Wilys Warriors - Episode 15 - You Got SERVED!
by Starnik

Starnik as Quick Man

Tails28 as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Johnny "Toasta" as Flash Man

ShadowBlade as Bubble Man

Life Virus "Pointy" as Metal Man

Pharon as Air Man

Koala as Wood Man

We join our mighty heroes relaxing in the kitchen of their mighty suburban fortress...

Bubble Man: Wait, didn't I give us a new base? A big, floaty one?

Quick Man: ...That's our summer home. 'Sides, you can't get cable with that thing... and believe me, WE NEED CABLE TV.

Heat Man: That stuff rots your brains, you know?

Quick Man: Tch! No it doesn't... whoever you are!

Crash Man: Oh great... he's forgotten who we are again... I'll go hook up the "Learn-o-matron"...

(Crash Man awkwardly picks up a large, nasty-looking electric torture device. Air Man grabs Quick Man's collar and pulls him toward a darkened room.)

Quick Man: NOOOOOOOOOO~~~! I HAVE to delete some facts to make room for all the information from VH1's quirky commentators from "I Love the 80s!"

(The door slams shut, and it's back to business as usual...)

Wood Man: You know... looking at this accounting statement... we really aren't in the best financial state. I mean, we've got bases all over the place, usually due to shoddy writing and author's forgetting where we're actually supposed to be... but we still have to make payments on all of them every month!

Metal Man: Well... why don't we sell some of them?

Bubble Man: Not our flying one! I wrote that one in!

Heat Man: Yeah, but we can't sell this suburban one... I mean, it's just too funny to have a superhero team stuck in a middle-class, white bread, and normal suburban neighborhood...

Flash Man: ...Am I the ONLY ONE who is getting weirded out by all this fourth wall destruction?

Murray: *growls*

Wood Man: ...anyways, how would we sell them when we still have to make payments on them?

Metal Man: Er.... MAGIC!

(Just then, as Wood Man was preparing to finally rid the world of Metal Man's... "Unique" intellect, the DOORBELL RINGS!)

Flash Man: ...and why is the narrator sounding like he's on crack?


Metal Man: *jumping up, just dodging Wood Man's Leaf Shield attack* I'll get it!

Wood Man: ...curses... you can't evade me forever!

(Who could be at the door, but... a large, T-visored, mysterious man!)

Mystery Man: ...Uh... package delivery.

Metal Man: Well, I know for a fact that no one here actually ordered a package, and you're obviously not the UPS man and actually some sort of well-armed stranger who I've never met before... so sure! What could be the harm in accepting it?

Mystery Man: ...*to Heat Man* Is he being sarcastic?

Heat Man: Buddy, he doesn't know the meaning of the word.

Metal Man: *placing the box on the table* Boy oh boy! Whatever could it be?

Heat Man: Oh hell no. I'm leaving before you open up THAT sucker. I'll go help Pharon and Rainer torture Starnik...

Metal Man: *slicing open the package with a metal blade* TOO LATE BEN! It's already oooopeeeeen!~

Heat Man: Oh, you BAS-


Crash Man: *opening the door to the "Learning Center"* ...Did anyone just hear a loud "Whop"? ...Guys?

Air Man: Something wrong, Rainer?

Crash Man: Oh, nothing much, just, you know, everyone is missing from the kitchen.

Quick Man: *sitting bolt upright* WHAT?!

Crash Man: Did I go to fast for you? I said, I heard a loud "whop" and when I stepped outside to check what caused it, everyone was-

Air Man: GONE?! But how could this have happened?!

Crash Man: What do I look like, Nancy Drew? I don't know, let's go check it out...

(One brief search of the premises later...)

Crash Man: Find anything?

Air Man: Nope. Everyone just left, without a trace.

Crash Man: How about you, Starnik? Find anything?

Quick Man: *playing Super Smash Bros* ...hm? What? Oh yeah, yeah, all gone, such a shame. Aw dammit! I keep dying against this guy...

Crash Man: *coughing politely* Ahem... anyways, the only thing out of place I found was this package on the table... it looks like Metal Man used one of his Metal Blades to open it, and there's a strange device inside.

Quick Man: *zipping behind Crash* Huh. I don't suppose it has a return address?

(Suddenly, the same strange man walks into the Warrior's base!)

Mystery Man: Heh, sometimes they make this job too easy-What the-?! How are you still here?

Quick Man: What in the world... that's Boba Fett! In a UPS suit!

Boba Fett: I was so sure the package would've teleported everyone...

Crash Man: Ah HA! I think I know what's going on now! You sent that package, and when Pointy opened it, it triggered some sort of teleportation device! Where did it take our friends?!

Boba Fett: Why don't I show you...? *Pulls out a strange-looking gun*

Air Man: Everyone, scatter! I'll knock him back! *uses his Air Shooter to blow Boba Fett out of the doorway*

Quick Man: *dashing out of the house with Rainer in tow* Come on, man! We gotta make tracks FAST!

Crash Man: But what about our friends?! What about Air Man?!

Quick Man: We can get NEW friends! Incase you didn't notice, the galaxy's most dangerous BOUNTY HUNTER is after us!

Crash Man: But we need to figure out why!

Boba Fett: *using his jet pack to land in front of the remaining Warriors* You'll find out soon enough... *levels his gun at them*.

Quick Man: Crud, he already got Pharon, I guess... sorry Rainer, ol' buddy, you are slowing me down! *drops Rainer and dashes to the left*.

Crash Man: Starnik! You coward! Come back here-ahhh!!! *is teleported out by Boba Fett*

Boba Fett: *watching Starnik run into the distance* ...one more left...

(Later, a few miles outside the Sinister Six's base...)

Quick Man: *panting* It's no good, no good at all! I know I can't get away from him... he's the best hunter in the world... but maybe I can get some of the other teams to help...

Boba Fett: *gliding down between him and the base* Afraid that's not going to happen, robot.

Quick Man: ...d... dammit! How did you get here before me?!

Boba Fett: *raising teleportation gun* You can run, I can teleport.
(without further hesitation, he fires!)

Quick Man: *dodging* You'll have to be faster than that! *fires off his Quick Boomerangs, which knock the gun right out of Fett's hand*

Boba Fett: Augh! I forgot how fast you'd be-where?!

Quick Man: *lifting Fett off the ground, already behind him* Now, you're going to tell me everything, before I...

Boba Fett: *quickly presses a button on his armor, which sends an electric shock through Starnik's systems* Before you what...?

Quick Man: guh...dam...n... *collapses*

Boba Fett: *picking up a gun* That should slow you down... I'd say it was fun... but I'd be lying. *shoots*

Quick Man: *cringing* Nooooooooooooooo!


Heat Man: Oh, knock it off. Hey Starnik. Looks like they got you too.

Quick Man: ...yeah... where are we, anyways? A court house?

Crash Man: Seems that way... oh, and before I forget... *whaps Starnik across the head* THAT'S for ditching me!

Quick Man: OW! Darn it, that HURT!
(Suddenly, there is a flash of light, and a piece of paper materializes above the Warriors' heads.)

Wood Man: What in the world... it's a notice! Wily is suing us for our name! We've been... SERVED!

(Loooong Silence.)

Heat Man: That was a terrible joke, and now I'm going to have to set you on fire for making it. *does so*


Quick Man: *rubbing head* So... Alien Wily is suing us?

Flash man: *looking at the sheet* Nope... looks like this time its' the REAL Doctor Wily!

Wilys Warriors: DOCTOR WILY?!

Heat Man: Yeesh! Doesn't that guy have enough on his plate, with the Mechs and the Sinister Six?

Doctor Wily: Neh heh heh heh heh! Soon, my warriors, I won't have to worry about them at all... and YOU'RE going to help me!

(GASP! What trickery is this? Doctor Wily USING the law, instead of breaking it? How will the Warriors EVER get out of this situation? WILL BEN EVER END UP WITH J-LO?! Find out next epilogue, same Warriors time, same Warriors channel!)

Flash Man: *to the narrator* Seriously dude, you're freaking me out here.