Wilys Warriors - Episode 10 - Clonin' Around
by Heat Man

Starnik as Quick Man

Tails28 as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Johnny "Toasta" as Flash Man

ShadowBlade as Bubble Man

Life Virus "Pointy" as Metal Man

Pharon as Air Man

Koala as Wood Man

Narrator: Deep in the bowels of Skull Castle, the nefarious Dr. Wily works on his most evil plot against the Warriors. Come to think of it... This is his first evil plot against Wily's Warriors..

Bass: Come on Doc you know I can wipe the floor clean with those throw backs!

Wily: Silence fool! (Solders a wire) I've been meaning to make my move against the MY warriors for some time now.

Bass: What about the "other plan"?

Wily: I'll get to that later. Besides what better way to use a boring Saturday afternoon than create this? Finished.

Bass: Finished what Doc?

Wily: (Types in the activation code) This. I call him: Mr. Whiz! The Anti-Quick Man!

Bass: (Snickers)

Wily: What?

Bass: (Snicker) Nothing, what do you want me to do with this hunk of junk?

Wily: Throw him in a dumpster in the city, and hurry I set him to activate in 30 minutes.

Bass: Whatever (Picks up Whiz and walks out)

Narrator: Around half an hour later at the Wilys Warriors compounds, another lazy day has taken affect as most of the Warriors slump around in the den watching awful infomercials...

Starnik: Hey Pointy! Change the channel!

Pointy: You change the channel!

Starnik: No! You change the channel!

Toasta: Enough already! Who has the remote?!

ShadowBlade: Ben slagged it when we wouldn't go though with his Transformers DVD Marathon.

Toasta: If I had to listen to Starscream one more time I was gonna...

Starnik: Hey!

Crash: Come to think of it. Ben's been pretty quiet...

ShadowBlade: &and he never goes to the bar this early.

Koala: Well it's looks a job for...

Crash: Remember the last time you spied on Ben?


Koala: (Opens the door) Hey Ben! Whatcha doin'?

Heat: ACK! YOU AGAIN! DIE! (Throws a fire bolt at Koala)

Koala: (Bursts in flames and runs out the door screaming like a little girl)

(End Flashback)

Koala: &Pharon.

Pharon: Hey!

Toasta: Heh, Koala screams like a sissy.

Koala: Take that back!

TV: We interrupt this pointless infomercial with a news bulletin with Vic Nightshade and Gloria Sunrise.

Vic: This just in Gloria thinks I'm the hottest man alive.

Gloria: Bite me Vic.

Vic: Thank you Gloria.

Gloria: This just in from the Megalopolis Metro Police, The Wily Warrior known as Starnik is attacking the Triple Oaks Mall. We got footage from our all-to-conveniently placed camera crew.

Starnik: What?!

(Then show footage of a reverse colored Quick Man attacking people)

Pharon: Hey! That's not Starnik!

Starnik: Really what was your first clue.

Vic: This just in! That's not Starnik and Gloria is as dumb as a bag of rocks!

Gloria: Join us at six where I'll castrate Vic with a rusty pair of hedge shears.

Pointy: Now that's television!

Crash: You know what that means?

Koala: We're going shopping?

Starnik: (Sarcasm) Yeah, let's go shopping guys (End sarcasm)

Pharon: I need to get the latest issue of Nintendo Power.

Koala: I wanna buy the latest video game!

Crash: (Mutters) Morons >.> Starnik where did we pick up these guys?

Starnik: I think we were desperate to get members...

Koala: To the mini-van!

(Starnik and Crash shrug and join the others in a frenzied pace to the mini-van)

Narrator: Meanwhile at the Triple Oaks Mall; Ben's walks out of the Radio Shack with a bunch of goods for his latest invention.

Heat: With these parts I shall complete my DOOMSDAY DEVICE!

(He then notices a stampede of shoppers that trample over him and his bag of stuff crushing the parts to dust.)

Heat: (Beaten and bruised) Stupid... humans... (Notices a woman dropped her purse)

(Quickly Ben swipes the purse and counts the money in the wallet)

Heat: Ca-ching! Thank you reckless spenders of America!

???: Why aren't you running?!

Heat: Shaddup I'm counting my money.

???: Oh sorry, I'll just wait...

Heat: ... 50,100,150, 200,250... 323 dollars and 81 cents. Where were we?

???: Oh yeah I'm Mr. Wh... what in the inferno is that noise?!

(Then a mini-van crashes through the mall entrance and makes a sharp turn. Hitting the brakes a little too late the mini-van runs over Ben.)

Pointy: Oh my god you ran over Ben!

Starnik: Okay! Koala that's the last time I let you drive! >.<

Crash: Look! (Points to "???": Starnik's doppelganger)

Starnik: Okay everyone! Out... of... the... van...

(Meanwhile under the van)

Heat: (Groans) Whoever did that... is now on the top of my "To horribly mangle and kill" list

(As with the other Warriors they line up and face "???")

Starnik: Jesus dude, what's up with that color scheme?

???: It's the opposite of YOUR costume!

Starnik: ... I'm sorry, what? I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER YOUR ARMOR!

Crash: SERIOUSLY... Who are you and why are you sullying Starnik's good name?

???: I am your worst nightmare... I am Mr. Whiz! The Anti-Quick Man!

Warriors: ... (Suddenly burst out laughing)

Whiz: What?!

Toasta: Dude... your name is "Mr. Whiz"!

Whiz: What? Because I don't have a doctorate doesn't mean I'm any less threatening a villain...

Warriors: (Still laughing; now harder than ever)

Whiz: You dare mock my intelligence?! THEN DIE ALL OF YOU! (Fires an anti-Quick Boomerang at Toasta, slamming him into the van.)

Starnik: Oh no!

Crash: I'll say... poor Toasta.

Starnik: TOASTA?! My van! ;_; I only had 4 more payments to make on it.

Crash: Your concern for your teammates warms my heart... (Rolls Eyes)

(Then Crash and Bubble are taken out by Whiz)

Pointy: Oh no! He's taken out Toasta, Crash and ShadowBlade!

Koala: Let's nail him!

(The three start their attacks and Whiz dodges at super speed launching a pair of boomerangs at Pharon's fan blades, clogging them and overheating the motor resulting in a small explosion. Utilizing hyper-reflexes he then catches Pointy's blade and throws it back imbedding the blade in Pointy's chest and knocking Metal Man out of the fight. Koala however is a bit trick as his weapon isn't super-effective against the wooden giant. Thus at super speed he rubs Koala's wooden exterior, the friction then sets him on fire.)

Koala: 0_0 NOT AGAIN! (Runs around, screaming like a sissy) HELP ME!

Starnik: So Toasta was right! (Grabs the nearest fire extinguisher and sprays Koala with it) You do scream like a sissy...

Koala: (Groans) Oh... shut... the heck... up... Starnik... (Faints)

Starnik: Okay Whiz! This is personal...

Whiz: It's always personal, that's the point of evil doppelgangers... (Fires a pair of Boomerangs at Starnik)

Starnik: (Back flips and dodges the barrage) Blah, blah, blah... Is that all you villains do? Blab about yourselves? Good lord I don't know what's giving me the headache... your gabbing or your suit!

Whiz: No... one.. disses.. the suit. (Fires another barrage)

Starnik: (Leaps and flip kicks Whiz) Sorry couldn't resist.

Whiz: (Recovers and rebounds kneeing Starnik in the gut) Doesn't matter... I am going to ruin your life. Kill your friends, destroy your home, smash your Gamecube on the sidewalk, then I'll take your place among the heroes!

Starnik: (Breaks into a dash and gives Whiz a hypervelocity uppercut) Over my dead body.

Whiz: (Goes flying into a column) ARGH!

(Then the van starts to quake, shaking Toasta's unconscious body off the hood. Starnik notices.)

Starnik: Hmmm... Ben must he conscious now and boy he must be pissed. (Gets an idea) Ah ha... maybe I can use this to my advantage!

Whiz: (Recovers) That's it! No more Mr. Nice-bot! (Fires a triad of boomerangs at Starnik)

Starnik: Well I never fancied you as Mr. Congeniality myself. (Leaps over Whiz and leaps with the grace of a gymnast)

Whiz: (Keeps firing Boomerangs) WHY WON'T YOU SHUT UP AND DIE?!

Starnik: (Ducks behind a column) Said the trigger-happy lunatic... oh and give Ben my regards...

Whiz: Wha? (Looks back)

(Then the van rises and Ben, with the burning fury of a thousand supernovas holds the Warriors van over him.)

Heat: I HATE SATURDAY AFTERNOONS! RARGH! (Throws the van at Whiz)

Whiz: Cay-rap... (Gets hit by the van)

(The van (with Whiz cling on for dear life) keeps sliding leaving a trail of destruction and auto parts until it crashes into a store pinning Whiz to a wall and knocking him unconscious.)

Starnik: Phew! Now that it's over...

(The other Warriors wake over)

Pointy: (Shorting out in some areas) Oy, my aching servos!

ShadowBlade: Did anyone get the number of that hurricane?

Starnik: That's hurricane was named 'Whiz' and thanks to Ben he's no longer a problem.

Heat: All right... WHO JUST RAN ME OVER?!

Warriors (Except Ben and Koala): (Move back and paint at Koala)

Koala: (Brushing himself off) What?!

Heat: Koala... PREPARE TO DIE!

Koala: 0_0 Oh no! (Runs like the wind)

Heat: MURDER! DEATH! KILL! (Chases Koala)

Starnik: Barring our injuries; everything turned out alright didn't it?

Crash: I'm more concerned with Whiz. Who built him? And why build a double of you?

ShadowBlade: Not that I mind a good mystery but... BEN WILL BARBECUE KOALA IF WE DON'T DO SOMETHING!

Starnik: (Sigh) Alright! Let's go Warriors!

(As the Warriors run off to follow the volatile Ben, they fail to notice they're being watched by Wily and Bass who are incognito.)

Bass: I knew you should've sent me after them; looked like that bucket of bolts didn't beat the Warriors as you hoped.

Wily: Who cares, Whiz was hardly of any consequence in my plans.

Bass: Then boss what do you plan to do next?

Wily: Heh heh, this is all the beginning for soon the Warriors... SHALL ME MINE! MWHAHAHAHAHA!