Quickman is boasted as being one of the fastest Robot Masters ever created. Quick can maintain a cruising speed of around 45 miles per hour (70 km/h) and can reach a top speed of 95 miles per hour for short distances, only using his legs. Quickman also has impressive strength and durability; his favorite tactic is to hit-and-run, ramming his opponents at high speed. Originally Quickman's speed was like a rocket: great for distance and wide open spaces, but impossible to maneuver in tight enclosed areas. Through practice Quick's reaction time and reflexes have greatly improved, and while he doesn't have the agility of Shadowman or Slashman, it is very difficult to land a blow on him, even in an enclosed area. Quick's speed also augments his robotic strength; a punch, a kick, or even a body tackle gains more destructive force the more speed Quickman puts behind it, and Quickman can accelerate tremendously.

Quickman's trademark weapon is his Quick Boomerang launcher, which can rapid-fire a seemingly endless supply of "energy boomerangs." Quickman has also been known to carry a gigantic, razor-sharp metallic boomerang on his person from time to time. It can serve triple function as a shield, a sword, and a long-distance weapon (and, due to the speeds Quick can throw it at, carries a heavily destructive force in its own right when thrown).

All I Need to Know I Learned from TV

Quickman's personality tends to be an amalgam of TV programs, books, movies, and other media he's ingested. This means that he tends to come off as crazy, constantly spouting quotes, jokes, and other random bits of information. It also leads to rampant cases of Creepy Fan Syndrome, especially in the case of Law and Order, Quickman's favorite show.


Quickman's history is tied to Cut Chan's of the Sinister Six (http://www.sinister6.com/cutchan.shtml). Quickman, or "Starnik" (a nickname he's taken to) was originally built in the 2nd robot rebellion. Thought to be destroyed, a second Quickman was designed and built; however, Quickman was only deactivated, buried underneath a pile of rubble. After awhile, a third Quickman was built, and took the name Tristan; this was the Quickman that Shadowblade (Bubbleman), Tails28(Crashman), and Johnny (Flashman) knew (See Season One: ../Epilouges/season_1/ep_01.html). It's unknown what happened to Tristan, but some time after Quickman II, or "Quickie" was turned into Cut Chan, the original Quickman was found by the Warriors, and joined the team. Quick currently has no idea there were any Quickman copies, or that anyone shares his super speed abilities (mainly because he is too lazy to ever check the news).

Since it's inception, Quickman has vied for the power of leader in the warriors: not because he thought he could do a better job, but merely because he's an adversarial jerk with a huge ego (traits he models after his "hero", the Decepticon named Starscream). Quickman also has constantly belittled and tricked Ben (Heatman), although Heat has made sure Quick ended up paying for his misdeeds (usually via Heat's fists). Quickman became the de facto leader after a Doctor Wily wiped the memories of everyone on the team except for Heatman and Quick. The experience has shaken him up quite a bit, and he seems to be slightly more responsible now.

He's A Hero... Right?

Starnik and heroism is a bit of a grey area. Starnik has traits that would suggest he's the antithesis of a hero. He's lazy, self-absorbed, and often ill-tempered. However some people believe it is merely a front he puts up, as he seems to go out of his way every once and awhile to do the right thing.


Quickman's most notable traits offhand are his ego and vanity, as well as a devil-may-care attitude about danger that doesn't affect him personally. However beneath this front there is also a mind scheming and plotting away, constantly trying to work out any situation to his favor. Quickman also wants to be liked and adored by everyone who meets him, which could be the reason why he spouts out nonsensical jibberish and TV quotes, trying to get a laugh. Quick's biggest personality flaw is probably his competitiveness. He likes to think he is the best at what he does and gets frustrated if he's ever proven wrong.

While Starnik is a cynical, egotistical, competitive jerk, he seems to have good points. From time to time they show up when he's not busy putting up a front. Starnik is not randomly cruel like Ben, and has been known to go out on a limb for people every once and awhile.


"I'll take speed and guile over brute strength any day."


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