Powered by a nuclear micro-reactor, Heatman is capable of wielding atomic fireballs whose temperatures can reach in excess of 12 000 degrees centigrade. These fireballs can be used for a variety off effects, most notably to surround himself in flames and throw himself at the enemy.

One of Heatman's favorite tactics is to use his teleportation unit to transform into a blazing fireball and sneak up behind the enemies.

Rap Sheet

Heatman is currently wanted in 37 states and over 100 countries, the charges range from the typical (murder, arson, wanton destruction of public and private property) to the inane (public drunkeness, tax evasion, jaywalking) to the downright bizarre (flashing the King of Thailand, shaving a cat in Saudi Arabia, sticking pennies in his ears in Hawaii). Presently he is wanted dead or alive by INTERPOL but preferably dead.


Through the Warriors various adventures Heatman usually had an invention to either save the day or to make his teammate's lives a living hell. Even more than one time he has tried to kill his teammates, even though he has fought by their sides. During his recent deportation to Canada, it was revealed he was a part of a secret Canadian militia that planned to take over the United States.

After becoming property of Dr. Wily, Ben was one of two warriors to keep his original personality.

I Love the 90s

Heatman has a nostalgic streak for the 1990s a mile long, some of his favorite games are from the Sonic series as well as Earthworm Jim. He also loves such now-classic cartoons like Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Superman and even cult faves like BotsMaster. The only thing he hates about the 1990s was the horrible neon fashion.


In a world full of superowered psychos and intergalactic tyrants, Heatman pales to none. His psychotic, misanthropic and anti-social behavior is so extreme even Charles Manson and Ted Bundy soil themselves at the mention of his name. Before the warriors, Heatman was an empty shell in Dr. Wily's lab when he unexpectedly activiated and destroyed half of Skull Castle in a rage. The exact origins of Heatman in his current form is so mysterious and complex that it has made many physicists' heads explode in consternation.

Dr. Wily thought he could use Heatman for his own ends but the psychotic zippos resented having to take orders from a human, so he escaped and helped found the current incarnation of Wilys Warriors. However, he still said true to his nature and has often plotted to maim and even kill his teammates (though he hasn't been successful thanks to being outmanuvered by Starnik). His relationship with Starnik can be attributed to the love/hate variety, often frustrated that the speedster escapes his elaborate death traps. While Starnik often finds Ben useful do to his devious and cunning mind.

Heatman's temper has seemed to get worse now that his rights as a sentient have been stripped by the mechanitions of Dr. Wily. His focus has shifted from killing his teammates to murdering Dr. Wily and everyone who has wronged him. Rumors persist that he has killed Judge Judy and Jack McCoy in cold blood. Who knows what could happen if the zippo is pushed any farther.

Charity Work

Every Christmas Eve Ben goes down to the orphanage and soup kitchen to read to the children and feed the homeless... before he burns them both down. Sorry friends but this how how "kind" Heatman gets.

Don't Call Me Shirley

Ben's given by Wily is "Patrick", he hates that name and will kill anyone who refers to him that way. Instead he co-opted the name of his cousin-by-design Fireman AKA Benjamin. It's just another point of contention in a deadly family rivalry of the two.


"If you can't stand the @!#$ heat, get out of my @!#$ way!"


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