Wilyís Warriors Ė Season 2 Ė Enter the Metal Trio

by Flash Man

Starnik as Quick Man

Darksage as Crash Man

Ben as Heat Man

Cyros as Flash Man

Cinder as Bubble Man

Naoshi as Metal Man

Shadowstrike as Air Man

Iga as Wood Man

Stuck dead center of the Arizona desert lays an unnamed facility. It has no name because it is not meant to be found. It is not meant to be found because it is a prison. A prison, holding the most dangerous of criminals, so they may be forgotten by society. No man or machine has ever escaped from this secluded jail. Not now... not ever.

(The unnamed facility goes up in a gigantic fireball)


(From the flaming ruins of the prison three figures walk forth. Though varying in size and shape, all share two major details; humanoid bodies, and round heads with curved spikes on the back)

Metal Sonic: Rejoice, my brothers! For we have slaughtered our human captors, and are now free to punish our enemies!

Silver Sonic: Question.

Metal Sonic: Speak.

Silver Sonic: If we had our weapons systems all this time, why didnít we break out years ago?

Metal Sonic: ...

Silver Sonic: Well?

Metal Sonic: Shut up! We have better things to worry about right now.

Mecha Sonic: Like how weíre gonna smear that lousy creator of ours when we find him?

Metal Sonic: *cackles evilly* Precisely.

Mecha Sonic: Aw yeah, this is gonna be sweet. Right, Silver?

Silver the Hedgehog: *pops up* Did someone just mention me!?

Metal Trio: ...

Metal Sonic: Who the hell are you?

Silver the Hedgehog: Wah, Iím not popular! ;_; *runs off*

Silver Sonic: ...that was unusual.

Metal Sonic: A minor annoyance. Come, my brothers! Let us pay a visit to the good doctor, shall we?

Silver, Mecha: Oh yeah...

Metal Trio: Hahahahaha!

(Sometime later, Metal Sonic and his fellow robot Sonics have reached their birthplace: the sinister laboratory of Dr. Robotnik. However, everything is in complete ruins!)

Silver Sonic: The heck? Everythingís destroyed!

Mecha Sonic: Dang it! We didnít start a ruckus yet!

Metal Sonic: Curious... just what has occurred here?

(Metal Sonic walks up to a nearby computer and accesses the database. He scans the screen for a short while until he finds what he is looking for)

Metal Sonic: *reading* ď-through use the Chaos Emeraldís unique space-warping capabilities, I should be able to...Ē Blast!

(Metal Sonic slams his fist down in rage)

Metal Sonic: If these figures are correct, the doctor either blasted himself into nothingness or into the future!

Mecha Sonic: Meaning?

Metal Sonic: We canít take revenge on him!

Silver Sonic: Really? Aw...

Metal Sonic: Do not fret, my metallic brother. Our desire for revenge can still be quenched.

Mecha Sonic: How?

(Metal Sonic reaches into a secret compartment and pulls out an old newspaper clipping: ďS6 and MHUX tackle the Eggman!Ē)

Metal Sonic: The Sinister Six... and Maverick Hunter Unit X... we shall strike them down! Come, let us travel to Monsteropolis and search for their bases!)

Silver, Mecha: Right!

Metal Trio: Hahahahaha!

(Even later, Metal Sonic waits in the forests outside the city. He impatiently taps his foot as he awaits the arrival of his brothers)

Metal Sonic: Blasted mechanisms. What is taking so long?

(To Metalís relief, Silver Sonic and Mecha Sonic fly into view seconds later and land)

Metal Sonic: Well? What have you discovered?

Mecha Sonic: Long story short... *fidgets* The Sinister Six disbanded.

Metal Sonic: WHAT?

Mecha Sonic: Twice, in fact. Theyíre gone for good now.

(Furious, Metal turns to his stocky brother)

Metal Sonic: What about those time-displaced reploids? Unit X?

Silver Sonic: Same story. Found their base, but it looked like it was abandoned for years now.

Metal Sonic: Blast! *clenches first* To be deprived of the revenge that we rightfully deserved! Now what are we to do?

Mecha Sonic: You know... we could try, well... taking over the world, or something.

(Metal Sonic perks up at the suggestion)

Metal Sonic: I find that idea quite alluring, Mecha. Good thinking.

Mecha Sonic: No prob.

Metal Sonic: I can see it now! *slices air* We will take revenge on this world, turning the populace into our slaves, creating an empire that will surpass all those that fell before us!

Silver Sonic: Oh yeah! Iím really liking the sound of this!

Mecha Sonic: Me too. But we still need a base, or something, before we can do anything.

Silver Sonic: Maybe we can clean up the doctorís old place?

Metal Sonic: That scrap hole? No.

(Metal Sonic turns dramatically and gazes off into the distance)

Metal Sonic: I have a much more... suitable local in mind...

(Meanwhile, several hundred miles away, the evil genius Dr. Wily is on a rampage of his own)

Wily: $&#* $&#* $&#*!!!

Naoshi: Ah! My virgin ears!

Shadowstrike: Youíve had worse, Blade Brain.


(Naoshi slowly gazes at the half-eaten waffle in his hand)

Naoshi: ... *gulps* Uh oh.

Shadowstrike: Never mind what I said. Have fun! *runs off*

(Wily spots the waffle in Naoshiís hand, pauses, then grins evilly)

Wily: Oh Metalman... I have a job for you.

Naoshi: Aw nuts.

(Shadowstrike walks away, laughing. He enters the nearby rec room where everyone else, minus Ben, are lounging around)

Cyros: Okay, youíre laughing, so that means something bad happened, doesnít it?

Shadowstrike: I donít see whatís so bad about the Doc using Metal for one of his ďexperiments.Ē

Cyros: ...youíre kidding, right?

Shadowstrike: Whatís it to you, Crazy Lady?

Cyros: *sighs angrily*

Starnik: Eh, I'm sure Naoshi will be fine. Heís been through worse.

Darksage: Like the time he got run down by that steamroller-

Iga: -or the time we got devoured by that Kraken-

Cinder: Remember that time he was almost sacrificed by that crazed cult?

Shadowstrike: What the hell? Cyke, that never happened.

Cyros: Uh, I didnít say anything.

Cinder: What is WRONG with you guys!?

Starnik: Turn the A/C down, will yah? Itís making too much noise.

Cinder: *walking away* Maybe I should just quit...

(Just then, a large explosion rocks the entire fortress!)

Starnik: Whoa! *falls*

Shadowstrike: Alright, what happened this time?

Cyros: It sounded like it came from Wilyís lab!

Shadowstrike: Oh. In that case, it must have been Naoshi. As usual.

(The team hears Wily scream for help from down the hallway)

Iga: Then whyís Wily screaming for help?

Shadowstrike: Because he wants attention.

Cyros: Maybe we should actually, you know, find out?

Shadowstrike: Find then. Go check it out.

Cyros: I was thinking all of us.

Shadowstrike: Well I donít feel like it, baldy.

Cyros: ďBaldy!?Ē

(Starnik zips up between the two, separating them)

Starnik: Alright, calm down you two. Letís just see what the Doc is screaming about, alright?

(The Warriors agree and make haste to Wilyís laboratory. Upon arriving, they see him cowering in a corner, with Naoshi in pieces on the floor)

Darksage: Well, isnít this a surprise.

Naoshi: Hi guys!

Cinder: Yeesh, what happened to you?

Naoshi: Well, Wily had taken out this big, long, plastic-

Shadowstrike: No! No, ugh, just, skip to the end, please...

Starnik: Yeah, what blew up? I mean, besides you.

Metal Sonic: That would be our doing, fools!

Warriors: !!!

(The Metal Trio stand nearby a large hole in the wall of their creation)

Metal Trio: Hahahahaha!

Cyros: Oh, snap!

Starnik: Whoa, this is unexpected.

Shadowstrike: Who the hell are these freaks?

Metal Sonic: Attention, you worthless scrap piles! I am Metal Sonic. And these are my mechanical brethren, Silver and Mecha Sonic.

Silver Sonic: Heya punks.

Mecha Sonic: Yo.

Wily: Wait a minute... arenít you Dr. Robotnikís creations?

Metal Sonic: Correct.

Wily: But- but he's dead! Why are you barging into my fortress!?

Metal Sonic: It is simple, human. We here to take it from you!

Wily: WHAT!?

Mecha Sonic: See, weíve been in prison ever since we got captured by the government. And that no good creator of ours left us to rot!

Silver Sonic: But now weíve escaped! And with our creator gone, nothing will be able to hold us back-

Metal Sonic: *raises arms dramatically* As we TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

Metal Trio: Hahahahaha!

Darksage: Man these guys like to laugh.

Metal Sonic: *points* No one mocks our simultaneous laughter!

Shadowstrike: Can we mock your over-dramatic gestures then?

Metal Sonic: *raises arms* No!

Shadowstrike: Youíre no fun.

Metal Sonic: *waves arms* THAT IS NOT THE POINT!

Wily: No, itís not! The point is that IíM taking over the world, and youíre not taking over my fortress!

Mecha Sonic: Oh yeah? Gonna try and stop us, old man?

Wily: Oh, but itís not I that will be stopping you! *turns to the Warriors* Get rid of these home wreckers!

Starnik: Eh, okay. We were bored anyway.

(The Warriors begin to advance on the Metal Trio)

Metal Sonic: Hmph. You act like youíre actually a match for us.

Shadowstrike: *glares* Whatíd you say?

Iga: I think weíre more than a match for you bozos!

Naoshi: *fully repaired* Yeah!

Mecha Sonic: ! Werenít you just in pieces a moment ago?

Naoshi: Oh, Mr. Whiz fixed me up!

Mr. Whiz: *bobs his head, snaps his fingers* Oh yeah, thatís right! Uh huh!

Metal Trio: ...

Metal Sonic: And I thought our creator was a loon.

Shadowstrike: If you think thatís bad, you should see Crazy Lady over here.

Cyros: Hey!

Metal Sonic: Enough of this banter! Silver, Mecha! Evict our hosts this instant!

Silver Sonic: Can do-

Mecha Sonic: Wait a minute; why do we have to do the work?

Metal Sonic: Because Iím the leader!

Mecha Sonic: And what makes YOU the leader?


(A large plasma blasts slams into Metal Sonic and sends him flying out the hole)

Metal Sonic: BLASTED IRONY! *crashes*

Silver Sonic: Hey, what gives?

Bass: *appears* If anyone is the superior mechanical life form, itís me!

Wily: About time you showed up, Bass! What took you!?

Bass: I was busy.

Treble: *growls*

Bass: Fine, WE were busy.

(Starnik raises an eyebrow at the ebony armored robot)

Starnik: Uh... what is that supposed to imply?

Bass: *sweats* Uh... your face!

Starnik: Hey, now that was just uncalled for.

Wily: Idiots! Stop arguing and get rid of these pests!

Starnik, Bass: Alright already! Yeesh!

Cinder: Donít worry guys, Iím ready to fight!

Iga: Did you guys hear that?

Naoshi: Hear what?

Silver, Mecha: *sweatdrop*

Silver Sonic: Are these guys for real?

(With a roar of fury, Metal Sonic flies back through the hole)

Metal Sonic: My patience is at an end! *glows with energy* I WILL claim this fortress as my own, and you will NOT stop me!!!

Starnik: Oh yeah?

Metal Sonic: Yeah!

Starnik: Oh yeah!?

Metal Sonic: YEAH!!!

Starnik: OH YEAH!?



Darksage: YEAH!


Starnik: CHARGE!!!

Cyros: But-

(Everyone minus Cyros and Wily charge at the Metal Trio)


(Five minutes later...)

Metal Sonic: -and stay out!

(The fortress doors slam shut. The defeated Warriors, Bass, Treble and Whiz lay down in a heap outside. Wily looks at them in contempt)

Wily: You... are all worthless.

Cyros: ...what just happened!?

Starnik: Give me a minute to think of something and Iíll tell you.

Cinder: I know what happened! They-

Mr. Whiz: Oh my god, I think I broke a nail!

Shadowstrike: What nails? Youíre a robot!

Metal Sonic: *loudspeaker* Didnít I tell you all to scram!?

(Large turrets pop out from the walls and aim at everyone)

Everyone: !!!

(In a flash, they all run for it. Inside Wilyís fortress, Metal Sonic and his brothers celebrate)

Metal Sonic: Rejoice, my brothers! Wilyís fortress is ours!

Silver Sonic: Woo!

Mecha Sonic: Oh yeah, we are SO going to take over the world!

Metal Trio: Hahahahaha!


Mecha Sonic: I think theyíre right about the laughing, though.

Metal Sonic: Shut up and go fix that hole you made.

Mecha Sonic: I thought Silver made that one.

Silver the Hedgehog: *pops up with teary eyes* Am I popular now???

Metal Sonic: Ah! You again!?

Silver Sonic: Stop following us!

(Silver Sonic punches Silver out the hole in the wall)

Metal Sonic: Now, fix it before that... thing comes back!

Mecha Sonic: *sighs* Iíll get right on it.

(Sometime later, in Monsteropolis, Wily and his minions have regrouped in an abandoned warehouse)

Wily: Of all the lousy... thrown out of my own fortress! How humiliating! The other super villains will have a field day with this!

Mr. Whiz: Hey, cheer up Doc. *grasps his shoulders* You seem tense. Iíll give you a shoulder rub.

Wily: *knocks Whiz away* Not now, you freak!

Mr. Whiz: ;_;

Cyros: Am I the only one still wondering what happened back there?

Cinder: Iím telling you, they-

Starnik: Well you see, Metal Sonic did stuff... and... we were defeated.

Everyone: ...

Starnik: If you guys have a better explanation, Iím happy to hear it.

Darksage: Er...

Iga: Not really.

Bass: The only reason we lost was because you lowlifes got in my way!

Shadowstrike: Actually, I think you got in our way.

Bass: Are you calling me a liar, you mouth less freak!?

Shadowstrike: Maybe I am. Whatís it to you?

Treble: Grr!

Shadowstrike: *glares* You want a free neutering, pooch?

Treble: Yipe! *hides*

Bass: Oh, youíve done it now! Iíll kill you were you stand-


(Wilyís robots stop and look at their master)

Wily: All of you miserable robots are testing my patience! *points to the Warriors* Especially you eight! I should... wait a minute, whereís Heatman?

Starnik: *smacks head* Of course! We left him behind while he was napping!

Iga: Does that mean when he wakes up, heíll kick those guys out?

Starnik: Of course! You see Doc, we just have to sit back, relax and wait for good old Ben to lay a can of whoop ass on Metal Sonic and his cronies! Heíll take Ďem out in no time!

(Back at Skull Castle...)

Metal Sonic: So, have you sealed that room?

Silver Sonic: Sure did!

Mecha Sonic: I made sure to put plenty of asbestos and lead. That Heatman is as good as trapped.


Metal Trio: Hahahahaha!

(Several hours later...)

Starnik: Yep... anytime now.

Wily: Flashman, I order you to whack Quickman for being an idiot.

Cyros: Uh... okay.

(Cyros whacks Starnik)

Starnik: *rubs head* Ow!

Cyros: Sorry Ďbout that.

Starnik: Meh, no harm done.

(Shadowstrikes whacks Naoshi in the head)

Naoshi: Ouch! *rubs head* What was that for?

Shadowstrike: I like to go with the flow.

Cyros: What flow? There is no flow! Just leave him alone already!

Shadowstrike: Calm down you spaz; youíll live longer.

(The sound of falling trash cans comes from outside)

????: *muffled* Ow!

Starnik: What was that?

Wily: Oh no. It could be the police! Or even Megaman!

Bass: Well if it is that blue twerp, I know exactly what to do...

Wily: No Bass! You must stay here and protect me-

Bass: What!?

Wily: -and the Warriors will investigate.

Bass: Youíve got to be kidding me!

Darksage: Uh, stupid question here; why us?

Wily: Thatís simple. Youíre all expendable.

Warriors: Gee, thanks.

Starnik: Okay then. *points at Wood and Bubble* Iga and... whoever you are, go check it out.

Cinder: ...

(Iga and Cinder edge carefully toward the entrance to the warehouse. Muffled voices are heard from the other side)

Iga: Okay, weíll take Ďem out on three.

Cinder: Oh, NOW you notice me.

Iga: Sorry! You just sort of blend into the background.

Cinder: ...on three right?

Iga: Yeah.

(Both robots crouch on either side of the door)

Iga: Ready... THREE!

(Iga and Cinder jump out, battle ready, only to slam into a familiar large robot)

Golemman: *startled* Gah! Golemman SMASH!

Cinder: Uh oh.

(Cinder is smacked away by a Golem Fist)

Cinder: WHA!!!

Iga: Hey, hey! Quit it, itís us!

Golemman: Huh?

Starnik: What gives?

(Starnik pokes his head out and sees the Evil Eight, Fatal Five and the Wily Rescue Force right outside)

Starnik: *retracts his head* Hey Doc! Donít sweat, itís just our guys!

Doc Robot: Quickman! Where is Master!?

Omniman: What is Lord Wily doing here, Quickman!?

Riff: And why canít we teleport back home?

Starnik: Itís a long story.

Cyros: No itís not.

Starnik: Alright, so itís a short story.

(One short explanation later...)

Omniman: Skull Castle is the possession of Robotnikís creations? How dare they!

Shadowstrike: Oh yeah, such a terrible tragedy. Boo hoo.

Darksage: You do realize that when we got kicked out, we left all our stuff behind?

Shadowstrike: ...well son of a bitch.

Staccato: My lord, what shall our next course of action be?

Wily: Youíre joking, right?

Bass: We go back there and kick their asses!

Warman: Sounds like a plan to me!

Barrageman: Unit Barrageman agrees.

Cyros: But the Warriors, Bass, Treble and Whiz couldnít even get scratch on them last time. And they have all our defenses too!

Wily: Airman, I order you to whack Flashman for being a pessimist.

Cyros: Hey, thatís not-

(Shadowstrike whacks Cyros)

Cyros: Ow!

Shadowstrike: Hehehe.

Wily: Those pesky robots may have defeated us once before; even if Iím not entirely sure how; but they have yet to face the combined might of all my robot masters!

Omniman: We shall drive them out at any cost, Wily!

Doc Robot: Doc Robot will make Master proud!

Mr. Whiz: Hey, can it you kiss-ass! Heís mine!

(Awkward silence washes ever everyone)

Mr. Whiz: I mean, uh... *slinks off*

Bass: Remind me again why we let him live.

Starnik: Well someone has to respond to the M.E.R.A.B., and Iím a very busy man.

Artilleryman: You sit around all day, watching TV!

Starnik: Not true!

Everyone: ...

Starnik: Okay, sort of true.

Everyone: ...

Starnik: Mostly true?

Everyone: ...

Starnik: Oh come on, what is this, the Spanish Inquisition?


(A nearby door breaks down and three men in red clothing appear)

Cardinal Ximinez: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Everyone: ...

Shadowstrike: Was that the Inquisition?

Iga: Yup. Nobody expects it.

Shadowstrike: Yeah, but what a show.

Cyros: Can we get this over with already?

Shadowstrike: Killjoy.

(An hour later, Wily and all his robots are gathered outside Skull Castle. The trademark skull is now a replica of Metal Sonicís head)

Wily: My dťcor! They ruined it!

Mr. Whiz: *crying* I spent hours polishing that skull! Now look at it!

Shadowstrike: Freak.

Darksage: So... *taps chin* Any ideas, Starnik?

Cinder: Ooo, I have an idea!

Starnik: Not that I can think of. Rushing might work though...

Cinder: *waves* Hey, I have a plan!

Cyros: No way. Sure, you could avoid their fire, but the rest of us would be toast

Iga: You could just stop time and stroll right past them, right?

Cinder: *jumping up and down* Hey!

Cyros: That helps me, but what about you guys?

Shadowstrike: You moved us while we were frozen back in Japan, remember?

Cyros: I had a Katamari back there! Iím not strong enough to carry some of you.

Cinder: *banging on a drum* Pay attention to me!

Shadowstrike: Thatís because youíre a wuss.

Cyros: No Iím not!

Cinder: *tap dancing* Hello!?

Shadowstrike: Yes you are.

Cyros: No Iím not!

Cinder: *does wicked guitar solo*

Shadowstrike: Are.

Cyros: Not!

Cinder: *turns some tunes on a turn table*

Shadowstrike: Are.

Cyros: Not!

Cinder: *juggles chainsaws*

(Finally, Warman snaps)

Warman: GAH, I CANíT TAKE IT ANYMORE! *arms weapons*

Cyros, Shadowstrike: What the!?

Cinder: *drops chainsaws* Uh oh.

Warman: *laughs manically and fires*

(At the same time, Metal Sonic and his brothers are busy snooping through Wilyís database)

Mecha Sonic: Check out all these weapon designs.

Silver Sonic: Weíve really hit the jackpot, huh?

Metal Sonic: Indeed we have, my brothers. Though it creeps me out that Wily would consider building himself a pleasure slave.

Silver Sonic: Yeah... wait, what?

Metal Sonic: Did you not see the plans for that long-haired female robot?

Mecha Sonic: Dude... that was a guy.

Metal Sonic: ...seriously?

Mecha Sonic: Yep.

Metal Sonic: ...thatís even more disturbing.

(A large explosion occurs, sending the alarms off!)

Silver Sonic: What the hell?

Metal Sonic: Could it be? Computer, outside visual now!

(The computer brings up a video feed of the outside gate. It, as well as the various defense turrets, had been obliterated by Warmanís fury attack)

Mecha Sonic: Whoa. Some firepower.

Metal Sonic: How the- *clenches fist* No matter! Wily and his robots wonít get back their fortress without a fight! Release the Badniks!

Silver Sonic: ...

Mecha Sonic: ...

Metal Sonic: ...you DID remember to reprogram the auto-builders to make Badniks, right?

Silver Sonic: Actually...

Mecha Sonic: You never told us to.

(Metal Sonic stands, stupidfied)

Metal Sonic: Son. Of. A. Whore!

Mecha Sonic: Well we still have Wilyís robots in storage; we can send them out to fight.

Metal Sonic: *points* Then do THAT!

Silver Sonic: ĎKay. *dashes off*

Metal Sonic: Now, back to checking out Wilyís files.

Mecha Sonic: Um, shouldnít we be concentrating on the intruders?

Metal Sonic: *typing* Such weaklings are beneath us! None of them are a concern to me any-

(Metal Sonic stops typing and stares at the screen)

Mecha Sonic: Hey, bro, what gives?

(Metal Sonic points at the screen. Mecha Sonic reads what is on there)

Mecha Sonic: ...is that what I think it is?

Metal Sonic: *eyes glow red* Yes... it most certainly is.

(Back outside, the Warriors and the other Wily robots have strolled through the main gate)

Cinder: Wow, I canít believe all those attacks missed me and destroyed the defenses!

Starnik: Nice job pissing Warman off, Cyke, ĎStrike.

Cyros, Shadowstrike: Thanks.

Cinder: Hey, what about me!?

Wily: *ignores Cinder* Minions! Go forth, and reclaim what is rightfully ours!

(The Evil Eight, Fatal Five and Wily Rescue Force yell out their battle cries and charge. They encounter the rouge Wily robots seconds later and begin their assault)

Cinder: *under his breath* Assholes.

Mr. Whiz: What can I do to help, sir?

Wily: Youíre staying here on bodyguard duty with Bass.

Bass: Damn it.

Mr. Whiz: *sparkley eyed* THANK YOU SIR!

Warriors: Ugh.

Starnik: Let me guess; we take care of the Metal Sonics?

Wily: Thatís right. And donít screw up this time!

Shadowstrike: Oh donít worry. I we arenít letting them get the better of us again.

Cyros: For once I agree with you. Letís go.

(The Warriors run into the fortress. After taking several winding hallways, they reach their living quarters)

Darksage: So we just gotta get Ben?

Starnik: And the problem will resolve itself.

Iga: Itís nice having a walking deus ex machine on your team, doesnít it?

Naoshi: Except when he goes bonkers and toasts us. Fire hurts!

Shadowstrike: Really? I did not know that.

Naoshi: Ha, and you say Iím dumb!

Warriors: ...

Naoshi: *points* OHMYGOSHITSTHEM!

(Indeed, Metal Sonic and his two brothers are blocking our anti-heroesí way to Benís room)

Metal Sonic: So... it is you.

Starnik: Yeah, and now weíre back!

Silver Sonic: From... outer space?

Mecha Sonic: We just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face?

Shadowstrike: ... the hell?

(Metal Sonic smacks his brothers)

Metal Sonic: Focus!

Mecha Sonic: Ow!

Silver Sonic: That hurt, you jerk!

Darksage: Not as much as the payback weíre gonna give you guys!

(The Warriors stand ready for combat. The robotic Sonics stare at them for a short while, and then start laughing)

Metal Sonic: Hah! This is amusing! You think you can beat us this time!?

Starnik: Heh. Weíve lucked out before.

Metal Sonic: Is that so? *rubs chin* Interesting...

Shadowstrike: Look, are we gonna fight or what?

Metal Sonic: Soon, soon, but before that, I must inform you...

(Metal Sonic points at Cyros... menacingly!)


Warriors: Huh?

Starnik: We have a secret?

Metal Sonic: Not you as in all of you! You as in HIM!

Starnik: ...

Metal Sonic: Flashman, you rusted sprocket!

Starnik: Hey, that was just uncalled for. ...wait, what about Cyke?

(Cyros fidgets nervously)

Metal Trio: Hahahahaha!

Metal Sonic: Yes, see how he squirms! Like... something that squirms!

(Silver and Mecha Sonic lower their faces with embarrassment)

Metal Sonic: Oh give me a break! Iím new at this ďworld dominationĒ and ďmaking your enemies sufferĒ business!

Starnik: *eyes Cyros* Secret?

Cyros: Uh... I donít know what theyíre talking about.

(Metal Sonic cackles evilly)

Metal Sonic: Then allow me to indulge you with our discovery!

(Floating up high above the Warriors, his eyes ablaze, Metal Sonic points are Cyros as if to impose eternal damnation upon him!)

Metal Sonic: Your little friend here, Flashman... IS REALLY-

(A great explosion occurs from behind the robotic trio. Feral growling prompts them to stand [and float] stiff. Slowly they turn around, to discover an enraged Heatman covered in flames!)

Naoshi: Hi Ben!

(Ben growls demonically once again)

Metal Sonic: ...Mecha...

Mecha Sonic: I swear, I sealed the room up good.

Silver Sonic: This is gonna hurt.

(Five seconds later, a powerful stream of nuclear fire blasts through the roof of Skull Fortress. Carryed along by the torrent of flame are the charred bodies of the robot Sonic trio)

Silver Sonic: Okay, I didnít think itíd hurt THIS much!

Mecha Sonic: So much for world domination.

Metal Sonic: Damn you, Wilyís Warriors! Weíll be back!


(Metal, Silver and Mecha Sonic disappear into the sky with a twinkle)

Starnik: *looks up at the hole* Whoa! Nice distance, Ben!

(Another stream of fire comes over the Warriors, charring them good!)

Warriors: *blink*

Iga: Ow. *falls down*

Starnik: *coughs* What gives?

Ben: THAT was for leaving me behind AND for getting me trapped in my room! Bunch of pricks.

Starnik: Nice to see you too, Ben...

Cyros: Well, I think the fortress is ours, letís call it a night okay?

(Cyros attempts to sneak off, but is pulled back by Shadowstrike)

Shadowstrike: Just a minute. This ďsecretĒ of yours those guys mentioned sounds fishy.

Cyros: ďSecret?Ē What ďsecret?Ē

Darksage: *eyes Cyros* Are you hiding something from us?

Cyros: ...

Shadowstrike: Well? Spill it!

Cyros: Alright, alright! *sighs* You see... Iím really...

(The other Warriors lean in to listen)

Cyros: *shaking* Iím... really...

Warriors: Out with it already!


(Awkward silence washes ever everyone. Cyros blushes)

Shadowstrike: ...youíre not allowed to talk anymore.

Cyros: Whatever. Iím going to bed. *leaves*

Shadowstrike: What did I just say about talking?

Starnik: Let it go, Shadow. So he has a bit of a ďhabit.Ē Big deal!

Darksage: Iím just glad we didnít get our asses kicked again.

Iga: I still donít remember how they defeated us the first time.

Cinder: *runs in* I know what-

(Ben launches an Atomic Fire at Cinder, toasting him!)

Cinder: *coughs*

Ben: Thatís for not being noticed enough!

Cinder: ...thatís it. I quit.

(Cinder runs to his room, packs his suitcase, then leaves. Ben sends another Atomic Fire after him!)

Ben: -and thatís for desertion!

Naoshi: Bye bye! ...who was that guy?

Starnik: ...no idea. But I think we need a new Bubbleman.

Shadowstrike: I nominate Cyros.

Starnik: But... heís Flashman.

Shadowstrike: Consider it a demotion.

Starnik: ...yeah. Iíll think about it.

(And once again, the Warriors have triumph over another whacky situation. As for Metal Sonic and his brothers, they are back in the ruins of Robotnikís secret base)

Silver Sonic: So now- *ZZZT* what?

Metal Sonic: *opens up stasis capsule* We repair ourselves and wait. And when we wake up, we will exact revenge on our new foes; the Wilyís Warriors!

Mecha Sonic: I canít believe it. Could Flashman really be the same guy we fought years ago?

Metal Sonic: Weíll worry about that in due time. For now, we rest.

(The Metal Trio enter their respective capsules and begin a long process of repairs)

Silver the Hedgehog: *appears* Now! To show the world that I am a her-

(The Metal Trio wake up and blast Silver the Hedgehog simultaneously, killing him!)

Metal Sonic: AND STAY DEAD!

(The Metal Trio go back to sleep)



(The next morning...)

Cyros: *walks into the kitchen*

Starnik: Hmm, morning Cyke!

Cyros: *gestures to his mouth*

Starnik: Hungry? Well why didnít you say so?

Cyros: *gestures to mouth, then at Shadowstrike*

Starnik: You want to... eat Shadow?

Cyros: *glares*

Starnik: Wait a minute. *turns* Shadow, did you...

Shadowstrike: Heh. I told you he canít talk. I just made it true.

Starnik: Ah! You sly devil you.

Cyros: *makes strangling gestures*

Naoshi: *runs in* Hey look everybody! Cyros is a mime!

Cyros: -.-;