Flashman was designed with the power of time manipulation. He can create a field in which time stands still, the effect lasting from either a few seconds to half an hour. An upgrade by Heatman also allows him to use a Flash Freeze, freezing a single object in a ìtime bubbleî instead of the range wide field.

His buster also has a Gatling effect to it, meaning anyone hit by it is bound to get a bruising. A favorite tactic of his is to freeze time then let out a wave of buster shots at his opponents.

Flashman has also been known to show off very unusual abilities at certain times, such as summoning random creatures or making lightning strike his teammates. Besides Flash himself, no one knows where these weird powers come from or why they don't show up more often.


Despite being the most trusted Warrior out of the group to Wily, Cyros secretly hates the fact that Wily got away with ownership of the team. To counter Wilyís schemes, Cyros sneaks out on certain nights under the guise of ìBurnout,î an informant that gives the other Mega Man teams and single heroes various tidbits on the doctorís plans. The sneaky part of it is that itís Cyros thatís in charge of the fortress security, so all of his after hours activity is never known to anyone but himself.


When Wily reprogrammed Flashman and disposed of his old personality, Cyros' was the one that came to take it's place. In his previous life, he worked in a variety of freelance jobs, ranging from a mercenary, a store clerk, the leader of a displaced Mega Man X team, and so on. Whether he was a robot or a human during this time has not been revealed.

Sometime in his past, Cyros also happened to create his own series of Robot Masters, including Neon Man. At some point the capsules containing the machines were lost in a ìdimensional crashî that effected where they were stored. They were presumed lost until Neon Man reappeared, ready to make Cyrosí life a living hell.

I'm still cool... Right?

Cyros is a PokÈmon fanboy, simple as that. It didnít help his case when Wily programmed him to by more of a raving fanboy instead of a level headed one. It took a few weeks of hammering his head in, but he managed to get his uber obsession with the pocket monsters under control (with exceptions from time to time). Unfortunately, this makes him a target for Airmanís antics and what not.


Cyros tends to have a very erratic personality, ranging from silly to serious to just plain strange. No checks by Wily have been done to determine the reason for this, probably because he doesnít particularly care. Despite this, Cyros tends to point out things that everyone else may not have noticed at first.

In battle situations, Cyros prefers to examine whatís happening first before doing anything rash. The only flaw in his reasoning is he tends to over analyze a lot of things, wasting time he could be using for bigger and better things. This is probably the primary reason he has not gotten a date yet.


"Quit staring or Iím going blind youÖ painfully.î


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