Bubbleman is able to produce water bubbles from a water system inside of him. The bubbles can soak an average human being up to their waist, so an amount of them would likely make an average robot cease to be "turned on".

Bubbleman is sneaky like Indiana Jones, so he likes to hide in the shadows nearby and jump out with buckets full of bubbles to shock the opponent.

"Washed Up" or Rocker?

Bubbleman has an enjoyment for music, as well for attempting to play the guitar on his own. He likes to perform, or attempt to for mostly anyone, anybody, anything. That's if anyone listens or is willing to stay. Most of his wild, hair brained music ideas and references come from 80's metal bands. One being music form the original Transformers movie. Apart for his "fame" he thinks he has, he tends to be wishy-washy as well. Bubbz also keeps to himself alot, unless he is spoken to, bribed or seems something he desires. "Petting" him also makes him a happy robot. How one plays under water is another mystery that will remain unsolved.


He was basically "discovered" or so it seems by another team member. Offering him the vacant spot. However, Bubbleman likes to spout random words out of no place such as "rawr", "Puku" and "Jabajaba". Apart from the random words, he can be pretty much cocky, sly and snide. He also has a creative mind in the art and writing department and seems to act like a word of reason on other places when people bicker like children. Otherwise, he is just an odd ball. Maybe that also comes from some of his "mafia boss" type attitude from the place he originated from.

All Mine!

Bubbleman has a wide collection of Imported Manga, clean Doujins and art books. Mostly from Rockman, Disgaea, Gon, Wild ARMs and Phantom Brave. It started out as a owning one Disgaea doujin in 2004, which grew into a large collection by the year 2007. He also has a large collection of PS2 games, which 3/4ths in the collection he plays. He also has a habit of naming his consoles and handheld systems and is mainly seen with "Stan" the GBA SP and the decaled DS lite. He also has a deep love for stuff from the Wild West. Which is something he isn't willing to share. He hardly shares his collection hoard anyway. If anyone comes near, he gets protective. So hiding his stash makes it better. The bad side, he tends to forget where he hides some of his hoard. He lost a DVD set of Transformers recently. 


Bubbleman is a smartass in many ways, but can also be a bit of the words of wisdom if needed. Giving him a task which he likes, he will get it done faster, then a task he dislikes, which results in plotting against the giver. He has a dislike for children, basically bratty human kids who constantly cry over the smallest of things. He also has a major fear of deep water, which was something that happened to him years ago. Another thing he don't want to speak about. Due to his night jobs in the real word, he gets lack of sleep, which causes him to be goofy and a doofus towards dusk. He also likes to study space and the stars, which always has been an interesting subject for the Bubbz.  He also thinks he's Indiana Jones or some type of pet. Whatever is suited or whatever, but explains why he also likes to receive "pettings" almost like an animal.  Most do seem to treat him like a pet at times. 

On a side note, he is someone who can almost quote the 80's Transformers movie by heart. 


"Puku Justice!"


Stuff I have to say or we get sued...

Mega Man 2, Mega Man and all robot masters are property of Capcom Entertainment, all Manga drawings were the tireless work of Hitoshi Ariga and cannot be taken without permission (HYPOCRITE!). Anything else? We'll save for the courts.