Wilys Warriors - Episode 6 -Lighting Hiccups

by Koala

Starnik as Quick Man

Tails28 as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Johnny as Flash Man

ShadowBlade as Bubble Man

Life Virus as Metal Man

Pharon as Air Man

Koala as Wood Man

(At a biologic research center, a battle between the Wily's Warriors and Alien Wily's henchmen)

Quick: (is thrown into a power box by Alien Wily, and is electrocuted) Ack!

Heat: Take this! (Throws a fully charged atomic fireball at Dragon)

(Dragon catches on fire and flies around the room frantically, but soon his wings turn burned to dust)

Dragon: Gulp! (Falls on Gutsdozer)

Gutsdozer: Hey! Get off of me!

(Pointy throws 6 metal blades at Alien Wily. Alien Wily, however, uses his telekinesis and redirects the metal blades at Johnny, ShadowBlade, and Pointy)

Flash, Bubble and Metal: Yeowch!

Wood: (Throws a boomerang a boomerang right past Alien Wily)

Alien Wily: Ha! You missed! (Get hit from the behind) Oof!

Crash: (Fires a crash bomb at the ceiling, causing a ceiling tile falls on Alien Wily)

Air: (Fires 6 tornados surrounding Alien Wily)

Quick: (Recovers from the electrocution) *hiccup*!

(A giant bolt of electricity leaps out of Starnik's mouth and hits Alien Wily, Dragon and Gutsdozer)

Alien Wily, Dragon, and Gutsdozer: Augh!

Alien Wily: (Recovers) [insert evil corny dialogue here].

Quick: *hiccup*!

(A bolt of electricity comes out of Starnik's mouth and electrocutes Alien Wily again)

Alien Wily: Ack! Retreat!

(Alien Wily, Gutsdozer and Dragon disappear in a puff of smoke)


(Starnik and Pointy are watching TV, while Pharon is eating ice cream.)

Quick: *hiccup*!

(A bolt of electricity fires out of Starnik's mouth and electrocutes Pharon)

Air: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Wood: (Walks in and sees Pharon's blacken body) What happened?

Metal: Starnik hiccupped and electrocuted Pharon.

Quick: Sorry about that Pharon. I think I have the hiccups…

Wood: And you shoot a bolt of electricity every time you hiccup, but don't worry, this looks like a job for…

Wood and Air: The Marsupial Brothers!

Air: (Grabs a lot of sewing needles and sticks them on Starnik)

Quick: Are sure this works?

Air: It works in works in China.

Wood: I thought it works in Japan.

Quick: (starts rumbling)

Wood: Hit the Deck!

(Koala, Pharon, and Pointy hide behind the couch)

Quick: *hiccup*!

(Thousands of electric bolts fire out of the sewing needles that Pharon placed on Starnik, and the sewing needles fly all over the place. Then, the power goes out.)


Flash: Huh? (Turns on his flashlight and heads downstairs) What happened?

Wood: As you can see the power went out.

Air: And we're trying to cure Starnik's hiccups.

Flash: I have an idea. Starnik come here, I story I want to tell you. It started when. . .

(Few minutes later)

Flash: And the he open the jar of lard and a giant lard monster popped out and (changes his voice tone) ate off little timmy's head!

Quick, Metal, and Air: (Scream)

Wood: (Screams like a little girl)

Everyone: (Looks at Koala)

Wood: *embarrassed* Sorry about that.

Quick: (Hiccups and a bolt of electricity comes out of mouth)

(Power comes on)

Metal: My turn. (grabs starnik's hand runs outside)

(Outside HQ)

Metal: (sticks a hose in Starnik's mouth, and turns it on.)

(Starnik starts to inflate cartoon style)

Metal: (turns off the hose) There, good as... (Starnik starts floating upward). . . new? Uh, guys?

Wood: Now how are we going to get Starnik down?

Air: I know! (sticks a dart in his buster cannon)

Wood, Metal and Flash: No Pharon! No!

Air: (Fires the Dart)

(Starnik starts to deflate like a balloon, zooming across the sky, eventually landing in the WW's yard.)

Metal: Did the water work?

Quick: *hiccup*!

(A bolt of lightning fires from Starnik's mouth and electrocutes Pharon)

Air: Not again!

Wood: Maybe we can get Ben's help…

(and so…)

Wood: (at Ben's door) Hey Ben, can you help us?

Heat: I'm busy right now.

Quick: *Hiccup*!

(A bolt of lighting comes out of Starnik's mouth and fries the power)

Heat: (Comes out his room) What was that?

Wood: What I was asking you to help us with.

Heat: Be right back. (Goes back into his room and then comes out with a box) All you need to do is to be inside the box. If this doesn't work, then I don't know what will.

(Starnik get inside the box)

Starnik: AUUUGHHHH!!!

Wood: What was in box?

Heat: Everyone's fears.

Wood: (knocks on the box) Did it work?

(Starnik hiccups and a bolt of lighting leaps out, turning the power back on.)

Crash: (comes up the stairs) What going on?

Wood: Starnik has the lighting hiccups from our last battle. Any ideas?

Crash: Maybe Starnik can stand on his head and count 200 backwards.

Quick: (Stands on his head) eno, owt, eerht, rouf, evif, xis, neves… *hiccup*! (A bolt of lighting comes out of Starnik's mouth and electrocutes Pharon)

Air: Why me?

Wood: Don't know, but it's my turn now. (Goes into his room. A few minuets later Wood returns with a purple gem.)

Wood: Try this; it should absorb the lighting in you.

Quick: (Puts it on and the gem emits a purple flash)

Quick: Hey! I feel better already, Thanks Koala.

Wood: De nada*(*writer's note: that's Spanish for your welcome)


Air: Hey Koala.

Wood: What?

Air: What did you put on Starnik?

Wood: The Jupiter Elemental Crystal.

Air: Are you sure that was good Idea? Starnik could have destroyed the entire power supply of Earth with that much electricity…

Wood: Yeah…

Air: (sighs)

(Power goes out)

Wood: Of course I could be wrong.