben

Starnik as Quick Man

Darksage as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Cyros as Flash Man

Cinder as Bubble Man

Naoshi as Metal Man

Shadowstrike as Air Man

Iga as Wood Man

Two clucker bots patrol the Silicon Forest behind Skull Castle, passing by who is resting on a patio chair using Bubbleman as a foot rest while Metalman and Woodman are forced to fan him.

Wily: Slower you dolts! I am very sensitive to heat and cold!

Metal and Wood: *Sigh* Yes Master Wily.

Bubbleman: How did I let Crashman talk me into taking his place?

Wily: No talking slave monkey! *Kicks Bubbleman*

Bubbleman: OW! Watch the high heels!

Woodman: High heels?

Wily: They're medicinal! *Realizes he's out of lemonade*STARNIK!

Quickman: *Speeds in* Yes sir?

Wily: Refresh me you incompetent fool!

Quickman: You know with a little positive reinforcement, maybe I would have incentive to improve my performance.

Wily: JUST DO IT FOOL! *Throws the glass at Starnik*

Quickman: *Dodges* I'll get you a new glass. *Mutters* You perverted old freak... *coughs then speeds off towards the bar where Crashman is bartending*

Crashman: Another Lemonade with rum?

Quickman: Yes, 'the master' is not hammered enough to be remotely pleasant yet. How are the hamburgers going Cyros?

*Cyros is flipping a couple hamburger patties on on Ben who's doubling as a barbeque*

Heatman: *Lid closed* I am going to kill you for this indignity.

Flashman: Promises, promises... I got a nice... juicy burger done here. *Places the patty on a bun*

*There is a rustling in the bushes*

Flashman: Did you hear that?

Quickman: Hear what?

Hamburglar: *Jumps out of the bushes* Robble robble! *Steals the burger, then flees into the forest*

Heatman: *Lid flips open sending the burgers flying all over the area* Damn McDonaldland freaks! Prepare to die [censored]! *Pulls a HFG from Hammerspace and runs into the forest in hot pursuit.*

Crashman: ...aren't we going to follow him.

Quickman: ...no. Best let Ben take his anger on someone else for a change. Got that drink ready no-hands?

*Meanwhile Hamburglar is running terrified in the forest while Ben chases him*

Hamburglar: *pant* ROBBLE *pant* ROBBLE!

Heatman: You feel lucky punk?!

Hamburglar: ROBBLE ROBBLE!


(Huge Freaking Gun)

*This scene has been censored because your puny human brain can not comprehend the horrendous amounts of blood spilled in this scene*

Heatman: *Blows the smoke from the barrel of his HFG* One of you freaks down...

??: Oh my goodness he killed Hamburglar!

*Heatman turns around to see himself surrounded by the inhabitants of McDonaldland*

Ronald: You won't get away with this! *Pulls a rail gun from his McHappy Meal*

Early Bird: *Pulls out a grenade launcher* Got him in my sights Ronald!

Heatman: Is that the best you can do freaks?!

Fry Kid: Get him!

*While Ben is creating carnage the world has never seen before, Starnik rushes the lemonade and rum to the Doctor*

Quickman: Your lemonade sir.

Wily: *Snatches the glass* Where is my hamburger you clod?

Quickman: The Hamburglar snatched it and our barbeque chased after it. You sure you don't want to order out?

Wily: Vhat! You incompetent imbecles! I VANT MY HAMBURGER AND I VANT IT NOW!

*Starnik turns in disgust and whispers in Shadowstrike's ear*

Quickman: I think the heat got to the master's head, why don't you cool him down?

Airman: Sure thing. *revs up his fanblade and blows Wily away with the cyclone he wiped up.*

Wily: I VANT IT NOWWWWWWwwwwwwwww...

Bubbleman: *Gets up rubbing his back* Finally! Those heels were killing my back.

Woodman: If I had to hear that old man's rantings for one more minute.

Metalman: I'd decapitate the old crone.

Quickman: Nice thought, but remember that he's set our heads to explode if we try to assassinate him.

Airman: What a rip. I miss the days when we had to fight Rock. Getting killed beats being his servant.

*Suddenly the severed head of Ronald McDonald lands at their feet*

Warriors: 0_0

Woodman: Holy ****!

*With a rustling in the underbrush Ben emerges from the forest, drenched in blood (that is thick as ketchup) and dragging the carcass of the Early Bird.*

Heatman: I got dinner! Damn freaks were annoying and bled ketchup too.

Airman: They bled ketchup...?

Woodman: Did you kill everyone in McDonaldland?

Heatman: Lesse, I killed Ronald, the Early Bird, Chief Big Mac, Mayor MeCheese, the Fry Kids?

Quickman: Did you kill Grimace?

Heatman: That pansy ran away as I was tearing the Fry Kids apart. Why do you ask Speed Freak?

Quickman: Oh I just heard nothing can hurt the Grimace, anyhoo... I think this barbeque is over. Better pack up and pray he doesn't disassemble us for this.


*A week later at the abandoned geothermal power plant, that used to be Heatman's lair during the second uprising*

Mr. X: *In an airtight anti-contamination suit* So where did you find it?

Lab Tech 1: It was found on the outskirts of the Silicon Forest, rambling something about his friends being killed by a lighter.

Mr. X: Ah, the ever so homocidal Heatman. Did you administer the serum yet?

Lab Tech 1: Not yet, most of the scientists and technicians are questioning the morality of...

Mr. X: I pay them to follow my orders, not their consciences! I didn't send a team to Tokyo to recover Godzilla's cell samples*, only to have those months of research wasted. You will administer the serum now.

(*After the events of "Oh No, There Goes Tokyo")

*The two walk out the door to the old parking lot, where Grimace restrained by two other technicians*

Grimace: Lighter killed my friends... tore the Fry Kids up with his hands...

Mr. X: I've heard rumors that this creature was indestructable. I wonder how that ability will multiplied when Godzilla's genetic structure merges with his. Inject the serum.

Lab Tech 2: Yes sir. *Grabs the injecter and injects Grimace with the serum*

Grimace: Ow! What did you do that for?! *Stomach starts gurgling* I don't feel so good... *Starts inflating to gastronomical proportions*

Lab Tech 1: Good lord, he never thought it would work this fast he's... Watch out!

*Suddenly Grimace's skin ruptures and a gooey, darker purple, semi-solid substance bursts out comsuming Lab Tech 2*

Lab Tech 3: Run! *Gets consumed by Grimace's new second skin as Mr. X and Lab Tech #1 flee from it*

*Two pairs of arms erupt from the mass as it rises into a scaly, 500-foot tall cone shape. Two blood-red eyes form and glare across the city towards Skull Castle in the distance.*

Grimace: *Roars like Godzilla* Destroy... zippppp-ohhhhhh. *Stomps towards Skull Castle in the distance causing the ground to shake with every step*

Mr. X: *Watches Grimace stagger off towards Megalopolis* Yes... YES! Go get the vengence I seek!

Lab Tech 1: But Skull Castle's on the other side of Megalopolis! He'll destroy the entire city!

Mr. X: None of that matters, Dr. Wily took usupred my identity and ruined my reputation! He shall PAY!

*Meanwhile at B.A.'s Dairy at the outskirts on Megalopolis*

Worker 1: Hey Bill!

Worker 2: Hey Ted!

Ted: How are things going with the wife?

Bill: Excellent, ever since I've started taking via...


Ted: Dude! What's the...?

Grimace: RARRRRR! *His shadow blankets itself over the entire dair*


Ted: What is that thing?

Bill: It's a giant... four-armed... Grimace!

Grimace: RARRRRR! *Seemingly reaches for Bill and Ted*

Bill and Ted: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Run away while Grimace picks up one of the milk trucks they were next to*

Grimace: RARRRRR?

*The behemoth rips off the top of the tank, then chugs the milk down*

Grimace: BELCH! *Tosses the trailer and reaches for another*

*As for where that trailer was thrown... meanwhile near one of Megalopolis' poshist shops*

Paris Hilton: Aren't these high heel so... me Clay?

Clay Aiken: They're fabbbulous Paris, I think I will buy a pair myself.

Paris: ...but you're a guy.

Clay: ... ... ... Yes, nevermind.

*Tinkerbell starts yapping*

Paris: What is it Tinkerbell? Did mean Mr. Aiken scare you my cutie-patootie...?

Clay: I am right here you know. *Hears the whistling of the incoming trailer and looks up* Oh my...

*Paris looks up and the two scream before geting crushed to bone bust from the projectile's girth*

*Meanwhile in one of Skull Castle's North Tower in Heatman's workshop, the psychotic zippo shows off his latest invention, a temporal displacer, constructed out of an laptop.*

Quickman: So let me get this stright you've built a time machine... out of an old G4?

Heatman: It's "Temporal Displacer" microbrain and yes I did. The titanium casing shields the flux dispersal and...

Flashman: *Pushes Starnik out of the way and opens Safari* Blah, blah, blah! Can it download hentai?

Heatman: Grrrr... yes, when it hits 88 gigabytes per second you'll see some serious sh...

Wily: *On the intercom* Attention all robot masters and wily bots report to the control room, NOW!

Flashman: Awww, but I wanted to see some hot Pokemon yuri...

*Ben and Starnik pry Cyros from the laptop/time machine*

Quickman: You heard the boss man! LET'S GO!

*And so Ben and Starnik dragging a screaming Cyros through the corridors of Skull Castle and because of that, the three are the last to make it into the control room.*

Wily: Vee vaited half an hour, vhat kept you fools?

Heatman: Don't... ask... old man.

Flashman: *Sniff* I want my hentai...

Metalman: What's so important that I had to be dragged out of kicking 'Strike's butt at SSBB?

Airman: You wish I was kicking your...

Wily: Silence! I have an urgent mission for you dolts. *Presses a button on his console when shows the footage of Grimace's rampage through Megalopolis*

Woodman: Oh lordy...

Bubbleman: A giant four-armed Grimace?

Quickman: Okay I'll bite, what happened to the poor lug?

Wily: Interesting you should ask Star-nick, with rampage started at the old Geothermal Power Plant which is now a genetics lab own by X Enterprises.

Crashman: Mr. X? I thought he was only an alias you used during that tournament.

Wily: Vell, if you must know. Mr. X vas a total recluse who had never made a public appearence in vell over twenty years so with some creative hacking and a brilliant disguise...

Quickman: Brilliant?! Ha! You only used a cape and a fake beard.

Heatman: It's a miracle Rock didn't put two and two together you old fraud!

Wily: *Vein pops on his forehead* SILENCE! Anyvay, Mr. X has sworn revenge on me and grafted Godzilla cell samples (retrieved after that Tokyo mission you managed to blunder) to Grimace's to transform him into a monster and destroy me.

Airman: Hm, that's scary and all but I thought Grimace was a harmless idiot...

Woodman: ...and why would he go after you?

Wily: Oh he's not coming after me, isn't he... Heatman?

Heatman: What?

Quickman: Don't you remember who you killed last week?!

Heatman: I killed a lot of people last week. Like Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, John Travolta, Michael Moore, the Houston Astros... oh crap... the people of McDonaldland.

Wily: Indeed, and now you and the Varriors vill have clean up your mess.

Quickman: If you don't remember... "Doc". NOTHING HURTS THE GRIMACE!

Wily: If you succeed, I vill give you every Law & Order DVD set in existence.

Crashman: Yeah, but... what's in it for us? *Gets smacked upside the head by Starnik* OW!

Quickman: Lets... GO!

*And so, Grimace rampages through half of Megalopolis leaving a massive trail of demolished building behind him*

Grimace: Rrrrrrrr! Crush... Zippo! *Smashes a skyscraper with his two right limbs*

*The Warriors teleport in*

Airman: How are we supposed to get it's attention?

Quickman: Best way we know how, Ben! 'Sage! Fire your weapons at it!

Crashman: Have you ever seen a Godzilla movie?

Heatman: He won't feel a (censored) thing!

Quickman: ...and you two have any better ideas?

Heatman: Well I do have one... *steps towards forward* Hey you big, purple tub of lard!

*Grimace ignores Ben*

Heatman: Yeah you Tubby! I'm the guy that killed you McDonaldland friends!

Grimace: Rarrr?

Heatman: There's one other thing! I (censored) your mother...!

Warriors: 0_0

Flashman: Good lord Ben! Are you really trying to piss him off?

Metalman: I think that was the idea...

Grimace: *Glares at Ben* RARRRRRRRRR!

Quickman: Everybody run!

*So the Warriors start running running from Grimace who's gaining on them*

Bubbleman: *Waddling awkardly while trying to run* Help!

*Starnik runs back to grab Cinder and accelerates as Grimace's massive foot comes crashing down*

Quickman: *Catches up to Ben with Cinder in tow* Well you got his attention Ben! What's your plan genius?

Heatman: Plan? PLAN? You said to only get his attention!

Quickman: You're planning the death of every single of us! Don't tell me you don't have one!

Bubbleman: He is...? o_o

Heatman: We can't stop a 500-foot monster but... we can send it elsewhere like the Phantom Zone!

Flashman: Or back in time!

Quickman and Heatman: ...

Heatman: That'll work, I'll get my Temporal Displacer if you can keep him busy.

Crashman: Yeah, give us the all the dirty work why don't ya?

*Ben teleports back Skull Castle while the rest try to keep Grimace occupied*

*Iga and Naoshi try to cut him with their weapon but they seem to be bouncing off his skin*

Woodman: It's no good! He's...

Grimace: Rarrrrrr! *Stomps his foot near the two*

*The shockwave knocks the two backwards*

Metalman: *Hits a lamp post* Oof!

Quickman: Maybe if I try a Quick Boomerang "Special" at close range maybe I that'll pirece his hide...

*Starnik then eyes a chunk of skyway at points up towards Grimace like a ramp. Running towards it at Mach 1, he capaults himself into the air and fires a spread of Boomerangs fired at greater speed than before.*

*The boomerangs manage cut into Grimace's gut but the his layers of fact absorb the attack and ricochet the boomerangs at greater speed*

Flashman: *Sees one coming in at Mach 2* Oh nnnnnnnn... *Gets it lodged into his cerebral circuits*

Quickman: *lands* ...Oops... sorry Cyros... you alright?

Flashman: 1'M 4 L1TTL3 T34P0T $H0RT 4ND...

Quickman: My bad... His layers of fat make him immune to conventional attack... *looks up* ...Wait! Hey 'Sage! Can your bombs reach his eye lids?

Crashman: Probably but I don't see...

Quickman: Just do it!

Crashman: Alright! Alright! *Aims his arms towards Grimace's eyes* Fire in the hole... *Fires them*

*The Crash Bombs bare reach their target and attach themselves to back of Grimace's eyelids.*


Grimace: RARRRRRRRRR! *Staggers around blindly*

Heatman: *Teleports back in with his 'iTimeMachine'* Back!

Bubbleman: Took you you long enough.

Airman: You should've seen 'Sage blind Grimace! It was amazing!

Quickman: It was my idea!

Grimace: RARRRRRRRRR! *Stomps blindly onto a cluster of buildings*

Metalman: Oh my god! Giant Grimmace crushed the youth center!

Airman: The children! Why isn't anyone thinking of the children?!

Heatman: Screw the children! He just stomped on the liquor store!

Iceman: Screw the children and the beer! He stepped on my favorite ice cream shop!

*The warriors all glare at Iceman*

Iceman: Sorry, wrong team? *nervous chuckle*

Quickman: *Pushes Gary out of the scene* Go back to your own series *punt*

Iceman: *in the background* I didn't do ittttt!! *blip*

Heatman: ...whatever. *Flips open the Temporal Displacer*

Displacer: Select time era then press 'Ok'.

Heatman: Got any bright ideas 'when' to send him?

Woodman: The Wild West?

Airman: The Mesazoic?

Heatman: Good ideas, except we don't want to cause a paradox you morons!

Flashman: b4CK 2 TeH FU^ur!

Warriors: ...

Bubbleman: Is it me or as he gotten smarter with that boomerang in the head?

Quickman: Sounds good to me, let future generations handle it...

Heatman: Sounds like a plan... *Types in the temporal coordinates* ...Now if he'd only stay still for a second.

*Giant Grimmace continues to blindly stomp on everything*

Quickman: ...and how are we supposed to do that?!

*Suddenly the A-Team theme song plays*

*The warriors turn around to a familiar van drive towards them in the distance*

Warriors: Mr. T?!

Mr. T: Murdock! Turn off that music you crazy foo'.

Murdock: Aw, you're no fun isn't he Mr. Eleven. *Talking to an old Slurpee cup*

Mr. T: First that fool drinks all the milk and now he destroys the youth center! That sucka's gonna pay!

*The van comes to a screeching halt next to the Warriors, as he exits the vehicle his gold chains glimmer in the mid-afternoon sun causing most of the Warriors to swoon*

Heatman: He's just one of those filthy mammals, what makes this mohawked freak any different...? *Gets a superfast backhand upside the head* OW!

Quickman: Don't speak ill of Mr. T!

Metalman: Yeah! He's hella tough!

Mr. T: Stay back kids! *Leaps into the air like Superman* Take this ya purple foo'! *Punches Grimace between the eyes*


Grimace: *Wobbles around dazed*

Heatman: What the f...?

Quickman: *Slaps Ben again* Watch your mouth!

*Mr. T lands at Grimace's foot and grabs it. In spite of the physical impossibility, the gold-chained wonder lifts Grimace over his head and tosses the Purple Giant aside.*

Grimace: RARRRRR? *Lands on his back and due to his unfortunate body shape, Grimace finds himself unable to get back up.*

Heatman: Un-Freakin'-believable! Giant Grimace had to weigh about a half-million tons! How can one human lift a weight like that?!

Airman: Easy, he's Mr. T!

Crashman: ...and Mr. T can throw hella far!

Heatman: You're morons! ALL OF YOU! *Grumbles as he clicks 'OK' on the temporal displacer and points it in Grimace's direction* Now get back!

TD: Now downloading at ten gigabytes per second... fifteen... twenty... thirty...

*The Warriors huddle behind the screen, as the download time reaches 88 Gb/s the screen starts glowing with eerie temporal energies*

TD: Eighty-Five, Eighty-Six, Eighty-Seven...

*In a blinding flash, both the Temporal Displacer and Grimace disappear...*

Quickman: Good riddance... so where did you send him anyway?

Heatman: One hundred years into the future, give or take a decade.

Mr. T: Well that's not important. What is important that you kids stay in school and drink your milk.

Warriors: Yes sir Mr. T!

Heatman: *Growls* Idiots.

*Meanwhile in the Amazon Rainforest, one hundred-seventeen years hence...During the Fourth Reploid Rebellion*

Zero: We can do this the easy way Spider, or we can do it the hard way. Doesn't matter to me. *Withdraws Z-Saber*

Web Spider: You know as well as I do that I won't surrender the remenant of my unit or this weapon to you.

Zero: Very well friend, we shall finish this the 21st-century way.

*Before the two combatants can engage each other, a loud crash overpowers their auditory sensors and a brilliant flash stop them in their tracks*

Grimace: RARRRRRRRR! *Crushes the weapon under his foot, before lurching off into the jungle*

Zero: ...

Web Spider: ...Okay. I surrender.

*20XX - Silicon Forest, a few days after Grimace's rampage, everything returns to normal for our favorite robot masters*

Wily: Where's my lemonade and MY PILLOW NEEDS FLUFFING!

Woodman: Why are you making Naoshi and me fan you?

Metalman: Especially now that you are using 'Strike as a fan.

Crashman: *Being used as a footstool this time* ...and why are you wearing fishnet stockings?


*Quickman zips in and replaces the empty glass in Wily hand with a full one and fluffs his pillow at superspeed*

Quickman: *Bitter* Anything else oh grand and brilliant creator?


Quickman: You give everyone a headache. *Zips off again towards Cyros who is using Ben as a grill again*

Flashman: *Wearing a bandage over his head injury* The burgers will be ready in a minute.

Quickman: I don't think Dr. Frank N. Furter can wait that long.

Heatman: *muffled echo* Too damn bad, I am not going to raise my external temperature for the old bag.

Quickman: *Ignores Ben* So how's the ol' noggin Cyros?

Flashman: Feel like my I.Q. shot up eighty points.

Quickman: That's funny, I recall Cinder saying that having that boomerang lodged in your brain made you smarter.

Flashman: *Death glare at Cinder* Izzat so?

Bubbleman: *Sweating coolant* Ah heh...?

*Then there's a rusting in the bushes*

Quickman: Oh great, I thought you wiped out the McDonaldland Kingdom Ben.

Heatman: I did. I leave no survivors.

*The Burger King emerges from the brush and stares blankly at the warriors*

Burger King: ...

Warriors: ...

Burger King: ... *Eyes glow as he cackles in a low, gravelly voice* HA! HA! HA! Where is your god now?

Heatman: *Flips his lid open again and pulls out a shotgun from Hammerspace* A zippo's work is never done...