Wilys Warriors - Episode 4.5 -April Fools: Entra El Koala

by Koala

Starnik as Quick Man

Tails28 as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Johnny as Flash Man

ShadowBlade as Bubble Man

Life Virus as Metal Man

Pharon as Air Man

Koala as Wood Man

Koala: (Wakes up and sees Pharon) What's up?

Pharon: it's that time of the year!

Koala: (Knows what Pharon is talking about) and we're going to show them how it's done …

Koala and Pharon: Marsupial Bros. Style. (They Leave Koala's Room)


Gary: April Fool's! It's my favorite time of year. (Evil Laughter) (Notices that his armor is gone) Better get dressed first. (Opens his Closet and Finds…) Women's Parkas?!

(Suddenly 2 figures enter the Gary's super secret room super quickly and 1 one super glues a woman's parka on Gary and the other takes a picture of Gary in the female's parka)

Gary: What the ***?!

(Later the 2 super quickly get the S6's Fridge and do a bunch stuff to it and leave)


Starnik: Aiiieeee!!!

Johnny: (runs to Starnik's Room) What happen??

Starnik: Somebody putted Cement shoes on me!

Johnny: Can't you take them off?

Starnik: They're stuck! Duct Tape Stuck!

Johnny: I'll get the duct tape cutter. (exits Starnik's room)(Gets hit by 6 metal blade) Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!

Ben: (Sees Johnny lying on the floor) (Get hit by a fire hose)

Pointy, Tails and ShadowBlade: (walk out side their quarters (Get hit by really big Boulders)

(Out side WWHQ)

Koala: That should take of the other WW members.

Pharon: and the traps on S6 should take effect now.


Scott: I wonder if there is some leftover cheesecake. (Opens the frigde and pulls out some cheesecake)

(Cheesecake has a lit fuse on it)

(Cheesecake explodes)

*Tim's Room*

Tim: (wakes up due the expoldision) Looks like that prankster is up his tricks again! (Exits his room and heads downstairs)

(Tim steps on a landmine the two figures, who were in sence 2, placed all over the S6's staircase)

(Landmine explodes and Tim flies out of the stairs and crashes into the rug)

Tim: (heads to the kitchen)

(There are pieces of cheesecake and Scott are lying all over the place)

Scott's head: (licks a piece of cheesecake on the floor) Mmmm, cheesecakey.


Jason: (Wakes up and finds a laser point at his forehead* Ha! Nice eskimo. (Reflects the laser with his scissors)

(the laser cuts a rope and drop a boulder drops on Jason)

Jason: Ack!

* IRA's Room*

IRA: (drunk) (Wakes up) Hello Mr. WinkleBerry. (gets hit by a fire hose)


Andon: (Enters the Kitchen and sees all the pieces of cheesecake lying on the floor) Gary is up to his old tricks again my superhuman friend.

Tim: (Fully repairs Scott) Yep!

(Tim's mini TV pops up)

Announcer: It's April Fools again and a plague of pranks has hitted downtown today.

Tim: (Turns off his mini TV)

(Explosion is heard from stairs)

Tim, Andon and Scott: (head to the stairs and find Gary in a Women's Park a falling on landmines and down the stairs)

Scott: (Sees Gary in a women's parka and falls on the floor laughing)

Gary: Where are those 2 ****holes? I'll have my revenge on them.

Tim: So if wasn't you pulling those pranks, who was it then

Gary: Don't know. But I'll have my revenge on them! (Exits S6HQ)

*As for the Marsupial Bros*

Jacob: Get back! I got a gun! (Truck horn) Aaaiiiieeeee

Pharon: April Fools!

*5 minutes later*

Mr. Ravioli: Get away from my chickens you (Lawnmower starts) Noooooo!

Koala: April Fools!

*5 minutes later*

Earl: Dude, get away from us! (something breaks) Aaaiiiieeee

Pharon: April Fools!

*5 minutes later*

Chris: mmpph mmpph (get hit by a fire hose) mmmpppphh

Koala: April Fools!

*5 minutes later*

Ice Cream Man: I know nothing! I just... (Falls into cement) Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Pharon: April Fools!

*back at WWHQ*

Starnik: (Still has cement shoes on) Did you find the duct cutter yet?

Johnny: (Recovered from the Metal blade attack) Found it!

Ben: Somebody must be behind all this.

(Cell phone rings)

Ben: (Answers the cell phone) Hello? ..... Yeah. ..... What? ..... Yeah.... So Ice wasn't behind this?.... Ironic ain't it?..... Okay..... bye! (Hangs up).

Other members: Well…

Ben: It wasn't Ice.

Starnik: Then who was it?

Ben: Don't Know.

*As for Gary*

Gary: (inside an abandoned warehouse) Good! I got all the traps setted up and the Marsupial should be arriving now (Evil Laughter)

(Door opens)

Koala: so that 10,000,00 bucks are supposed to be here?

Pharon: Yep.

Koala: Lets split up and find that dough

(The Marsupial Bros. search the warehouse and dodge all of Gary's traps)

*5 hours later*

Gary: Guess I'll get them the manual way. (Walks up to Koala with a big mallet)

Koala: (turns around and tasers Gary)

Gary: Ouchies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Koala: April Fool!

Gary: hah! But it was I who got the last laugh! There was no money! It was all hoax

Pharon: Koala! I found the money!

(Gary's Jaw Drops)

(Koala and Pharon leave while Gary throws a temper tantrum)

*Outside the Warehouse*

Koala and Pharon: (Got hit by pies)

Jonathan: (Pops out of the shadows) Ha! April Fools!

Pharon: Too late! It is now April 2nd!

Jonathan: God Damnit!

Koala: There will be a time when Ice and Clown will pranks us, but until then, Cheers!