Wilys Warriors - Episode 13 - Eskimo Surprise!
by Bubble Man

Starnik as Quick Man

Tails28 as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Johnny "Toasta" as Flash Man

ShadowBlade as Bubble Man

Life Virus "Pointy" as Metal Man

Pharon as Air Man

Koala as Wood Man

This Epilouge is dedicated to Gary of the Sinister Six for everything he's done for the community. Kudos to thee prankster!

We rejoin our friend, and semi-hero, Bubble Man, who has recently gathered fellow robot masters and close friends of Gary at the meeting hall of the Wily’s Warriors’ floating isle base. It seems our scuba won the location of the meeting to be held there in a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Bubble Man: Woohoo! Full hippo belly! Read it and weep guys!

Britt: *sigh* Where is Ben when you need him to eat stuff?

Gauntlet: Bah, these holographic hippos aren’t worth my counterfeit money!

Chibi Keba: (representing Cossack’s Comrades) I knew I shouldn’t have given my hippo that chocolate laxative bar!

And so, we find everyone’s favorite, well at least he hopes, scuba, getting ready to present….is Murray getting make-up?!

Bubble Man: *in a hot tub* Yea, he’s giving it a try just to see how it turns out.

Murray: *is getting actor make-up by several make-up artists*

Uhh…well that’s a little too weird for me! Let’s go to the meeting….say what is this meeting all about anyway? Could it be a fundraiser of some kind? Maybe Girl Scout cookies?!

Starnik: *dressed like a girl scout* Bubbles, you are so dead after this epilogue! >_<

Erm….well maybe not. Say speaking of cookies, I wonder what that smell is coming from the kitchen? Why it's the Marsupial Brothers, working hard at creating a bunch of desserts! Let us see what they’re up to!

Air Man: Oook….3/4 cup of almonds….check……1 half quarter gallon centimeter liter of strawberries *frantically looks around* berries berries…….where are the FRIGGIN STRAWBERRIES?!

Wood Man: *mixing some sort of mix in a bowl* Look in the cookie jar, remember we put those fruits in there to make the team think it’s a fruit jar!

Air Man: Oh…right right…*tries to calm down* Now let’s see….I need to get a stick of butter….*picks up a stick* and then I need to put it on- WHAT IN THE NINE HELLS ARE YOU DOING KOALA?!

Wood Man: I’m just putting the peanut butter on the chocolate moose statue….

Air Man: You fool! *snatches the jar of peanut butter* You put the lime juice on it first, wait for the chocolate to soften, then you put the almonds, THEN the peanut butter! *slips on the butter he dropped and sends the jar flying, which lands on Wood Man’s head*

Wood Man: Ack! Who turned out the lights?!

Air Man: Whoa, steady there Koala. Lemme pull that….


Air Man: *tried to pull the jar off of Koala’s head but accidentally slips*

Wood Man: *is knocked onto the stove and catches on fire* AHHHH! *runs around*

Air Man: Stand still mate! *throws clear liquid on Koala*

Wood Man: *flame is extinguished* Phew….

Air Man: *sniff sniff* Wait….oh no….I know that smell! Its gaso-

Wood Man: *is engulfed with intense flames* AHHH CRIPES!!! *runs around*

Air Man: STAND STILL! No…wait…please….no…stop….anything but the moose statue!!!



Alright folks, nothing to see here. Just a running gag and an ambitious Aussie’s dreams broken…..lets go on to the meeting hall shall we?

Air Man: *sniff* Why me?!

Ahh the Wily’s Warriors meeting hall. Unlike the other team meeting halls, this one serves ketchup squirt bottles, unlike those tight wads that give measly ketchup packets. Here we find many of Gary’s closest friends and fellow Mega Man Community team members.

Britt: I’m so worry about my Icey-Kins! He’s been so down lately! *huggles her Ice Man plushie*

Gauntlet: Yea tell me about it. He hasn’t been at my base to egg it and my car in weeks…I’m worried about the little guy…

Raijin: Yea, I feel a bit bad now that I fed him to my pet snake earlier…

Plant Man: Wait a second, what is Super Chaos doing here?!

Super Chaos: Umm….hi?

Needle Gal: Ok tubby, spill it, what’re you planning?

Super Chaos: Hey, I’m not fat! Just thick gelled! *sniff sniff* I’m here because Ice Man gave me a break and hired me as their team villain! If it weren’t for him, I’d be a jobless cookie salesman…


Super Chaos: You want some damn cookies?

Girl: Actually I wanted to know where the water fountain was….

Super Chaos: Water?! Well its 25 bucks a sip here!

Girl: But…um…I…have….no…

Super Chaos: You’re broke?! *drops kicks the girl outside* Get outta here ya freeloader! Lousy kid punks! *turns around and walks into a policeman*

Officer: *pats his nightstick in his hand looking stern*

Super Chaos: Oh, Officer McGregor! Heheheh…^_^;

*end flashback*

Super Chaos: So I came here to help cheer Gary up with you all.

Stone Man (Sanityisoverated): And what’re you doing here?!

Arch Nemesis: I came here to help out too. I mean Gary did set me with a lifetime supply of Bomb Man’s homemade chili! *slurps some from a bowl and eyes widen and water* Soooo gooood!......say….what’re you doing here Stone Man? I thought your team just watched TV all the time.

Stone Man: It broke…again…

Arch Nemesis: Ahh touché! But where is the rest of your team?

Stone Man: At the local Best Buy, watching the TVs. -_-;

Ben: *sigh* Without Gary, who do I have to use my brand new, shock-a-matic 10000 volt taser?

Anton(as split mushroom): Hi guys! I’ve returned to the community!

Ben: *grabs his taser and shocks Anton*

Anton: AHHHH! *smoke starts coming from Anton*…..ouchies…*falls over*

Crash Man: I refounded the team dangit, I should be the leader!

Starnik: Yea well they voted for me to be the leader!

Crash Man: Without me, the team would’ve never come back!

Starnik: Well without me, we wouldn’t have any updates at all! Now go fetch me a milkshake! *cracks his whip*

Bubble Man: *comes out* Don’t worry Starnik, you’ll be sugar high in no time.

Crash Man: Bubs, who should be the leader, me or Starnik?

Starnik: Bah, you should know that one Bubbles….and if you don’t, you can wax my statues 24/7…..

Bubble Man: Erm…um….Starnik I guess! ^_^;

Crash Man: Phooey…and you forgot me too in your mini-voice epilogue!

Bubble Man: Sorry bout that but we have something more important here.

Murray: *comes into the room and sits next to Bubbles*

Chibi Keba: Whoa! What the?!

Ring Man: Um…Bubs…why is Murray wearing make-up?

Murray: *looks puzzled, and looks into a mirror, seeing his face white, with lipstick, and rosey cheeks, then screams and runs to the nearest bathroom*

Bubble Man: *sigh* Lousy Teamster Make-up Artists!

Teamsters: We’re just resting our fingers!

Bubble Man: Ok people, listen up. You all know that Ice has been down in the dumps. Therefore, I called you all to help me organize a surprise party for him.

Forte Chan: Oooo, good idea bro! I love surprise parties! ^-^

Bubble Man: Britt will go find and bring Ice Man here. She’s the only one that can cheer him up enough to bring him here. The Koala Brothers are busy cooking some delicious….


Wood Man: *falling from the sky on fire into the lake below*

Air Man: My lime jello mold of a blue footed booby! Why?!

Bubble Man:…..oook well they’ll have SOMETHING to eat...hopefully edible. The rest will help Forte Chan decorate the room and get it ready.

Metal Man: Decorate eh? Well I’ll just be going to decorate the desserts now!

Forte Chan: Now Metal Hun, I need all the help I can get! *throws a banner at him* I need you and Bubble Bro to hang this banner up.

Metal Man: *Sigh* There goes my sweet dreams of chocolate fudge cakes…;-;

*later on*

Bubble Man: Nice work all!

Wood Man: *puts a chocolate statue of Ice Man on the table* Ahh, a fine piece of work mate!

Air Man: Yea, after you broke my other bloody masterpieces!

Bubble Man: Ok everyone, get in places! Britt and Ice should be here soon.

Ring Man: *gets hit with a snowball* Ow, what the?!

Plant Man: Where did those snow balls come from? *gets hit by one* Ow!! I’m weak against cold! x.x;

Anton: *slowly climbs up the wall* I’m….gonna…make….it…*gets hit by a snowball and falls down to the lake below* AHHHH-*splash*….oh well, this is better than being shocked!

Ben: *gets hit by a snowball and taser goes flying out the window into the lake*

Anton: *gets hit in the head by the taser and gets a major shock* AHHHH! *smoke and fire come out of him*…ouchies….*sinks to the bottom of the lake*

Bubble Man: …they stopped…alright, who is the wiseguy?

Gary: *pops from the chocolate statue and starts shooting everyone with frosting*

Britt: Icey!

Air Man: My statue?! Why do the gods hate me so?!

Murray: *opens his mouth to catch the frosting*

Bubble Man: Wait a minute. Pharon? Why did you bake Ice Man in a statue?

Air Man: Umm…

*10 minutes ago*

Gary: *tip-toes into the kitchen and looks into a nearby pot* Wow, I could mix ants in here and throw pieces at people! *cackles*

Air Man: *comes in with a high bag of sugar in front of high* Uph, the more sugar in the chocolate…the…better! *drops the bag in front of him and pours it into the pot*

Gary: Hey! Mpph! *gets stuck in the wave of sugar and goes into the pot*

*end flashback*

Gary: *shoots frosting at Pharon* Yea! Thanks for that chocolate bath!

Hard Man: Wait a minute…if that is Ice Man…who is that Ice Man? *points at Eskimo near Britt*

???: *rips off clothing*


Bloopie: Bloop bloop!

Gary: Bloopie! My ole pet! *picks him up* How’re ya doing?

Bloopie: *sprays ink in Ice’s face*

Gary: Pfft, bleck! Well you sure haven’t changed much!

Gauntlet: Well now that Ice is here, it’s time to make my…*dons a cowboy hat* Singing debut! *turns on a karaoke machine and starts dancing and singing*

Odin: Wow, I didn’t know Gauntlet sang techno-country karaoke!

Needle Gal: Neither did I....o_o

Wood Man: Hey! What’s a surprise party without…a cake!! *wheels in a cake*

Bubble Man: I hope you Dingo brothers didn’t put someone into the cake.

Air Man: Nah, I know for sure this time that I didn’t-

Al Gore: *pops from the cake naked* Happy surprise party Ice! *jumps out and does the robot* I invented this dance ya know!

Gary: O____O

Chibi Keba: …oh…my…lollipops…

Bubble Man: I thought you said…

Air Man: I give up! I’ll never be a chef! I’m ruined! *sob*

Bubble Man: Ooook people, nothing to see here! Just a naked democrat about to get the business end of my big bertha! *shoots Al Gore through the wall with a bazooka*

Al Gore: Ahhh! I invented the surrrrrrrr-

*meanwhile below*

Anton: *emerges from the lake* Whew, finally swam to the….what is that noise?

Al Gore: -rrrrtttttyyyy*splash*

Anton: Oh crap…*gets shocked to a very dark crisp*….ouchies…..*sinks back into the lake*

*up above*

Bubble Man: *glares at Pharon*

Air Man: *sob* Why o’ divine food gods, why!?

Gary: *paralyzed* My eyes…..my beautiful virgin eyes…

Bubble Man:…um…uh…*psst, quick Gauntlet, play another song*

Steve Irwin: *comes from the front door* Allo allo! What’s all this then?

Bubble Man: Steve, you weren’t in-

Steve Irwin: Bah, the ‘ell I wasn’t! You just had a naked yankee bloke do a dumb dance, so oy thought that Eskimo bloke could use a better dance! *pops in a tape cassette in a nearby * Oy call this, the Crazy Croc Chase!

*funky clownish music starts to play*

Steve Irwin: *starts chasing Murray around the room while doing ridiculous dance moves along the way* Oy’ll get that croc yet!

Murray: *tosses a melting snowball on the ground*

Steve Irwin: *slips and falls into the wall in the wall* Crikey!! *falls down to the lake below*

Britt: Don’t worry Icey! I’ll make sure the rest of the evening is perfect! *hugs Gary*

Bubble Man: Ahh, young love...maybe someday I’ll find that wonderful girl that’ll love me for the guy I am!

Super Chaos: Dream on bub.

Bubble Man: Gee thanks a lot Chaos! *sniff* I’m going to my room to play Harvest Moon. *sulks torwards his base*

Flash Man: I wonder if Bubbles will be ok….

Bubble Man: *screams* ANN! WHY HATH THOU FORSAKEN ME?! I’ll stop working late and making you collect the eggs, I swear! Come back to me!!! *sob*

Metal Man: ….he’ll be ok. *sips some punch*

Murray: *holds a sign that reads: To Gary, for without him, I wouldn’t have existed!*


Anton: *crawls slowly onto the lake shore*….last….time…I….go…to…a…*looks up*

Steve Irwin: *shaking water from his clothes* Crikey, that’s the last time oy try to help that scuba bloke! *sees Anton* Ooo, what’ve we here?! Wow it’s a rare species of mushroom! The black fungus of Madagascar! Only one way ta tackle this rare shroom! *takes out a taser*

Anton: No…please…don’t…anything!

*screams and electric shocks go through the night*

The End 1