WoodMan fires rocket powered, razor-like leaves in groups of four. The leaves can shred their way through most metals, but they have also been known to be used for more everyday reasons, such as a can opener. WoodMan also likes to use his dense body as a weapon, rolling down a hill into oncoming opponents, for example. It is also rumored that Wily installed a solar-powered laser attack into WoodMan, although even WoodMan himself doesn't know for sure.

Media Junkie

WoodMan likes at least one TV show/movie from nearly every type of genre(save soap operas), which gives him an extensive memory of quotes. Being a major Criminal Intent fan, WoodMan has arguments with Starnik(QuickMan) on a nearly regular basis over which Law & Order series is better.


Now reprogrammed with a new personality since losing an anti-climactic legal battle against Wily, WoodMan is an easily confused guy cursed with being highly flammable.

Why Me!?

The stain polish on WoodMan's left arm is slightly shinier than his right arm's. This is because he lost his original left arm due to a freak Christmas incident one year when he was mistaken for a yule log, and was tossed into the fire, which resulted in the loss of his left arm. It was later found out that Ben(HeatMan) knew the "yule log" was WoodMan the whole time, Ben just decided to keep his mouth shut.


WoodMan's easily noticed traits are his sarcasm and his rather emotionless reactions to things that are serious to others but have no concern to him, unless that person has a long history with him. He can't stand it when people speak with him too vaguely, which is why he's easily flustered when given an assignment without specific instruction. WoodMan tries to be a nice guy, but he sometimes unknowingly offends people when he speaks his mind. Due to his nature, WoodMan avoids all usage of any expletives bigger than "freaking" or "crap."


"I love dogs, but not what they do to me."


Stuff I have to say or we get sued...

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