Crashman's main weapons are his explosive Crash Bombs.  These unique bombs are designed to drill into surfaces and explode after a short delay.  The blasts are deadly to whatever is latched to them or even those around it.

Adding to the fire power of his crash bombs, Crashman also has hidden crash "missles" as well.  Smaller missles can be found within his chest plate and slightly larger ones are located in his shoulders.  In his back, he hides a giant missle, which he rarely uses because it takes a while to reload it.

Along with his explosive weapons, Crashman is also one of the most agile members of the team.  Wearing a light but adequate armor, he can dodge and leap over most attacks with ease.  Of course, with the light weight, he is susceptible to high winds, which can cause heavy damage after causing impacts.

No Hands?  No Problem!

The most obvious thing about Crashman is that he is the only member of the team with no hands.  Somehow, it's not a handicap.  He can still drive, count money, play the harmonica, and even write!  How he does it all is still a mystery, especially to the rest of the team.  Still, if given the chance, he would want hands added in a second's notice.  Hey, they would be great to pull off new scams!


Since being reprogrammed by Dr. Wily with the ìDarksageî personality, Crashman has been more focused on scamming and conning than with violence.  Crashmanís new personality was made to help Dr. Wily make a dishonest buck and help fund his world domination plans.  However, Crashman hides some of his loot from Wily, planning his own futureÖ

Die, you ratched beasts from Satan!

Crashman has one glaring fear besides strong winds:  Care Bears.  Being haunted in his dreams by a giant mutated Funshine Bear, he now has it in his mind they are vile creatures who should all be burned at the stake.  His teammates think he is crazy, but he is not.  Just ask him.


Unremorseful and sarcastic by nature, Crashman does whatever he needs to do to better himself, making him the con artist he is today.  Best known for insurance scams, land fraud, and counterfeiting $2 bills, he is always trying to come up with new and creative ways to con people.  He is equal opportunity, so friend or foe, it doesn't matter, it's all about the con to him.  From selling Naoshi an "invisible" shield to protect against Airman, to tricking senior citizens into buying placebos instead of medication, or even impersonating a nun at the Vatican to steal donations, don't be surprised by anything Crashman might do.

Besides his personal endeavors, Crashman will always be a team player.  Besides using his conning for personal gain, he will also use it time to time to help the team out of situations.  No matter the trouble, Crashman will usually do what he can to help the team in the end because, in reality, he really does care even though he doesn't show it (and don't tell the others!).


Paint it black...market

There have been rumors circling about Crashman leading a major black market of stolen goods.  Most of those say he has an underground establishment somewhere in Eastern Europe that is run by Oompa Loompas. Crashman has denied it on multiple occasions although he still can't explain why he owns a semi with an extra long trailer.  Sooner or later, the truth will have to come out...

"Of course you can trust me.  Now, please just sign on the dotted line..."


Stuff I have to say or we get sued...

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