If youíve stumbled onto this part of the site, then youíre in for a big surprise!


...no. Not THAT.


Here youíll find the episodes of my podcast (to be named at a later date), where several of my online friends and I get together and, basically, have fun by:


~Talking about current events

~Speaking in silly voices

~Making in-jokes a plenty

~And most importantly, making fun of the host- WAIT A MINUTE...


So with that out of the way, go have a listen at the links below, why donít you?


Each episode is performed in Skype, recorded with MX Skype Recorder, and edited with Audicity.

Ye Olde Episode List


Episode 1: The First One! Introducing: My Squeaky Laugh!

Guests: Elec, REX Barron, Chaos Wolf
Original Recording Date: April 1st, 2010

Episode 2: Marvel vs. Bombman vs. Facebook vs. Dolphins

Guests: REX Barron, Chaos Wolf, ShadowKnux
Original Recording Date: May 1st, 2010

Stuff I have to say or we get sued...

Mega Man 2, Mega Man and all robot masters are property of Capcom Entertainment, all Manga drawings were the tireless work of Hitoshi Ariga and cannot be taken without permission (HYPOCRITE!). Anything else? We'll save for the courts.