Airman's main weapon is his air shooter, which is fired through his arm cannon after taking in wind through his front rotor opening.  The normal attack for the shooter is a series of small tornadoes, which each could pick up two or three standard size robots.  It is also capable of firing larger sized tornadoes, but less in quantity at a time.  The largest size has been rumored to be able to level a small city, but it has yet to be proven.

Airman can also use his front fan rotor to blow away or suck in enemies.  The speed of these winds depend on Airman's own choosing.  It can range anywhere from a small breeze to mid-scale hurricane speeds. 

Besides being able to blow strong winds, Airman's rotor is formidable by itself.  It is made of metal and is also very sharp and could cut someone.  Yes, it shouldn't have to be listed, but after numerous problems with Metalman, it needs to be.

Identity Crisis

While reprogramming all the warriors, Wily got lazy with names by the time he got to Airman, so he took his name from that guy from that Megaman 7 team.  Since then, time to time, people have gotten the two mixed up, which angers Airman.  To this day, Airman claims he was named Shadowstrike first, although everyone else says otherwise.


When Dr. Wily was given custody over the Warriors, he wanted each of the Warriors to fill a certain need, and for Airman, it was to keep the rest of the team alert.  Fitted with the "Shadowstrike" personality, Airman uses his light-hearted side to pull off jokes and pranks to make sure the other members stay on guard.  Plus, with Airman's immense sense of humor, Wily also gave himself a robot that could cause mischievious havoc throughout the world.

Pwn'ing Flashman

For the most part, Airman gets along with and tolerates everyone in the group...except for Flashman.  Stemming from their opposite personalities of Airman being passive and Flashman taking a more serious approach to things, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that Flashman usually becomes the butt of his jokes.  He usually gives obscene Pokemon references or calls him "crazy lady" to get a rise out of Flashman, and it works more often than not.


Airman is, for the most part, very passive and always trying to make everything into a joke, even if they aren't funny.  Although he may try to laugh it all off, deep down, he does care, and tries not to let to much get at him.

Besides being one of the less serious members of the team, Airman is also one of the most adaptable.  With his non serious attitude toward most situations, nothing usually bothers him and he is quick to react no matter what is called for.  His adaptability has also helped him be able to get along with every member of the team, too.  Well, except for a certain time stopper...


"That's not funny, it's hilarious!"


Stuff I have to say or we get sued...

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