Wily's Warriors - Special - Tasty Gobs of DOOM
Storyboard by Flash Man Written by Metal Man

Starnik as Quick Man

Darksage as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Cyros as Flash Man

Aku as Bubble Man

Naoshi as Metal Man

Shadowstrike as Air Man

Iga as Wood Man

Author's note: Please excuse the lack of halloween sprites and possibly the quality of the epilogue (Not that it's bad or anything). I was in a little rush with last minute writing. Enjoy anyways and Happy Halloween!

It is a wonderful night for All Hallows Eve... the moon is a mere sliver in the sky. The clouds dance across the blanket of twilight. Below, people of all ages scurry about to celebrate this spooky holiday. Some prance from door to door, dressed in amusing disguises so that they may garner delicious sweets. Others gather in large gatherings, swinging their bodies to loud music and occasionally making out in dark corners. Yet all the while, there are a few that dare to tamper with forces beyond their control...

Emo Teen: Should we really be doing this...?

Punk Teen: Dude, why not? We're a gang of misfits, tampering with forces beyond our control is right up our alley!

Nerdy Teen: *shnrk* I'm not going to be a sacrifice, am I?

Punk Teen: Of course not, why would I even think of sacrificing a good friend? (He's catching on to me.)

Nerdy Teen: L-Look! *shrnk* It's the crypt!

(The three teens have stumbled upon a decayed crypt in the woods)

Punk Teen: Badass. *opens a book*

Emo Teen: Um...that wouldn't happen to be a Necronomicon, right?

Punk Teen: No shit. Do you realize how hard that thing is to find? *holds up the book* This, my emo friend, is "How to Summon Very Bad Things, For Dummies (Volume Sixteen!)"

Emo Teen: I'm not emo! *cries*

Nerdy Teen: Yes you are. *shnrk*

Punk Teen: Shut it. *reads* Alright, let's see here...all I have to say is uh..Hey, Nerdy. How do you say this sentence right here?

Nerdy Teen: Why, it's pronounced, "Utha... ackbay... NATTATOR!"

(Suddenly, a crazy 50’s Soviet soldier runs by with a rocket launcher, aims it at the crypt and fires, blowing it sky high)

Teens: Holy crap!

Soviet Soldier: NATTATOR! AHAHAHAHAHA! *runs away*

Nerdy Teen: This reminds me of this one imported anime I've wat-

Punk Teen: Shut it. *throws the book down to the ground* This book is a load of s-

(A roar suddenly erupts from the ruins of the crypt! The rubble is pushed aside as a giant, muscular being rises from the burning inferno!)

Cyberdemon: Who dare summons me from Hell?

Teens: !!!!! *shakes in horror*

Cyberdemon: *looks at the teens* Well? Speak...


Cyberdemon: *blows the Nerdy Teen up with a rocket launcher*

Punk Teen: RUN FOR IT! *runs*

Emo Teen: *sighs* What's the point...we're all going to die someday anyways. *gets blown up with a rocket launcher aswell*

(The Cyberdemon summons a skeleton in a metal armor that is equipped with shoulder-mounted rockets launchers, known as a Revenant, after the last surviving teen in the woods)

Revenant: *shoots homing missiles at the Punk Teen*

Punk Teen: *sees the imcoming missiles* OH CRAP! OH CRAP! OH CRA-*explodes from the impact of the missiles*

Cyberdemon: Good job Revenant.

Revenant: Uh, master. What day is it?

Cyberdemon: It's 6/6/06, isn't it? How else did I got summoned?

(A cellphone from one of the Teen's remaining corpse rings. Curiously, the Revenant picks it up.)

Revenant: Master, what is this?

Cyberdemon: *snatches the phone from him and looks at the date displayed on the phone, being October 31st 2009* ...

Revenant: Master?

Cyberdemon: ...

Teen Over Phone: Like, hello?! Anyone there?

Cyberdemon: *demonic roars very loudly and crushes the phone into peices with his bare hands* WE'VE MISSED 6/6/06 3 YEARS AGO!

Revenant: What?! What are gonna do now?

Cyberdemon: I shall bring an apocalyptic rampage upon this mortal world!

(The cyberdemon then summons various monsters and they all head to a city to bring destruction.)

Narrator: *yawn* Enough of this 666 bogus crap. Let's all see how the Warriors are doing. So meanwhile at Wily's Castle...

Cyros: Woot! This is the best halloween party ever!

Darksage: Not with you around, honestly.

Shadowstrike: And what the hell are you suppose to be, Cyke?

Cyros: Captain Falcon! SHOW ME YOUR MOVES!

Shadowstrike: Gladly. *grabs Cyros by the arm and throws him to a wall*

Cyros: Oof! What did I do...

Shadowstrike: Disgracing Falcon's name. You're not cool enough to be Captain Falcon.

Cyros: *gets up* We'll see about that. I'm definitely gonna win that costume party contest they're holding at the city tonight!

Darksage: Yeah and Naoshi has a better chance at winning the contest than you do.

Cyros: And what the hell is Naoshi suppose to be?

Shadowstrike: *sighs*...a pet rock.

Cyros: ...Are you kidding me?

Darksage: Really? I'm seriously considering taking back what I've just said...

Naoshi: Huh? Did someone mentioned me?

Shadowstrike: In speaking of the devil...

Darksage: What.the.fuck.are.you.wearing?

Naoshi: *is wearing a rock in shape of a swimming tube around him* What? It's my pet rock costume!

Shadowstrike: That is the worst pet rock costume I've ever seen. Get the hell out of here!


Darksage: Good riddence!

(Elsewhere in the party)

Iga: *holding a clipboard* Candy corn? Check. *writes a check on the checklist* Pumpkin pie? Check. *writes another check* A bowl of punch? ... *looks around the table* ...Not check. Sigh. I knew I forgot something! But I have to get my costume ready.

Naoshi: *walking by* -and they'll make the winner of that contest! Not Cyr-

Iga: *ahem* Naoshi?

Naoshi: *stops* Hi Iga!

Iga: Can you do me a favor and get the bowl of punch from the kitchen?

Naoshi: Uh, okay! *runs off*

Whiz: *coming back with various party stuff* Er...You shouldn't gave Naoshi, of all people, an errand.

Iga: Nah, he'll be alright and come back with the punch. The kitchen is right behind us!

Whiz: If you say so.

(At Wily's lab)

Naoshi: Man, this place looks really different for a kitchen...

(Naoshi looks around the lab and spots a vial on a table containing red liquid)

Naoshi: Oohhh...Found the punch... I think! *takes it*

(At the hallways)

Whiz: He can't be too far from this place...I hope he hasn't found Wily's lab by himself again. *walks to the lab's door and takes a peak through the window of the door* ...!

Naoshi: Hmm...Maybe I should take a sip, I'm sort of thirsty now.

Whiz: *slams open the door* YOU IDIOT! DON'T DRINK THAT!

Naoshi: *takes a sip* Huh? That's weird I-*turns to stone; then drops the vial to the ground shattering it into peices*

Whiz: ...Wily is SO gonna kill me for this. Now what the hell am I going to do while I find the cure? Maybe I should hide him somewhere...but then people are going to think he disappeared and make a search for him. Damn it! *takes the broom and the dustpan to sweep the shards away*

Bass: *walks in* Hey, what's going on over there? *sees Naoshi* ...What the hell?

Whiz: I can explain!

Bass: Let me guess, Naoshi somehow turned himself into a stone by drinking yet ANOTHER vial, right?

Whiz: Not only that, he dropped the vial to the ground, and it's shattered all over the floor. And now I'm trying to clean up after him before Wily sees this.

Bass: Ohhh, I can't wait to tell Wily about this! He's so gonna kill Naoshi and maybe you!

Whiz: If you do, I'll swear I will tell everyone about your deepest darkest secret.

Bass: *gulp*...Fine. Whatever, I won't tell Wily.

Whiz: Good. Now promise to not to tell anyone about this, okay? Not even Iga. Now help me hide Metal Moron somewhere.

Bass: We don't even need to do that.

Whiz: Oh? Why is that?

Bass: The dumbass wanted to be a "pet rock" for Halloween. I think we can fool everyone with the statue thinking it's his costume.

(Back at the Party)

Iga: I guess Ben isn't here.

Aku: Perhaps he's too busy killing celebrities and the likes?

Darksage: No shit, Sherlock Holmes.

Starnik: Did someone called me?

Shadowstrike: *looks at Starnik's costume* A Sherlock Holmes costume again? Predictable.

Starnik: So?

Darksage: Starnik, it's the same costume from last year and the year before! Can't you wear a different costume for a change?

Cyros: But we've only known each other for a year!

Darksage: Well, my point still stands. It's the same costume from last year. Wear something else!

Starnik: Blah blah blah. You guys always bicker and bicker over trivial things.

Iga: I have to admit that is still kind of lazy, boss.

Starnik: Excuse me?

Iga: Nothing.

(Whiz and Bass returns to the party with Naoshi's statue on a wagon)

Whiz: *pulling the wagon* Hi.

Bass: Hello.

Iga: Hey. Did any of you guys get the punch?

Whiz: Uh, yeah. *places it on the table*

Iga: Huh? Why is Naoshi on a wagon?

Bass: He just wanted to ride the wagon! Isn't it fun, Naoshi?

Naoshi: ...

Bass:  ...Right, Naoshi?

Naoshi: ...


Whiz: *makes a terrible impersonation of Naoshi's voice* Yes, very fun. Wheeeee. And I got a new costume, I did not certainly turned into a stone. Nope. Not at all, folks!

Bass: *facepalm*

Starnik: Nice costume, Naoshi. It looks really as if you're really a stone!

Shadowstrike: Meh. I admit, it's better than Cyros' disgraceful costume.

Cyros: Screw you.

Whiz: Well, I have to super go. See ya! *runs off*

Bass: Yeah, you guys have fun with your party. *runs off too*

Starnik: Strange.

Cyros: That's odd.

Iga: Who cares? We have a party, guys!

Dr. Wily: *walks in* What are you guys doing?!

Iga: Aw man...

Dr. Wily: There's no party this year! You all are going to guard my fortress while I'm...uh, terrorizing little children while they're trick or treating! I don't want an intruder here causing havoc on my lab while I'm gone. You got that?

Shadowstrike: You could just condense it to just "Blah blah I'm leaving the fortress for a bit, you guys guard it because I'm a smelly old man."

Dr. Wily: And you could just condense it to "yes sir". Now everyone clean up this mess and guard my fortess while I'm gone! *leaves*

Shadowstrike: *flips off behind Wily's back* I swear. Every damn day he has to ruin our fun like it's any of his business.

Starnik: Annddd since when do we even do what he says? It's not like he'll find out we're going to continue the party anyways.

Shadowstrike: Screw it. It's almost trick or treat time anyways!

Cyros: But where do we go trick or treating at? We don't want to end up running into Wily.

Starnik: True. Any idea, guys?

(Everyone shrugs)

Naoshi: ...

Darksage: ...You know, it's been awfully quieter than usual for some reason.

Naoshi: ...

Darksage: Nah, maybe it's just me.

Naoshi: ...

Shadowstrike: ...Right. How about New Jersey?

Darksage: Why New Jersey?

Shadowstrike: You'll know when we get there.

Iga: Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

(At a town New Jersey)

Cyros: Alright! It's time for some awesome Trick or Treating! We all should split into groups. Darksage and Shadowstrike, you 2 group up. I group up with Starnik and Naoshi. And Iga and Aku you both group together too.

Naoshi: ...

Starnik: Sounds good.

Iga: Can't wait to get candy!

Shadowstrike: OkaycoolIwouldliketostayandcomplimentonCyros'ideabutsinceIdon'treallydothatsincehe'samoronI'vegottagocya. *runs*

Darksage: ...Huh? *follows*

(Scene shifts to Shadowstrike and Darksage)

Darksage: So what are we doing?

Shadowstrike: We're going to pull pranks, what else? *sees a car coming* Watch this.

(The car happens to be Turbo Man, who has transformed into a car, carrying his Drastic Measures teammates around the town for halloween)

Shadowstrike: *puts nails all over the road*

Cloud Man: *spots the nails* HIT THE BREAKS!

Turbo Man: I CANT STOP ITTT! *his tires hits the nails and they all pop* Oh, great. Just great! Whose idea was it to put the nails on the road?!

Darksage: *pops out of the bushes; dressed in a business outfit* Was that popped tires I've just heard? We can fix those tires for a fee!

Shadowstrike: *pops out of the bush too; dressed in the same outfit* Yep! All you need to do is sign this contract...

Cloud Man: Okay! *gets a pen out and goes to sign but Turbo Man stops him by slapping his hand thats holding the pen causing him to drop it*

Turbo Man: You two look familiar...or should I say *throws burning tires at them burning their outfit away* ...Aha!

Shadowstrike: Oh shit.

Spring Man: GET THEM!

Darksage: Run for it. It's 8 against 2!

(The Drastic Measures team goes after the 2 Warriors)

(Scene shifts to Iga and Aku)

Iga: *rings a doorbell on the house and the door opens*

Aku and Iga: TRICK OR TREAT!

Old Man: *picks up a shotgun* You dang kids on Halloween!

Aku: ...DUCK!

(Iga and Aku ducks as the gun fires a shot..which shoots out a rubber duck)

Old Man: How did you know...? You must be the same dang kids from last year!

Aku: But I...

Iga: Seriously? Rubber duckies?

(The rubber duck attacks Iga)


Old Man: *shoots out more attacking rubber ducks*

Aku: RUN! *runs*

Iga: *runs with Aku*

(Scene shifts to Cyros, Naoshi and Starnik)

Cyros: *looks at his Candy bucket* ... *then looks at Starnik's bucket* ...How did you get so much more candy than me and Naoshi combine-*Starnik runs away fast*


Cyros: *sighs* I just hope he saves half of those for us.

Naoshi: ...

Cyros: I can't believe people always compliment on how realistic your costume really looks. I mean, it isn't really that special. Come on, Captain Falcon is a better choice for a costume anyway!

Naoshi: ...

Cyros: What?

Naoshi: ...

(Near a house Starnik just went to)

Starnik: *rings doorbell* TRICKORTREAT! *gets candy and runs off*

3 mysterious kids: *rings the same doorbell* TRICK OR TREAT!

Person: *gives candy* Here you go, kids.

3 mysterious kids: *rips off costume revealing they're actually imps from hell*

(Scene shifts to Naoshi and Cyros again)

Naoshi: ...

Cyros: *sighs* Are you ever gonna speak? You know you don't have to pretend to be your costume you know. You don't see me acting like Captain Falcon.

(Cyros hears screaming)

Cyros: Someone is in danger! *runs to where the screaming is and sees a dead body and 3 imps* What the hell?!

Imps: *throws fireballs at Cyros*

Cyros: Oh shit. *dodges* FALCON PUNCH *punches an imp which leaves little or no impact* Er...

An Imp: *throws Cyros to a car*

Cyros: Oof! Well, see if you like this! *shoots the Imps with his buster; killing them*

Starnik: *runs back to Cyros* What the hell is going on?

Cyros: *points to the dead Imps* This happened.

Starnik: You killed little kids dressed as imps?!

Cyros: No! They ARE imps!

Starnik: I don't beleive you.

(A loud explosion is heard and rocks the town, Darksage, Shadowstrike are running from where the sound came from)

Starnik: What did you 2 do?

Darksage and Shadowstrike: Nothing!

Shadowstrike: Seriously! After we lost the Drastic Measures from chasing us...all of a damned sudden demons attacked us!

Darksage: Yeah! And we're greatly outnumbered by them too!

Cyros: See?! I've told ya but you didn't listen!

Starnik: Oh shush, I was just uh...*gets shot many times from a chaingun* AAAAAA!


(An army of Chaingun Zombies goes after the Warriors)

Chaingun Zombies: *aims their guns at the Warriors*

Starnik: ...Attack!

(Various attacks from the Warriors completely underwhelms the army; destroying them all)

Starnik: ...I thought you guys said you were greatly outnumbered? There didn't seem to be that many.

Darksage: That was just a small portion of them.

Shadowstrike: Yeah. Here's the rest of the demonic army now! *points at one side of the town*

(A huge army of various monsters appears on the horizon causing destruction in their path)

Iga and Aku: *returns from the other side of the town* Guys guys!

Iga: You won't beleive what happened! We were being chased by a crazy old man until demo-

Cyros: We know! ...Wait, did you guys just came from the other side of the town?

Aku: ...

Cyros: ...Shit! *looks at the horizon from the other side of the town showing more demons*

Starnik: Well...They don't really look so tou-*bursts into flames* AAAAAA!

Darksage: Oh what now?

Arch-vile: *sets Iga on fire*

Iga: EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WHY ME WHY ME! *runs around in circles*

Aku: *puts out the fire with bubble lead on both Iga and Starnik* You're welcome.

Arch-vile: *revives the dead imps and chaingun zombies with fire*

Starnik: How pointless! We can just easily destroy that army again.

Shadowstrike: But not with that Arch-vile around!

Arch-vile: *is about to set the Warriors on fire*

Starnik: Oh... RUN!

Cyros: Where?! We're nearly completely surrounded!

Shadowstrike: *points to a construction site nearby* Over there! *runs*

(Everyone goes to the construction site)

Cyros: *looks around to see nothing but a dead end in the area* Great idea, Fan Boy. This is certainly gonna help us survive the onslaught of demons. *rolls eyes*

Shadowstrike: Shut it. I know what I'm doing.

(Arch-vile and the army advances closer to the Warriors)

Aku: Here they come!

Starnik: Looks like we have no choice! Everyone attack with everything you got!

(The entire army minus the Arch-vile gets obliterated again)

Arch-vile: *stops and is about to revive the army again*

Shadowstrike: Good! He's distracted! Iga, pull the lever behind you!

Iga: Uh, okay. *turns around and pulls lever*

(The Arch-vile gets crushed by the falling construction platform)

Iga: Awesome! Now let's...*sees an army of floating flaming skulls appearing* ...Oh...

Naoshi: ...

Lost souls: *flies into the Warriors but ignoring Naoshi*

Cyros: Ack! They're everywhere! What are we going to do!?

Starnik: Let's get out of here!

Darksage: But we can't! *points at an army of giant floating heads blocking their way out of the construction site*

Cacodemons: *evil grin*

Aku: We're done for!

Cacodemons: *are about to spit fireballs at the Warriors but gets interrupted by an explosion* ?? *looks to the left and gets blown up by an atomic fire*

Starnik: Huh?

Lost Souls: *stops and spots Ben* ...! *gets blown up too*

Ben: No one attempts killing my friends BUT ME!

Everyone: Ben!

Iga: For once I'm glad to see you!

Ben: *sets Iga's foot on fire* Quiet.


Ben: Bring it on you demonic bastards!

(Ben takes on the giant army of demons while the Warriors watches)

Aku: Should we help him?

Starnik: Nah. I think he's good by himself.


Cyberdemon: Ah, finally. My new throne is complete. *sits on the throne*

Shotgun Zombie: *arrives* We're getting attacked by a robot!

Cyberdemon: ...What is a robot?

Shotgun Zombie: Aren't you made of robotic parts?

Cyberdemon: ...

Shotgun Zombie: ...

(The Cyberdemon blasts the zombie with a rocket)

Cyberdemon: No one dares question me! *summons more Arch-viles* Capture this so called "robot" and bring it to me!

Arch-viles: *nods in agreement and goes to the battlefield*

(Back at the battlefield)

Starnik: What's the kill count?

Cyros: Too many to catch up! Probably 2400 by now.

Iga: GO BEN!

Naoshi: ...

(Suddenly an army of Arch-viles appears reviving every demonic corpse in the battlefield)

Ben: What?!

Shadowstrike: Oh that's so cheap!

Starnik: This will just double the kill count, right?

(Ben gets overwhelmed and eventually gets exhausted from all of the killing. He then gets captured by the demons and the massive army leaves the town with him)

Iga: ...

Cyros: ...Fuck!

Starnik: Noooo!!! It was just getting to the good part! What a ripoff this movie is!

Darksage: Starnik!

Starnik: What?

Cyros: Stop bickering guys. We gotta rescue Ben!

(The Warriors agree and carefully follows the army without getting noticed and they eventually find the Cyberdemon's place.)

Cyberdemon: So this is what a robot looks like...

Demons: ...

Imp: But aren't you part rob-*gets blown up*


Revenant: But you ARE part rob-*gets blown up as well*

Cyberdemon: I SAID NO ONE QUESTIONS ME!! Now, everyone... Continue your havoc on Earth while I turn this robot thing into one of us!

Demons: *leaves*

(The Warriors are hiding behind various objects; watching what is going on)

Cyros: Look! The demons are leaving. Looks like they're going to continue their havoc. Now this is our chance to save Ben!

Iga: We have to hurry up and save Ben! Just imagine what'd happen if he becomes one of them!

Starnik: Then we have to stop the Cyberdemon now!

Turbo Man: Hey!

Shadowstrike: *turns around to see Turbo Man and Cloud Man* What the? Drastic Measures again?

Turbo Man: Just the 2 of us. The rest are fighting off the demons along with other teams. Me and Cloud Man figured we could give you guys a hand in this battle.

Starnik: Sure, why not? We've got to hurry up now though.

Cloud Man: LET'S GO!! YEAH!!!

Cyberdemon: *not noticing them and is chanting with a book to turn Ben into a demon*

Cloud Man: *interrupts the last bit of the chanting with random words*

Cyberdemon: What?!

(Nothing happens)

Cyberdemon: Pathetic fool. That did nothing! I can just kill you off and chant agai-

(The place rumbles)

Cyberdemon: What the...?

Cyros: What's going on?!

Naoshi: *is transforming*

Cyberdemon: Yes!!! It's working!

Starnik: Aw shit.

Iga: It's nice knowing you guys.

(The rumble stops as Naoshi has finally transformed into a giant hideious demonic Metal Man! ...who is completely stuck as he's still a statue!)

Starnik: ...

Cyros: I guess even when he becomes a demon he's still brainless!

Iga: Somehow, I'm starting to think that's not the case.

Cyros: Why is that?

Iga: I think he's really a statue.

Darksage: Don't make me laugh, Iga. It's Naoshi, remember?

Iga: *sighs*

Cyberdemon: No! I could only do this once! *points his rocket launcher at Cloudman* You die now!

Cloud Man: RUH ROH!

A random guy: *runs in with a Doom Marine costume* Woah! It's like there's really a Cyberdemon here! Awesome!

Cyberdemon: ...*shoots a rocket at the guy*

Random guy:  *Doom death scream*

Ben: *sees the BFG and takes it* EAT THIS!

Cyberdemon: Hahaha. A costume BFG prop? *blows him to the side with a rocket*

(The BFG falls into Cyros' hands)

Cyros: I got it!

(A Hell Knight appears and spots the fake BFG; he goes after Cyros)

Cyros: Eep! *shoots the Hell Knight with a BFG proving it is indeed real*

Hell Knight: *gets blasted into bits*

Cyberdemon: *gets pale* ...Shit. *runs*

Starnik: Everyone! Attack!

(The Warriors and 2 members of Drastic Measures attacks the Cyberdemon. The Cyberdemon eventually dies)

Cyros: *does a captain falcon pose* Falcon Vict-*gets punched in the face by Shadowstrike*

Shadowstrike: JUST because you got the BFG doesn't make you any cooler. Got that?

Cyros: Bastard...

(With the Cyberdemon gone, all of the demons retreats back to hell)

Iga: We saved the world! Yay!

Cloud Man: I guess that means everything is back to normal!

Turbo Man: Uh, not quite.

Cloud Man: Huh? *looks at the broken tires* ...Oh, right.

Darksage: It was his idea! *points at Shadowstrike then runs*

Turbo Man: *chases after both Darksage and Shadowstrike with Cloudman* YOU OWE ME NEW TIRES!

Cyros: *sighs* Things will never change, do they?

(Later that night, the Halloween costume contest mentioned earlier in the epilogue is over and now they are revealing the winners of the contest)

Announcer: 1st place goes to...Naoshi! Naoshi wins for the most realistic costume this year! *places a 1st place ribbon on Naoshi and he tumbles down and crashes to the ground breaking apart*

Naoshi: *pops out of the statue* Yay! I win! I WIN!!! Wait...what happened?

Cyros: YOU BASTARD! *chases after Naoshi*

Naoshi: Eep! *runs*

Cyros: See if you'd like a Falcon Kick!

Shadowstrike: Hehehehe.

Darksage: I guess I was right! Naoshi had a better chance winning in the contest than Cyros!