Wilys Warriors - Season 2 - Oh No, There Goes Tokyo! (Part Two)

by Flash Man

Starnik as Quick Man

Darksage as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Cyros as Flash Man

Cinder as Bubble Man

Naoshi as Metal Man

Shadowstrike as Air Man

Iga as Wood Man

(The scene fades in to show a cloaked figure chuckling deeply)

???: *deep voice* Welcome back, my friends. If you did not already know, Wily's Warriors had found themselves traveling to Tokyo, Japan as part of Wily's next big scheme for world domination. Three of them went off in search of any monster they could find, while the rest are now tagging alongside a young adult male and his female companions. And yet, you may wonder where young Ash Ketchum fits into all of this? *chuckles* Well, you'll find out soon enough?

(Going back to the mainland, we find the other Warriors inside an arcade full of various games and machines. Keitaro, Naru and Mutsumi are off looking for their companions and Iga is playing with Tama-chan)

Naoshi: Ooo, pretty lights...

Darksage: I hope he doesn't decide to have a seizure right about now.

Cyros: Oh god, I can taste the irony right there!

Shadowstrike: Wait, what?

Cyros: *whispers* Remember why Wily brought us here in the first place, Shadow.

Naoshi: I think it would be ironic if everyone was made of IRON.

Darksage: Red vs. Blue references aside, where did our guides get to?

Keitaro: *to his friends* <Alright, they're over here.

(Keitaro walks up followed by Naru and Mutsumi, plus four other girls of various ages)

Shadowstrike: Whoa! He's some kind a pimp!

Keitaro: *flustered* H-hey!

(Cyros smacks Shadowstrike with his arm cannon to shut up him)

Cyros: *to Keitaro* Like I said, not too bright. And I take it these are you friends?

Keitaro: Yeah, that's right. *motions toward his female companions* You already met Naru and Mutsumi, of course. The tallest one is Mitsune, but we call her Kitsune because of her lively nature. The black haired one is Motoko; she's a kendo student and a good one at that. The youngest two in fuku are Shinobu on the right *points to a fair skinned dark blue haired girl* and Kaolla on the left. *points to a dark tanned girl with blonde hair*

(Cyros: At this time, I'd like to say that's the longest bit of dialogue I've done so far for an epilogue.)

Kaolla: *smiling* Wow, you guys look cool!

Darksage: Ah, she can speak English too I see.

Keitaro: *chuckles* Yeah, she's the resident genius at the Hinata Sô. That?s the place I manage back in Kanagawa.

Shadowstrike: Uh huh? *not listening as he stares at the beautiful woman*

Darksage: *smacks Shadow* Snap out of it! I'd expect this behavior from Cyros but not from you!

Cyros: Lies! *turns to Keitaro* Nothing but lies I tell you!

Keitaro: o_o;

Kitsune: <Sounds like our American friends are a wild bunch, eh?

Motoko: *suspiciously* <I don't know. There is something strange about them.

Shinobu: <If sempai feels he can trust them, then so do I!

Naoshi: Wait a minute! *points to a machine* Is that? a DDR machine!?

Shadowstrike: Oh god, why did he have to see that?

Kaolla: Your friend wants to play too, huh? I bet he can't beat me!

Naoshi: *eyes go wide* You dare challenge ME??? So be it!

Cyros: Oh boy, here we go...

(Kaolla and Naoshi take places at the DDR machine and look over the various songs that they can play too.)

Kaolla: Alright buddy, since you're the tourist and don't have a chance, I'll let you pick the song!

Naoshi: *slyly* I don't have a chance, huh? Mmm... I got it!

(Naoshi places a token into the machine and chooses the song "Megaman 2 Metalman StainlessSteel OC Remix")

Darksage: Ironic. He chose a remix of Metal Man's theme.

Shadowstrike: That's not irony! Check the dictionary again sometime, Sage.

Mutsumi: <Oh, I wonder who's going to win? This is so exciting!

(Naoshi and Kaolla get into their own ready stances as the computer get's ready to play the song. The Hinata Sô residents and the Warriors watch intensely, except Iga who's still playing with Tama-chan)

DDR Machine: Ready? Set? DANCE!

(All of a sudden, the two dancers get there moves on! Kaolla twists and turns expertly to the beat, yet Naoshi manages to get a steady rhythm and keeps getting high scores)

Shadowstrike: Whoa. He's actually good?

Shinobu: <He's so amazing!

Kitsune: <Looks like little Su may actually have a challenge this time.

Darksage: He's not slowing down. He's like a dancing machine!

Motoko: *thinking* <I know I've seen them before, but where? Somewhere on television maybe?

(Flashback to several weeks ago at the Hinata Sô. Motoko is flipping through channels as she searches for something intelligent to watch)

Motoko: <Ugh, such crap on television these days. Perhaps I should see what-

(A girlish scream is heard, followed the words "Baka hentai!" and then Keitaro flies by and into a nearby wall)

Naru: <Pig! *runs off to her room*

Motoko: *sighs* <Never mind then.

(Motoko proceeds to turn off the TV, till she sees the end of a certain crooked trial...)

Judge Judy: Alright then, yadda yadda yadda, I gotta get to a golf game in an hour, so I'm just going to rule in favor of the plaintiff and we'll call it a day, okay? Okay.

Dr. Wily: *jumping up* YESSSS! I win I win I don't loose I WIN!

Quick Man: Geeze, way to GO Bubble Man. Way to handle our case!

Bubble Man: ...What?

Metal Man: Yeah, it's all your fault, Shadowblade!

Bubble Man: ....WHAT?!

Dr. Wily: *ominously* Come along, my Warriors, I have many things for you to do...

(As the flashback ends, Motoko gasps and stares wide eyed at the Warriors. No one else notices, as they are concentrating on the DDR match and it's outcome)

Darksage: Go Naoshi! Go for the gold!

Shinobu: <You can do it, Kaolla!

Naoshi: *panting and looking at Kaolla* Pretty good for a little girl!

Kaolla: *panting and looking at Naoshi* You're a pretty hot dancer yourself!

Cyros: *like that guy from Little Nicky* You can do it, Naoshi!!!

(The score is now tied. The song comes to the finally part and both competitors prepare to make their final move. And then...)

Motoko: <Vile villain!

(Motoko takes out her kendo sword and leaps into the air, aiming for Naoshi. He sees her and moves out of the way as she slices into the DDR machine, disrupting the match and destroying the machine)

DDR Machine: Daisy, daisy.... *dies*

Kaolla: Hey! I was playing that!

Naoshi: *gasps* NO!!! I was so close to victory! *get's on hands and knees!* Why god, WHY!?

Keitaro: *panicked* <Motoko! What the hell are you doing!?

Motoko: <Silence, Urashima! You were foolish to let these criminals hang around with us!

Naru, Mutsumi, Kitsune, Shinobu and Kaolla: <Criminals!?

Cyros: *annoyed* Hey, I don't know what you're problem is, but-

(Just then, Cyros' arm cannon beeps and a hologram of Wily appears in front of everyone)

Wily-gram: Warriors! Bass has already begun to take out the defenses around the vault! All of you, follow the signal from this transmission now!

Darksage: ...uh-oh.

Iga: *stops playing with Tama-chan* Huh? What's going- *sees Wily-gram* Oh...

Cyros: *looks at the Hinata Sô gang with worry* ...okay, there is a perfectly good explanation for all of this-

Motoko: <Enough talk! Perish mechanical demons! *lunges at Cyros*

Cyros: Oh that's it; TIME STOPPER!!!

Darksage: Wait, Cyros, don't-

(Cyros fires his buster upward, freezing time for everyone and everything in the arcade)

Cyros: Looks like our visit has come to an end, guys. Let's- *sees his friends frozen as well* Oh come on! Do you expect me to carry you all there?

(Cyros looks around frantically to find a way to move his friends when he sees a small strange sphere in a display case at the prize counter)

Cyros: ...you've GOT to be freaking kidding me.

(A few minutes pass. In the Tokyo Grand Vault, Bass is busy destroying guard robots and turrets defend the maximum security wing of the building)

Bass: Yes, run! Run in the face of ultimate power! *blows many things up*

Wily: *laughs* Yes, run like the fools you are! Run in the face of my genius!

Bass: *stops firing* You know, wouldn't that statement make sense if you actually DID something?

Wily: It would, wouldn't it? GET BACK TO WORK!

Bass: *muttering* Douche. *continues to fire at the defenses*

Wily: *looks at this skull shaped watch* Blasted robots! I sent out the signal over five minutes ago! Where the hell are-

(A nearby wall crashes in on itself, smashing a few other guard robots. Through the hole comes a large sphere of random objects, including four of the Warriors. The ball is being rolled by Cyros)

Cyros: Sorry for the delay, but we had a little... snag.

Wily: Grr... at least you stayed out a trouble BEFORE I started the attack!

Bass: *muttering* Douche. *keeps destroying defenses*

Darksage: *unfreezes* -you dare; GAH! What the hell is this thing?!

Shadowstrike: Dear god, I'm stuck in a Katamari ball! The horror!

Iga: Letmeoffletmeoffletmeoff!!!

Wily: ...I don't even want to hear about this one.

Naoshi: *head downward in the Katamari ball* Cool, I think I see a soda machine in this thing!

Shadowstrike: Get us off this thing, Cyros!!!

Cyros: Hold on, hold on! *blasts the core of the Katamari, freeing everyone* See? No permanent damage, right?

Shadowstrike: Oh, when I'm done with you, I'll-

Wily: Quit fighting amongst yourselves! *looks around* And where the hell are the others!?

Naoshi: We separated a few hours ago, so we don't know.

Bass: *shouting* Hey Doc, the defenses are gone! We're in!

Wily: Excellent! Forget the others for now, let's come for my prize!

(Wily and his minions walk down the hallway and find Bass in front of a large opened vault. And in the middle of the vault, on a pedestal, is a DVD containing the banned Pokémon episode)

Cyros: Well, there it is... one of the deadliest cartoon episodes every created.

Shadowstrike: Big whoop.

Bass: Wait a second, this seems too easy.

Wily: Didn't your mother ever tell you not to look a gift horse in the mouth?

Bass: ...god, do you even listen to yourself anymore?

Darksage: *looks inside* Nothing in here. Maybe Bass damaged the inside defenses already.

???: Or maybe the final defense is right behind you!

Wily: What!? *turns around* What the hell!?

Shadowstrike: Oh, my, GOD!

Cyros: Now THIS is ironic!

(In the hallway that the Warriors came through stand five teenagers, but not just any teenagers; they are Ash Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, Gary Oak, Richie Trainem and May Maple of the Pokémon anime fame)

Naoshi: Oh snap, Pokémon trainers!

Bass: I think... my brain is slowly deleting itself piece by piece.

Gary: Well, that would make our job easier, wouldn't it?

Wily: Gah, you brats! Just what do you think you're doing here anyway!?

Richie: Obviously, we're here to stop you from stealing that banned episode and using it against the world.

Bass: Stop us? Heh, you must be pretty stupid to think you can stop us.

Wily: That's not the point, fin head! *points to Ash and friends* The point is how, just HOW, did you find out about my plans!?

Ash: I guess you got an enemy back in America. He called me last night and told me all about how someone was going to break in here and use that episode as a weapon. Me and my friends won't allow you to do something so perverse!

Shadowstrike: Whoa, perverse? I thought you were supposed to be a dumbass!

Misty: Sh-Shut up! *takes out a Pokéball* Why don't you put up your dukes and fight!

(Ash and the others follow her example and take out their Pokéballs as well. Wily looks on and begins to laugh at the gesture)

Wily: You really expect to defeat MY warriors with a bunch of mutant animals? Warriors, take care of these pests!

Shadowstrike: Finally, someone else's ass I can kick! *aims his cannon at the trainers*

Cyros: Whoa, let's not be to hasty! I mean, they're just kids-

Shadowstrike: Quit defending Pokémon so much! This is the one time where being evil is going to rock!

May: *to the Warriors* You can't be serious. You really changed from before, haven't you?

Wily *laughing* Yes! These are the NEW Wily's Warriors! They will not hesitate to destroy you, your families, your friends, your pets, your schools, anything! NOTHING CAN GO WRONG NOW!!!

Cyros: ...oh SHIT.

(Just then, Cinder runs around a corner waving his arms in panic)

Cinder: Run! Run if you value your lives! He's coming! He's coming and they're riding him! Run you fools, run!!!

Ash: Watch out! Pikachu, Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pika-CHU!!! *launches a lightning bolts which hits Cinder dead on, knocking him out*

Iga: Oh crap, they got Cinder!

Naoshi: Um, why was he running like a maniac waving his arms like that?

Cyros: I knew it. All hell is going to break lose.

Gary: Just what are-

(A small rumble is heard in the distance, followed by another... and another... each getting increasingly louder and more powerful)

Wily: What in the world is that?

Misty: It sounds like... footsteps?

Cyros: I knew it. I FREAKING knew it. *sits down* It's all going to hell now.

Darksage: Um, Cyros, what are you doing?

Cyros: Waiting for the carnage, that's what. *goes into sleep mode*

Wily: Hey! Don?t you fall asleep on me you stupid-


(Outside the vault building, through the streets of Tokyo walks a 100 meter tall, green and scaly monster. And on top of the monster's head shouting out at the top of their lungs are...)


Wily: *wide eyed* SWEET MONKEY NIPPLES!


Ash: Holy crap, it's, it's-

Random Japanese Person: <Run! It's Godzilla!!!

(Crowds of civilians run out of the way as Godzilla makes his way toward where Wily and everyone else is)

Starnik: Run! Run in the face of the King of the Monsters!


Godzilla: Roar! *smashes several office buildings*

Bass: *staring* ...this can't be how it ends.

Wily: That's because we're getting out of here! With that DVD!

Gary: Not so fast! *throws Pokéball* Arcanine, sick 'em!

(Gary's fiery dog Pokémon is released and runs toward Wily. Naoshi throws a dulled Metal Blade as a distraction, which Arcanine catches in his jaws)

Naoshi: Good doggy!

(Arcanine fires a flamethrower at Naoshi, sending the now super hot metal disk into Naoshi's arm)

Naoshi: *in shock* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

(Just then, Godzilla passes by the vault building and Ben looks in to see everyone)

Ben: Hey, it's the others... and... POKéMON TRAINERS?

Starnik: Easy Ben... remember your temper-

Ben: This isn't about temper, this is about TARGET PRACTICE! *launches himself as a flaming fireball*

May: *spots Ben* Misty, watch out!

Misty: I see him! *releases Gyarados* Gyarados, douse that robot with a Hydro Pump!

May: *release Squirtle* You too, Squirtle!

(Gyarados and Squirtle both release their water attacks, putting out Ben's flame and causing him to fall down in a puddle of wet)

Ben: WHAT THE &$#^!? *spots the two female Pokémon trainers* Oh, you bitches are in for it now!

Richie: Not so fast! *turns to his Pikachu Sparky* While he's wet, Sparky!

Sparky: CHU!!! *shocks the dampened Ben and sends him into a wall*

Ben: *dazed* Why you... little... *knocked out*

Starnik: *from Godzilla's head* Holy crap! They actually took out Ben!

Wily: Starnik! Get down there and get that DVD!

Starnik: Huh? Oh yeah, the whole speed thing.

(Starnik races down Godzilla's back as the giant monster walks further into Tokyo. He then leaps into the building, past the Pokémon trainers and the other Warriors, then grabs the DVD in less than five seconds)

Starnik: *inspects DVD* A little slow for me, but I can't complain.

Ash: So speed's your thing, huh? Pikachu, Use Quick Attack and then Iron Tail!

Pikachu: Chu! *moves very fast and knocks into Starnik's leg*

Starnik: What the- *gets face full of Iron Tail* MY FACE! MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!!!

(Pikachu grabs the DVD carefully and bounds back to Ash. However, as he passes by Cyros, he exits sleep mode and grabs the DVD from the mouse Pokémon)

Cyros: A banned episode? For me? Sweet. *kicks Pikachu out of the way*

Pikachu: Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiii- *hits a wall* cha...

Ash: Pikachu! *runs to his Pokémon* Are you okay?

Wily: *laughs* Excellent work, Flash Man! You're indeed one of the more competent creations.

Cyros: Meh.

Cinder: *waking up* HE'LL KILL US ALL! GODZILLA!!!

Bass: Tell us something we don't know, scuba boy!

Richie: Enough of this! Come on guys, let's get em!

Gary, Misty and May: Right! *release various Pokémon*

Darksage: Um, we have what we came for, so... retreat?

Shadowstrike: No way, I want to kick some ass!

Iga: But I don't wanna right now...

Darksage: Don't tell me you're missing that turtle already!

Iga: She was my friend!

Gary: We're over here, rust buckets!

Iga: I... am made... *gets all tough* Of WOOD!

(While Iga, Shadowstrike, Darksage and Naoshi do battle against the powerful Pokémon, Ash turns to Cyros and gives him a dirty look)

Ash: You... you jack ass! How could you do such a thing!?

Cyros: Simple. Your Pikachu had the DVD, Wily wants the DVD, plus I wanna see the DVD too. And besides, I was bored.

Ash: Why you...! *pulls out several Pokéballs* I'm going to smash you up!

Cyros: *surprised* Wow, I get a solo battle! *gets into a battle position* Let's do this thing.

(Ash releases his Sceptile, Donphan, Swellow and Corpish to face Cyros. Just when it seems he's outnumbered, Cyros manages to fire multiple low leveled blasts, hitting each one.)

Ash: Sceptile, Corpish, shake it off and use a Solarbeam Bubblebeam combo!

(Sceptile and Corpish recover and fire off a Solarbeam and a Bubblebeam respectively, only the latter hitting Cyros while he manages to avoid the more powerful attack)

Cyros: Now this is a battle! *leaps into the air and fires a Freeze Stopper at Corpish*

Cinder: No far, I wanna battle too! *gets in the way and is hit by a Wing Attack from Swellow* Ack!

Cyros: My fight! Not yours, MINE! *avoids a Rollout attack from Donphan*

Ash: Better keep your eyes on the action, chrome dome!

Cyros: Um, my head is yellow, Mr. Ketchum. *knocks on head* See?

Ash: This is serious! Swellow, Aerial Ace!

Cyros: Whoa! *somersaults away from the attack* Nice try, kid!

Wily: *laughing* Oh boy, this is so exciting! This brings back memories of-

(Just then, Godzilla rips off the roof of the building and stares down at everyone)


Misty: *freezes* Did... he just scream like a girl?

Bass: *embarrassed* Oh dear god... why must I deal with this stupidity?

Godzilla: ROAR!!! *charges up his atomic breath*

Starnik: Sweet Jebus, we're all gonna die!!!

Cyros: Like hell we are! *aims buster cannon* Freeze Stopper!

(Cyros fires his weapon, only for it to sputter and die)

Cyros: ...oh sweet merciful crap.

Starnik: Like I said, sweet Jebus, we're all gonna die!

(Just as is seems that Godzilla is going to kill everyone, a ball of plasma hits his neck, causing him to scream in pain)

Darksage: Whoa, where'd that come from?

Richie: Hold the phone... do you hear a sonic boom?

Bass: Great, more giant monsters!

Cyros: Not just any giant monster, though! It's-

Random Japanese Person: <Look! It is Gamera!

(Out of the sky comes the giant shell of Gamera in jet mode, which lands and stares down Godzilla. Various children cheer him on as he goes to fight the giant lizard)

Godzilla: *angrily* ROAR!!!

Gamera: *angrily* ROAR!!!

Starnik: Sweet! It's a full fledge kaiju battle!

Ben: AWESOME! This is exactly what I've always wanted to see!

Naoshi: Huh? I thought you were knocked out?

Ben: I got better.

Naoshi: Then why aren't you going after-

Ben: Kaiju battle now! Revenge later! Maybe. Battle now!

(Starnik and Ben watch the two monsters fight it out, leaving everyone else in a stupor)

Wily: ...um, perhaps it's time for use to teleport away from here.

Cyros: Wait, we could TELEPORT the whole time!?

Bass: Of course. Why have so many spy satellites if we couldn't?

Darksage: Then why didn't we use that instead of using that damn airline!?

Wily: I have flier miles to use! The deals, you simple minded fool! Think of the deals!

Pikachu: Cha? *shakes off the kick from Cyros* Pika-chuuuuu!

Iga: Uh oh, he doesn't look to happy.

Cinder: No fooling. Can we go now?

Shadowstrike: I can take him! I tell you, I can!

Wily: No! No more stupidity! *speaks into watch* Joe 343, mass teleport now!

Joe 343: *over the radio* Roger Roger.

Ash: Pikachu, Thunder NOW!!!

(Pikachu lets off a powerful Thunder attack, but a second too late as all ten enemy figures beam off back home)

Ash: Damn it! Too slow!

Misty: ...we should get out of here before this place falls apart.

May: Yeah.

(All five trainers recall there Pokémon and manage to get out of the building and away from the kaiju action. After a while, Richie turns to Ash once again)

Richie: So? did we do well?

Ash: *smiling* Yeah. All according to my "fan's" plan.

(Back at Wily Castle, Wily is dancing happily that his plan managed to go off so well)

Starnik: Man, I haven't seen him this happy since he won that court case* against us.

*See Episode 16, Season 1

Shadowstrike: Big deal. So we got ourselves a banned Pokémon episode. Is he really going to use that to take over the world?

Wily: *happily* Of course! Now I must have the DVD!

Ben: Then why are you asking US?

Wily: What do- *turns to Cyros* You didn't DROP the DVD, did you?

Cyros: What do you think I am, an idiot? *holds up the DVD* I have it right here, safe and sound.

Wily: *takes it* Yes! Not even Murphy's Law can stop my plans now!

Bass: *turning on the TV* ...um, Wily?

Wily: *still cheerful* Oh what is it, my grand creation?

Bass: I know you?re in a good mood and all, but you might want to see the TV...

Wily: ...I don't like where this is going.

Cyros: But I do! *sits on the couch*

Vic: I'm Vic Nightshade, returning to you as your only anchor this time around as Gloria recuperates in a mental institution for trying to saw off my limbs.

Starnik: *shrugs* It had to happen eventually.

Vic: In world news tonight, a recent anonymous contribution to the Global Science Center has just ended up producing a new type of nanotechnology that helps with preventing optical seizures. Not sure what that means, but it's science!

Wily: *stares at the TV, wide eyed*

Ben: Now that's an expression I'd like to see more often!

Vic: Already world leaders have been fitted with this new technology to protect them from such things like midnight raves, laser tag and of course, certain Japanese anime shows. This brings us to an attack in Tokyo by Wily's Warriors just hours ago.

Darksage: Well, at least we got on the news. Even though we're criminals.

Bass: Shh!

Vic: The famed Dr. Wily, the man who tries to take over the world and get's his ass kicked nearly every other week acted upon a robbery of the famed banned episode of the Pokémon anime which put several hundred Japanese children in the hospital years before. And during a surprise attack by Godzilla, he and his "Warriors" managed to escape with a single DVD.

Wily: *composure* Ahem, well, at least I managed to steal the damn thing?

Cyros: YOU managed to steal it-

Vic: Of course, what he failed to realize was that the DVD he was looking for wasn't anywhere near that vault, and he just picked up the banned X-rated episode of Sailor Moon instead.

Wily: *stares at TV, wide eyed and his mouth now open*

Vic: We now go live to Viridian City, Kanto to an interview with Ash Ketchum, who was present when Wily's forces attacked today.

Ash: Yeah, the informant who contacted me about Wily's plans also mentioned that his information was out of date by about a month. We still had to be there to keep up the illusion of prevent the theft of the banned episode of my show. I was worried when Godzilla showed up, though.

Vic: Of course, Gamera came out of the sky and saved you and your friends, is that correct?

Ash: Yeah, that was pretty lucky!

Vic: Well, it seems that Wily not only failed to steal the right DVD, but the episode he planned on stealing should actually return to screens once the new nanotech has been distributed worldwide and it is edited to compile with modern animation standards. In other news, a young adult male wearing glasses was seen flying past a Boeing 747 en route to San Francisco today-

Wily: ... *calmly shuts off the TV and stares straight ahead*

Bass: Uh, Doc?


(Wily runs off swearing like a maniac, leaving his robots in the dust)

Bass: Somehow, I knew this plan was going to fail.

Shadowstrike: I knew from the moment he mentioned "Pokémon" that is would fail.

Starnik: Well, I know one place that we won't be welcomed in for a while?

Iga: But... I never got to say goodbye to Tama-chan...

Shadowstrike: Grow up, you dumb log baby!

Iga: *angrily* NEVER! *fires a Leaf Shield at Shadow*

Shadowstrike: Ahh! Leaves! My horrible weakness! *runs away with Iga in tow*

Naoshi: Alright! He get's beaten up for once!

Cinder: *grumbles* I'm going to bed, don't bother me.

Darksage: But it's only six in the afternoon.

Cinder: Well, YOU didn't have to outrun Godzilla. *walks away*

Ben: What a pansy. A big, BIG pansy. *takes the DVD* So? anyone want an X-Rated Sailor Moon episode?

Cyros: Keep it away; I already touched that vile thing?

(The day ends with another one of Wily's plans ruined and the crazy doctor broken. And so, our so called "heroes" rest up for another day, and hopefully a chance that Wily will either kick the bucket or kick them out. But elsewhere, our real hero Ash is talking to a mysterious ally once again on the phone...)

Ash: Your info really helped us out today. I'm sure Heat Man would have given use trouble if I didn't manage to convince Misty to come with us.

???: *deep voice* Yes, he is a fierce one. And no one got seriously hurt, correct?

Ash: Our Pokémon got a few nasty bruises, but nothing a Poké Center can't fix.

???: *deep voice* Glad to hear. Remember, I'm on the inside of the world of villainy, and I will help you and others like you when you need it most.

Ash: Yeah, I'll remember that... but still... you still haven't told me who you are.

???: *deep voice* My true identity must stay secret for now if I am to keep my status as a mole. However, you and your allies may refer to me as...

Ash: ...yes?

???: *deep voice* ...Burnout. Goodnight, Mr. Ketchum.

(At an old payphone in Megalopolis, a cloaked figure hangs up the phone and walks away into the night. Some time later, he comes upon the outer reaches of Wily's Skull Castle)

Burnout: *deep voice* Heh, Wily. You think you can keep "your" Warriors in your grasp? Even Bass is starting to grow tried of you. It's only a matter of time before you crack. And when you do...

(Burnout tosses away his cloak and clears his throat, revealing that he is really-)

Cyros: ...I am going to laugh SO hard in your face! *walks back into Skull Castle undetected*

The End... for now.