Metalman's Metal Blades are one of the most versitile weapons belonging to anyone on the team.  The blades are formed through his hands by molding and heating metal alloy powder stored internally.  The molding process happens quite fast, ensurring the ability to rapidly fire the versitile weapon.  He also has the ability to throw them in almost any which way.  His aim, on the other hand, is a different story...  

Beyond his metal blades, Metalman's other abilities remain a mystery.  Dr. Wily has many times stated that Metalman should be able to perform other attack functions.  Some say Wily is lying, while others say its because of Metalman's own stupidity that he can't find any of his other attacks.  Needless to say, the latter is the more widespread opinion.

World's Dumbest Kamikaze

Although being more dense than solid gravel, Metalman still has a violent streak, that being throwing metal blades at everyone and everything.  The problem is, when doing so, he's just as careless as ever.  Sometimes he'll hit a target, but most of the time he hits himself, causing instant death.  It's too bad he never learns from his mistakes.


Since his reprogramming by Dr. Wily with the "Naoshi" persona, Metalman has taken a turn for the worse.  In his haste to make Metalman a perfectly loyal subject to his whims, Wily accidentally fried some of Metalman's circuits on his brain chip.  This has caused Metalman to lose some perspective and thinking ability, hence why he is the moron he is today.


Stemming from Metalman's disturbing ability to kill himself and making those around him kill him as well, the M.E.R.A.B. (Metalman Emergancy Repair Assistance Button) was invented by Dr. Wily.  When the M.E.R.A.B. is pressed, Mr. Whiz comes out of nowhere to pick up whatever pieces are left of Metalman and send them in for repair.  M.E.R.A.B.s can be found throught the base, including in every bedroom, vehicle, and bathroom.


Metalman is a very curious and childish individual, or in otherwords, a complete idiot.  He will go along with the team on missions, but he more times than not will do something that will screw it up.  He has been known to tip off enemies during schemes through pure stupidity or even using vital equipment for a mission as a toy because it looked like "fun".  Whenever he does these things, the rest of the team will make sure some type of bodily harm happens to him because, let's face it, he asks for it.

Also being easily distracted, Metalman gets into trouble on his own most of the time.  Whenever seeing a shiney object or something with candy or ice cream, he loses interest in whatever he's doing and goes on to whatever caught his eye.  Ususally these actions lead to massive M.E.R.A.B. usage.

Not As Dumb As Advertised...Rarely

Although Metalman will never be a rocket scientist, he does have a tendancy to act a little smarter than he usually does.  He has came up with some pretty good ideas and actually has been able to pull off revenge on others that have done him wrong.  After doing something really smart, however, he follows it up by doing something really, really stupid.


"Wheee..." *dies*


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